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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Scrivner in My First Post On BGG   
    Also saw that the¬†Carolina Krayts is the best X-Wing podcast thread was started on BGG as well so doesn't that kind of make it the new official XWM forum? ūüėõ
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Tervlon in R-41 Starchaser?   
    This is what I use in my casual games. A bit more robust than the Z-95 and it has 3 attack dice, however the red barrel roll really hurts it as a blocker. I think for the dial I just repurposed the 1.0 Z-95 dial. 

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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Imperial Advisor Arem Heshvaun in Disney & Disney +   
    We get the first TWO episodes tomorrow on Disney+
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to BlackSunSyn in R-41 Starchaser?   
    The ole Porsche 917 spacecraft. 

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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Odanan in R-41 Starchaser?   
    Well, you know it's not impossible for it to show up?

    (not exactly the same ship, but I would take it)
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Silver_leader in Return of Obi-Wan Confirmed   
    For once, I got a news that Imperial Advisor haven'T posted yet !
    Well, it's not news, but it could be interesting if the writers thinks about him:

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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to LagJanson in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    To point out the nuances in the attached timeline:
    1. people at the capital had access to Trump's speech live via cell phone, they didn’t need to be present.
    2. People left before Trump was done already fired up to march on the capital. 
    3. Not all people who listened went to create trouble, not all trouble makers listen to his speech.
    4. Trump was quite delayed in his response regarding the riots that he was next door to. He would have been aware people were rioting in his name immediately through his security, if not the news online.
    He is very good at firing up this demographic of people. His wording may not be polished, but his choice of words leads people to what he wants them to do.
    As far as ‚Äúleft‚ÄĚ media, Trump¬†and many other politicians, have discredited media sources so that there is the lack in understanding what is actually a news source, which are spin machines, and why that even matters any more. Admittedly media themselves have their own part in sensationalizing in order to sell headlines, so even here there is plenty of blame to point out. If I‚Äôm trying to get the facts I‚Äôm checking multiple sources to fish out details. One source may leave out crucial details to fit their narrative or even spin events differently.
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Darth Meanie in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    Trump has been building hate and aggression since day 1.  "We're gonna build a wall and make Mexico pay for it" is just hatemongering as a slogan.
    I was just doing my best to keep it obvious for the RedHats.
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Sithborg in Open World Star Wars Game in Development at Ubisoft   
    Why did it have to be the one company worse than EA. 
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Hippie Moosen in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    He never condemned the siege either. Congressmen were barricaded in the chamber as the "protesters" tried to break down the doors. The majority leader and many others contacted Trump pleading with him to go and condemn the actions of these people. He refused. He instead went to Twitter and informed the rioters that he loved them. He loves the people that murdered a cop. That stormed the capital. That hung a noose on the lawn and chanted "Hang Mike Pence" because Pence decided to do the right thing and not impede the counting of the electoral votes. It's clear incitement. He's been whipping people into a frenzy for weeks by claiming that the election was stolen. Reports show Trump was overjoyed with the events of that day. It was after all the day that Congress would make his loss official. 
    Trump didn't tell people to be violent. That's true. Instead he gave them ample reason to become violent. He pounded the idea into peoples heads that their country was being stolen from them by his political opponents, thus creating a situation where they would feel violence is necessary. By continuing to encourage the rioters, and inciting them to this act of violence in the first place, it's painfully obvious he is a chief cause of those events. Saying otherwise is willful ignorance. There are others who are complicit, who could be rightfully described as accomplices. Plenty of right wing leaders supported the lies, but it's obvious who started this. These are facts. It's time we all start paying attention to facts. If we don't, this kind of mania will continue to blight our country.
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Silver_leader in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    Trump has been building this since the primaries. He said out loud that the postal vote was rigged and that these votes cannot count in the election. He is building up anger for more than a year. It's not a surprise that this happens when you think that more than 74 million people have voted for him.....
    I don't think I would be wrong if I say that some law policemen (pro-Trump in their opinion) that were guarding the Capitol have deliberately let pass the riot.  The proof have not been made yet, but I wouldn't be surprised...
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Darth Meanie in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    FFS, you people are so bendy with the truth it's unbelievable.
    Have you ever finished someone else's sentence for them??
    Moreover, Trump had been building towards that moment since before anyone even voted by stirring the anger of a "fraudulent" election.
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to 5050Saint in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    I didn't say he did. But you read what I implied, which is exactly how Trump encouraged his followers. And he said plenty of things before his January 6th. Of note, on January 4th at a rally he said, "If the liberal Democrats take the Senate and the White House ‚ÄĒ and they‚Äôre not taking this White House ‚ÄĒ we‚Äôre going to fight like ****, I‚Äôll tell you right now ‚ÄĒ We‚Äôre going to take it back,"
    He also has a history of condoning violence. On November 1, when that group of Trump followers harassed a Biden bus and ran at least one car off the road, he tweeted the video of it with the words "I LOVE TEXAS." Then followed it up with "These patriots did nothing wrong." Not to mention the "LIBERATE MICHIGAN!" tweet that was followed by an attempt to kidnap their governor. Instead of criticizing the kidnappers, he criticized the governor saying "She wants to be a dictator in Michigan. And the people can't stand her." on TV while following it up at a Michigan rally saying "You've got to get your governor to open up your state, OK?". He often doesn't condemn the violence of his followers, while finding it fairly easy to condemn protests on the left, peaceful or violent. His inability to condemn white supremacy in the debates without being coached into it while having plenty of words in any other situation is at least a red flag, especially when the coaxed condemnation is followed by "But I'll tell you what, somebody has got to do something about antifa and the left because this is not a right-wing problem, this is a left-wing problem." That is a call to action that he immediately put in the context of white supremacists doing the job.
    You do see that Trump sending his followers to riot in progress doesn't actually help his case right?
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to LagJanson in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    Er... you may want to check that "fact" out for yourself... 
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    CaptainJaguarShark got a reaction from Odanan in LucasFilm Games   
    It's rebranding. Some are thinking this might suggest a shift in publisher/developer policy, maybe moving to do more with not-EA but I'm not sure. I'm hopeful it at least means more stuff and more good stuff.
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Ebak in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    Whataboutism continues to be a constant problem. "Well...this person was also bad." Okay...two bad things happened, doesn't make them right.
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Darth Meanie in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    I know others besides KC who are on this path.  Despite seeing the journey It's not something I can ever really understand because I'm not that person with those feelings and needs.
    Just like I'll never truly understand being Black in America.
    Just like I'll never truly understand wanting children.
    Just like I'll never truly understand religious faith.
    However, I've been all over the globe, and the 1 thing I can understand is that everyone wants to be happy.  And I also understand, because I've seen lots of happy people that aren't like me, that there are hundreds of life paths to get there.
    So, yeah, this.
    Love ya, @KCDodger
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to 5050Saint in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    Lack of empathy from right-wingers is what has driven me from the right wing. Trump and his cult has done more to push me left than any lefty evangelism. Morality was shown to be a liquid asset of the right, which has been incredibly evident in the most recent example with Blue Lives Matter and attacking the police at the US Capitol. I could deny these hypocrisies when I saw it in pundits and extremists, but when the moral liquidity started coming from friends and family, it exposed that these folks didn't actually believe what they said they believed. I'm certain there are plenty that had moral integrity and still do, but I'm not seeing them, IRL or online. I have one or two friends on the right that still stand by what they say, but they too are struggling with the duplicity of the right.
    Same, buddy. Same. But hopefully showing empathy and at least trying to understand and failing still counts for something.
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Chumbalaya in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    This is now a  thread
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Ebak in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    Take that bigots. All it took was one person to expose how horrid they are and people are coming together against you. It's almost like you're...a bad person at worst, or heavily misguided at least.
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to KCDodger in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    If you need any resources, I have a ton! Just hit me in DMs.
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to SaraTessem in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    We're here for you.  The number of us that care for you far outweigh the number that hate you.  You are loved and you are valid.
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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Npmartian in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    As someone that just came out as trans myself just knowing that there are good people in the X-Wing community is very helpful. Thank you.

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    CaptainJaguarShark reacted to Ebak in I LOVE DEMOCRACY   
    Was a general application of a term, not aimed in anyone in particular. Basically the point is, people can be bigoted, but in the end people with empathy and care will always be there to shout down the abuse with "We stand with you."
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