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  1. I guess part of my confusion on this is that I took this more as "how many can this pilot consistently solo" where others maybe took it as "best case scenario, how many this pilot solo" and those are slightly different questions. I was eventually able to solo 3 RSVs in with Boba Fett in FC after about 7 games with various loadouts (winning one was 000, fearless, slave 1, and slave 1 really wasn't that important, might be better to drop it for something else when playing it in FC). Of course, translating that to games with actual other people where you can't force some of the opponent's decisions (for example: FC pilots will always take stress from 000 if they aren't stressed, and will always let you get the calculate if they are stressed, unlike real players who might make decisions based on more than just that specific pilot's state for one condition).
  2. I'll admit I'm not the most stellar player, but what 10 points of upgrades are you throwing on him? I can't even beat 3 RSV in Fly Casual with him.
  3. I think all of these could solo 1 consistently if played without error, but 2 would already be a challenge for the majority of them (assuming similarly competent players). Some of them could do 3 some of the time with some lucky rolls, but I don't see 4+ happening unless the skill gap between the two players is immense.
  4. Honestly kind of wondering/worried that we won't get anything until closer to the end of the month, possibly even alongside the not-Gencon stream.
  5. I think walked back on those comments a bit but I believe he is more interested in doing feature films, and he should be perfectly capable of continuing to do so. I imagine if Disney offered enough money or had an engaging enough concept, he'd consider it. I'd also guess a cameo is a possibility if they do make Disney+ content in the era. I really wonder if the truth to this entire rumor is more around just moving on from the sequel era. We know a lot of the upcoming publishing is in the High Republic era, it won't be surprising to see more projects in that era outside of just books and comics, etc. Likewise, we've got The Mandalorian in the just-after-OT-era and there's still a lot of room for stories between the OT and ST (a lot more room than between PT and OT, at least).
  6. Sometime in July. https://twitter.com/FFGOP/status/1277665311584669697?s=20
  7. I can't recall if we saw any TIE pilots looking around in VR in the videos. I guess they'll either just give the TIE a way to see around them that either does or doesn't fit the fiction somehow (sensors or something that let you see what's going on in your peripheral), or they'll keep the in-universe drawback of the TIE fighters in that regard.
  8. You could also maybe have a decent stick or HOTAS as well as play in VR, but that seems to me like quite a lot of money to spend for the experience.
  9. I'm down for Wedge and Hobbie, but why not also give us Hera? Heck, I'd like to see just about any named pilot from Phoenix Squadron as well as Sabine in an a-wing, though I recognize that most of them aren't that recognizable (also Ezra maybe, he only piloted a trainer IIRC). Outside of A-wings, Hera would also be fun to see in an X-Wing, as would Secon Daree and Matt Martin (who I'd also like to see in a YT-2400). I know we won't get all of those pilots, but any number of them in an card pack would make me happy. Alluding to Secon Daree's behind the scenes name origin, would be fun to see him have an ability to let him make a bonus attack when someone near him attacks, probably spending a charge.
  11. Speaking of other games with AI, something like the cards that enemies have in Gloomhaven would be welcome in a card expansion but the system seems okay as is. I'd expect these to be somewhat small decks that reference the threat build cards (or maybe have new threat builds included for this purpose specifically). Certain decks would encourage things like taking locks (like a TIE bomber equipped with ion missiles) before taking focuses, and some that encourage flying in a way that bombs might work better (I've got no idea how, but that would be a goal). Of course, some ships would have simpler decks that really are just "move towards them, focus, attack if possible (such as an Academy Pilot). But the system they've presented does a decent job of letting you work without needing much else than what you already have. I think we all have some small modifications we'd do to prevent some of the sillier behaviours for the AI.
  12. I would happily take a mashup of Dino-Riders and Horizon Zero Dawn.
  13. I think they wanted to include the U-Wing, so the Reaper was the obvious counterpart. It still feels like not the right first choice, though. B-Wings and TIE Defenders would have been my choice for the fourth slots. It makes me wonder if them being transports will matter at all in the game. As far as that beam weapon, I guess something that gets installed where their ordinance is supposed to be that gives it a cannon slot, so you can take HLC? That seems pretty meh for X-Wing. Makes me wonder if they just up-gunned the bomber's main weapon because it's a bomber.
  14. I've been wanting a squadron type upgrade myself for a while. I think it wouldn't go into a specific ship's slots, though, instead being something you equip to the squad as a whole (not taking talent or anything like that). The squadron would have a benefit, but the ships in the list would have to conform to some kind of requirements (like each ship with bombs, or each ship with missiles, or each ship with boost, each ship with an empty crew slot, etc).
  15. At that price, I expect the campaign to be rather short if it exists at all. Might just be a few missions to instruct on how to use each fighter. I hope not, but I fear the worst. As for the contents of the trailer, I'm mostly pleased with what was presented. 5v5 doesn't surprise me, honestly, as it probably allows for a lot of tuning. I wouldn't be surprised if this is just the "core" gameplay mode and that we'll also get other scales like doubles and big team battle somewhere down the line (still got that Halo stuff stuck in my head I guess).
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