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  1. Mobile, AL, will be getting game soon, know the rules very well already.
  2. Is there a rule in the manual that allows or disallows counting the amount of event cards left on the table or is that to be left to the house rules? The same thing for looking at other player's discarded combat cards.
  3. Boromir said: The air-support module prevents that someone can move directly from another planet to your base with a mobilze order. I thought the module prevented "transporting", as in, mobilizing via a navigation route rather than this card's ability.
  4. Say a wraith comes along with a marine supporting it against my 1 zergling. I have an air support module at the area we fought. Does that mean I can get sufficient strength (the +1 against flying units aspect of the module) from the module and kill the marine instead of the wraith? Thanks
  5. Our group focuses mostly on social interaction rather than competitive game play. If we have been playing for a while and see one tactic/race that is unfair (for SC:BG, reaver rush) we will make small house rules (no building robotics bay till turn 2). We focus on the FUN aspect of playing rather than WINNING. We try silly strats like massing scourge when there are no air, or vulture when the field is air-intensive, just for lols. It's a bit hard to imagine us playing any differently. The whole fun of a board game in itself is the socializing. If you wanted competition, you could play a video game like... Starcraft... But we just like joking about. A feature I like about the board game of Starcraft is the very broad amount of strategies and combination of units possible, especially with the large amount of technology cards to choose from. Another feature is the order tokens and their purposes even when they aren't executed, giving you a hilarious sense of pride and cunning when you make someone use their orders to defend from your mystery order, when in actuality, is nothing. Bluffing always causes a riot.
  6. I suppose boardgamegeek.com would be a good place to look. They have a group of boards called "Game Groups" with subcategories for different regions of the world.
  7. Hello. I've played a few 2 player matches against different people and came across a problem. During the interaction phase, I declare combat against the other party in Hecate. We both have 2 characters, I don't remember which. We looked through the rules and we were stumped. Do I play combat cards before or after him or is he able to play any combat cards at all? Thanks!
  8. I need some clarification on this, because I recently had the same problem. I attacked from a different planet and he activated the event card. Does he withdraw or first, or do I? And do I "retreat" or "withdrawn", in the sense that I may move units in excess to a different planet? Do I withdraw at all or are they destroyed?
  9. Before I buy, is this a game you can explain to friends and play within an hour and a half? I know this is a short post, so I'll try to extend it by saying bananas.
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