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  1. From the Press the Attack announcement page it talks about the card "Endor Command Post." It generates a resource and its text reads: "Action: Focus an Officer unit to remove 1 focus token from this enhancement." To quote the article... "...perhaps one of the best ways to use the Endor Command Post is in conjunction with Grand Moff Tarkin(Imperial Entanglements, 872). Blanking enemy cards repeatably with the Endor Command Post and Grand Moff Tarkin can be a powerful asset in your battle to defend the shield generator." I can't follow how the two cards are supposed to work together. If I focus Tarkin to free up the Command Post, how does that also use Tarkin's ability?
  2. Hi. Missions are not played onto an existing objective. They are played as an EXTRA objective. So when you play one, it's like your opponent has 4 objectives for you to attack instead of 3.
  3. I believe an attached pilot becomes an enhancement and loses its status as a unit. So Ben's Spirit cannot be attached to Luke while he's piloting. This is my take on it.
  4. The text on the card says: Reaction: After a target enemy unit with 1 or more edge-enabled combat icons is focused to strike, focus a Pilot card to place 1 focus token on the striking unit.
  5. Does the objective prevent the striking unit from resolving its attack, or does it simply add an extra focus token on the unit but it still gets to attack. The wording is ambiguous to me.
  6. The card text says: Action: Focus 2 piloted Vehicle units to destroy all defenders. So does that mean I can focus my opponent's own piloted vehicles (or even one of mine and one of his) to trigger the card? If so, this card seems pretty amazing.
  7. Does his ability allow me to strike twice in a row? I know that if I lose the edge battle, I can use him to attack first anyway. But if I win the edge battle, can I use him to attack right after my first guy goes, thus attacking with two units in succession?
  8. I know this is an old post, but I just got into the game recently and am looking for people in the area too. I live in Simi Valley, CA. Anybody near me? Pasadena is a little far away for me.
  9. Thanks for the answers. It helps a lot.
  10. I have a question about attacking with Brother Leon. Using Full Auto, he may attack up to 3 times. If I miss on any of the three attempts, can I use a support token for 3 more shots?
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