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  1. So is this going to be a Star Wars game where you're stuck on one planet? Because that sounds like a strange idea for a Star Wars game. Maybe it will be a few different planets? This just sounds incredibly odd to me.
  2. It's rebranding. Some are thinking this might suggest a shift in publisher/developer policy, maybe moving to do more with not-EA but I'm not sure. I'm hopeful it at least means more stuff and more good stuff.
  3. It depends on your CPU architecture, if you're trying to do the Linux build in the Linux subsystem. If it's an ARM-based processor, you're out of luck. Intel/AMD processors should work but might struggle depending on performance for each. I haven't tried the APK build as I didn't want to put my CB into developer mode. I think they've made it so there is a way to do this without developer mode now, but you still need to jump through some hoops (found this thread where they are discussing sideloading APKs - https://www.reddit.com/r/chromeos/comments/k9muhm/install_apks_without_developer_mode_on_chromeos/). There may be some CBs where turning on the ADB needed for sideloading doesn't work, so YMMV. I also highly suggest checking out the chromeos subreddit in general for chromebook tricks and stuff. They've got guides there on stuff like the Linux subsystem.
  4. Oh yeah, I can see some similarity. That's a SoroSuub patrol fighter, also called Cutlass-9.
  5. I really think it's going to be Thrawn. He's going to come back from the unknown regions with something incredibly awful and they'll all have to band together to deal with it. They wouldn't have namedropped him and then not use him. Grysk are a possibility with or without Thrawn but I don't think they'll do that, personally. If it's not Thrawn, it'll probably be some new big bad we don't know anything about.
  6. Gamegenic is doing the sleeves for Asmodee games now, including FFG. https://www.gamegenic.com/
  7. Literally all of Star Wars ignores realistic physics.
  8. https://www.gameinformer.com/2020/12/15/several-bioware-veterans-return-for-new-mass-effect-game Several veteran ME staff have come back for the MELE. https://twitter.com/GambleMike?ref_src=twsrc^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1337264042549727232|twgr^|twcon^s1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fdontfeedthegamers.com%2Fnew-mass-effect-game-reunite-multiple-devs-original-trilogy%2F
  9. While I personally enjoyed Andromeda with all of its flaws, I agree with this sentiment. ME1 felt like discovering new frontiers more so than any of the other games, and that feeling of humans being on the bottom rungs compared to everyone they dealt with. There was never a point where I didn't feel like the council races in Andromeda weren't a bunch of colonizing imperial asshats (as a whole, individuals varied). Sure, you help the Angarans from being assimilated but it almost felt transactional (we helped you, now let us be on these planets you live on) and I'm not sure they could have stopped them if Nexus command decided they wanted to settle without permission, so it even feels a bit like bullying into those territories. ME2/ME3 felt somewhat like being half cop/half savior of the entire **** universe which is weird. There's stuff I love about all of these games, though. They all certainly had exploration stuff but ME1 definitely captured the feel of that best.
  10. Oh, I thought the wreckage was the Citadel. Which is technically a relay. Weren't the relays also destroyed as an impact of the end of ME3? (at least some endings)
  11. Ahsoka is Filoni's favorite child. She's not going to die until he's gotten everything he thinks he can get out of her.
  12. They mention some stuff in the text of the article about this which makes a lot of sense. Before GE, more artisan hand-crafted looks. After GE, more streamlined, assembly-line sort of looks. So going even further back, they wanted the republic ships to look even more artisanish. I'm not sure if they've achieved that but it's at least an interesting discussion. Any chance you know the name of the ship as it was in Starship Battles ship, or could take a picture of it? I've been looking through galleries of images such as on boardgamegeek and minisgallery but can't find anything very similar looking. I'm curious what it was called then.
  13. Liara has some wrinkles. Maybe she's a matriach? Way in the future, then? Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies are shown, then we focus in to the MW. Not surprising. Either it's a tongue-in-cheek thing saying "we know you want more of this and not more of that," or maybe it's a way of saying "we know Andromeda didn't meet expectations but we still have plans for that... just not right now." FWIW I liked Andromeda, though it didn't live up to the rest of the games for me. I don't think it will be connected to this game but it's possible that they've gotten FTL working to the point of intergalactic travel. While I would like to know what happened in Andromeda, I think it makes more sense to keep it contained to one galaxy. But my speculation below allows for it in some spots. There's a Reaper corpse/shell in the background on the snowy planet. I don't think this indicates the reapers are back but rather that they are indeed not the threat at hand. That can't be Shepherd's N7 gear, right? That doesn't look like Earth but I suppose Shepherd could have lost some of that gear on another planet before the end of the game. (last bit of ME3 happens on Earth) Near the ship, there's a Krogan, what I'm fairly sure is a Salarian, and another humanoid. Could be human or krell. Doesn't appear to have Turian legs. There's a part of me that wants them to be Angara, since we're so far in the future maybe FTL is that good now, or maybe they sent a reverse ark back to the MW. But their legs also have different turns in them than humans. Same for Turians. Though for Angar and Turians, it's a bit less pronounced and that part of the video is pretty blurry. If there is a "matriarch time jump" the Krogan could also be one we know from the original trilogy (or Andromeda, if they connected the galaxies through FTL). I wouldn't expect Wrex or Grunt since both of them have potential deaths in the original trilogy and Wrex was already pretty old (I've seen estimates putting him close to a millennia based on events he's said to have been involved in). Likewise Nakmor Drak from Andromeda probably was already too old. Grunt maybe, with save file/choice during game start that he survives. If Andromeda is connected, maybe Nakmor Kesh could show up. I'm sure there are some other cool choices we could grab from the trilogy but it's been longer since I've played those (I'll be jumping back in with the remaster). Anyway, enough wild speculation for today.
  14. It's extra hard this year as well, at least here in Texas. My wife had to go to the hospital earlier this year and was only there for about 4 hours. I couldn't go inside because of the pandemic, she was stuck basically by herself while dealing with something awful inside. It was really hard for both of us (more for her, though, definitely). I can't imagine what it's like if someone had to stay overnight or for weeks. I'm sorry you're having a rough time. I hope all goes well with your mom.
  15. ah, maybe I am wrong about the logo. we're all just speculating on when things will happen and what the content will be at this point.
  16. No. It looked weird to me all clean. I can understand the characters cleaning it in-universe, it just seems less cool as a viewer.
  17. True. The ship in the logo is clearly a T70, though. We know at least some T65s are still in operation during the ST era. It's not a stretch for both to exist side-by-side. The "future era" could maybe be the time between OT and ST.
  18. I kind of hope that Ahsoka isn't being positioned as the sequel series. Perhaps Ahsoka finds Thrawn but Ezra is nowhere to be found. Sabine and her both come to this realization and THEN we get the sequel series. But maybe this is it. The O in the logo reminds me of the staff she had at the end of Rebels. And I see it also looks like someone standing in front of the gates from the World Between Worlds, plus the astronomy diagrams in the logo are reminiscent there as well.
  19. Wedge could still be in even if it's post ST. We know he's still alive at least up to Exegol. I'd expect his death would have been on-screen if it were meant to happen there. Perhaps he reforms the squadron in an era of unknowns, where there's not currently a galactic civilization controlling everything (there isn't at that point, right?).
  20. Well, maybe. I think this might actually be AFTER the sequels. " and move the saga into the future era of the galaxy," certainly sounds like we're going somewhere we haven't been already in the timeline. I'm expecting just-post-sequel-trilogy as the logo appears to feature a T-70 or something similar.
  21. The jokes using the Boston accent on Twitter were fantastic while they lasted. There was some implication that Obi-Wan and Vader would meet and fight during the series which sits kind of weirdly with me.
  22. Rogue Squadron's description on star wars dot com mentions "and move the saga into the future era of the galaxy," which I take to mean post-sequels. How close to post-sequels is anyone's guess. I also wouldn't be surprised if A Droid Story takes place post-sequels. If that's correct, I think they have to acknowledge the sequels events took place even if they don't have to tie in directly to them. Lando should have been called The Calrissian Chronicles and the fact that it currently isn't called that is a **** shame. I've seen it suggested elsewhere that it would be amazing to have Billy Dee doing narration with Donald Glover playing the part in actual scenes.
  23. https://www.starwars.com/news/inside-star-wars-the-high-republic-meet-the-ships-and-vehicles High Republic factions when?
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