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  1. This will be where they explain that the second two films were part of a simulation within a simulation and didn't actually happen.
  2. They could all be done and still released weekly, which I believe they are doing the latter.
  3. If it's a streaming series, the Disney+ showcase seems like where'd we get info. Even if it's just an official announcement with a logo.
  4. If this is happening, surely we'll hear about next week with D23?
  5. Even if it wasn't specifically stated "effectively" it still could have been what was meant all along. It could be that the main warships which make up the "defense fleet" (the star cruisers/destroyers and similar) were destroyed but smaller patrol craft, escorts, transports, starfighters, etc, have survived away from Hosnian Prime. I haven't personally read the fiction where they say what happens to the fleet but I can't imagine it being a total destruction, though I could see the most important ships of the fleet being gone.
  6. Yeah, I feel like there always had to have been some amount of the NR navy that wasn't at Hosnian. Transporting stuff, escorts for transports, etc. We know the core of the navy was there but surely there had to be a few spare missions out in the wide, wide galaxy. They are remarkably similar yet also not quite the same. For instance, in one there's no dots beside the line that's at the top of the dome above/below the equal sign. That could be explained pretty easy as similar languages or artistic expression (like some people putting other objects instead of dots above their i's and j's or randomly putting objects above letters that don't normally have dots). This kind of makes me want to cap all of the World Between writing (but I'm too lazy), did you grab this from a source that had that capped or just found a single shot?
  7. Do any known model of x-wings usually have a purple engine glow and I've just noticed? (0:58) Also seems like the 4-armed-might-be-a-bounty-hunter-ship engages a few different characters in the season, possible recurring enemy, or I've just read that wrong.
  8. Dave Filoni hasn't been all that involved in Resistance anyway. He was busy with TCW revival. Resistance's ratings could have been better, so it's possible that's why it's ending. It also might have always been intended to be two seasons but I'd be surprised if that were the case. Also, The Mandalorian could bring more ships for Scum as well.
  9. Second and final season? Ugh. Mistake! Hopefully there's something coming after it, I really like having animated Star Wars to watch. (Other than TCW, which I am excited about!) Lots of cool looking ships in the trailer. Pretty excited.
  10. Does this affect the Star Wars films or is that wholly separate because the Netflix deal is TV?
  11. The best thing about this game is that newcomers can just buy whatever is out at the time and play it. Yeah, we might have a point where there's some keywords they might not expect to see but if they're into it, they'll surely be looking for the rulebook which should include all of that info.
  12. Saw was a full-fledged member of the rebellion first, though, wasn't he? Partisans came some time between his Rebels appearances and Rogue One, right? Either way, I think that episode and whatever we see in season 2 will probably be enough for at least some of the racers to be in Resistance. I suppose one or two might not stay after the jump and could be arguably more appropriate in Scum but that remains to be seen.
  13. I think most here are annoyed that there isn't another ship with illicit and SLAM. The upgrade already comes with the Fireball expansion so it's a little strange to see it here when the Fireball is the only ship in the game that can use it and already comes with it.
  14. There were errors on the cards in that release as they were basically in a "preview" wave. That's probably a decent enough reason for a number of people. And then there's people who've entered the game after those sets have gone out of print. I haven't looked but I'd be surprised if they were hard to find but I do believe they stopped running them. Having consistent packaging on a shelf is also better for more casual or less-informed players. Seeing the 1st edition packaging it could be easy to see at a glance and say, "oh, I don't want that, it's 1st edition," without reading the part about 2nd on the box.
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