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  1. This looks good upon a quick flip through. I will give further analysis once I get a achance to read it all. Overall cool concept.
  2. I think this bodes well for the future of the game. If any of you have seen the Career Compendium you know that they have a ton of material to cover already under their thumbs. I will miss the Box sets if they decide to only go PoD from this point forward; however, I think that this is the perfect way for FFG to continue to support this unique game and also not have to sink tons of resources into a very niche product.
  3. I just use the range ruler from the battles game and quickly assemble location on the table then just measure in inches. This makes it feel much more like the Fantasy Battles game that I love and works wonders with my players.
  4. You know something is up when the speculation thread starts having posts about other/alternate game systems. I hope they keep it up and explore the game further, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was the last will and testament of WHFP3rd
  5. I can't wait to discuss this on the upcoming episode of RDP.
  6. 1.) I track ammo with modified toothpicks. I crafted them to look like arrows down to the fletching and silver painted tips. They come bundled with hair elastics and in three different variety's denoted by fletching colour. Green for average, Red for fine (+1 [w], +1 Dmg), Blue for poor (-1 dmg) 2.) I'm trying to figure out how to do this effectively with out using scratch paper. 3.) Within my Travel and Its Perils module there are several ideas on how to track food, currently I just have the party pool their money and purchase rations for the whole party and track those rations via Resource Tokens on the Party Sheet. 4.) Coins are to be tracked in shinny metal! Campaign coins are going to be at my table soon! I have a feeling that these will really add a ton of depth to my players roleplaying immersion and experience. 5.) I also want to use Game Mastery cards for my players inventory. I feel that with the whole card theme staying rather consistent my players should be able to grasp the concept of inventory and resource management much more tangibly. These cards work quite well with WHFRP 3e, however I'd love to see FFG do an Items vault for WHFRP 3e. Those are my two cents worth. I do believe that by tracking these things that your games live and breath a bit more. I highly recommend tracking all of them, however try to find ways that work best for your group.
  7. I have been hoing and humming about this for over a year now and if you take my entire RPG history into account I've been hoping for a toolbox of ideas for travel and its perils since I started roleplaying around 89-90. I have been slowly, painfully so, working on a project titled Travel and its Perils which details travel and its perils throughout the Old World as well as providing the tools needed to create vivid travel experiences within your games. My biggest problem with it right now is not having others who are dedicated enough to the idea to help with the R&D portion of the project. I've got great illustrators and playtesters interested and I am willing to do the lion share of the writing, but I require dedicated R&D types to help filter all the myriad ideas that are filling up my head. Any interested party's are encouraged to contact me either through Reckless Dice Podcast, or at my email theeghostvoice@hotmail.com. I'd love the system to be playable sometime this year, its an ambitious project but one I'm convinced will be invaluable.
  8. Thanks a lot! I've kinda forgot all about the rulebook
  9. Does committing to an Escape Test count as committing to the Quest during the Quest Phase? If this is not the case then I will be playing 3 Escort of Edoras during my Dead Marshes adventures. They would be fantastic against Escape tests.
  10. When a Hero is killed the rules seem to suggest that the Hero is put into the Discard Pile. If this is the case, how does this work with Will of The West? Does the Hero shuffle back into the deck? If so how do you play the Hero again once you draw him / her? If not what would be a good way to change the wording when it comes to Dead Heroes. Cheer's
  11. Does anybody else feel like Northern Tracker kinda breaks the Rhosgobel location. I mean one tracker in 4 turns can completely explore it and when mixed with Snowborn Scouts and other exploration themed cards a player can destroy Rhosgobel. Has this been addressed in the errata? Has Rhosgobel been given text like the Carrok or are players at their liberty to eliminate Rhosgobel through card effects?
  12. It seems to me that Jay Little and the other RD guys for WHFRP 3e knew something about the market ahead of time. All these other came company's (Paizo and WotC mainly) have seem to be taking their respective games in a very similar direction to our beloved WHFRP 3e. Do you think that due to this fact WHFRP 3e will start to see more recognition and play on the wider market? I was just curios because it seems funny to me that many people knocked WHFRP 3e for its core boxed set approach and now DnD and Pathfinder are taking very similar approaches.
  13. Basic skills are just that, basic. I don't feel the need to add more complexity just to penalize my players more. I am already rather strict and quite aggressive in adding Misfortune dice to situations. Jay put it well.
  14. I really like what Bloody Sun Boy and Emrikol are talking about. I really like the demoralized condition acting as a block on the reputation slot, although I think you could make a case for if effecting the focus slot as well. I was happily surprised by the rules and can't wait to see how they play out in a game. It seems as though social encounters could go really fast with the addition of the Duel of Wits. Great stuff FFG
  15. As for Elves and Magic I started allowing Elf players at my table to spend advancements to learn the Cantrip spell to reflect the races inherent magical ability. I'm still trying to work out how I could create Elf wizards but its tricky not to create something overpowered and broken.
  16. So inspired by a question raised by Jesse, aka Gitzman, in our recording of Reckless Dice Ep. 22 I was wondering what the communities favorite aspects of this game are. Also what are your feelings on what could've been done better up to this point and what one thing you are hoping to see in the future. My thoughts follow: My favorite aspect of this game is its modular nature. I really am enthralled at how there is so much to this game that can be easily added or removed or modded to create the best experience for your particular group. At first it seem overwhelming with all the cards and chits but over time these have been harnessed to near perfection in my few and far between games. I also love that FFG and GW decided to turn back the clock to before the Storm of Chaos so as to play out that story arc again. Oh and the Disease mechanics are fantastic (Nurgle!). I feel that FFG could've had a more sound approach to how they marketed this product. The way it has ebbed and flowed over the past year has created an uncertain fan base who jump and the smallest indication that it might be coming to an inglorious end. I feel that these fears are unfounded but I do understand where these fears come from. For the longest time FFG was announcing upcoming products at a smooth and steady rate, and the Sifting through the Shadows document and teaser at GenCon really helped with the atmosphere surrounding game release speculation. However this has fallen flat and has caused many rumors to make their circulations. I also feel that the creators shot themselves in the foot by splitting the direction of the game between the Core and Guides / Vaults, this strategy created a disconnect in the community and seemed to add fuel to some of the critics fire that the chits were unnecessary. In my opinion they should have just stayed the course and been unapologetic about their new fangled approach to RPG's. What are they planning on doing to clean up the loose ends? Are they planning to release Guides and Vaults 2.0 to make up for the vast array of new content? That seems to me to be the case but who knows. As for the future I'd love to see a printed map of the world and also an Elf expansion if only because WHFRP has never seen an official Elf product in its history. I'm more of a Human supporter but it would be nice for Ulthuan and Naagoroth to get some attention. Well that's my two cents worth, I look forward to hearing what the other supporters of this game have to say! ¬ LC
  17. So as an aside, how do you handle the Northern Trackers ability? I personally only put progress tokens on the locations in the staging area before the new encounter cards are revealed? This effect is very similar to the pursued by shadow effect and so I was wondering. As for the actual question of this thread I'd been treating it as though the attack were considered block as long as I'd declared a blocker and no nasty shadow effects removed my blocker from play, however after reading this thread and re-reading the rules it seems as though I'm incorrect. I'd personally rule that the shadow effect is a one time effect and so if as its revealed the attack is considered defended then the shadow effect resolves as though the attack were defended. great question.
  18. leptokurt said: Why would anyone want to send a trapped troll back to the staging area? You didn't play against each other, didn't you? The reason that the new player wanted to move the Cave Troll back to the Staging area is so he could get use out of Dunhere who had been pumped up with 2 Dunedain Marks. I explained that it may not be the best move but we cake walked the scenario in the end.
  19. I'm with you guys on the whole "Its the Player not the Career who does the min/maxing" mode of thought. I also heartily agree that good Narrators and Scenario writers will create enough varied obstacles that the Min's of a Min/Maxed character should be challenged often enough to add some semblance of balance to the game. Jay is spot on when he suggests house ruling the "Broken" Basic Careers into Advanced Careers and this approach just makes sense when you take into consideration that the Sword Masters, Iron Breakers, Wardancer's and Troll Slayers are all Special troop choices in the table top battles game of Warhammer Fantasy. This option creates incentive to explore other avenues before being able to call yourself Sword Master or Iron Breaker as these careers are steeped in history and legend. Players should earn the right to be accepted into these highly specialized careers, A Sword Master should be encouraged to increase his WP and Int as these characteristics are essential for the day to day duties of a Defender of the Tower. It also requires high levels of Discipline so I feel that a GM is totally within his rights to deny a character to chance to join the ranks of the Sword Masters if they exhibit undesirable qualities to the Masters of the White Tower. I do whatever I can to encourage players to play to the strengths of the story not to the strengths of a bInary system of problem resolution. Math is Boring Here's to the the ROLE players not the ROLL players ¬LC
  20. "Doom1502 said: Published on 11/16/2011 - 04:16:08 yes, of course =) unique only prevents a card from being "in play" more than once. Neither the discard pile nor your hand are considered to be "in play" " 'Nuff said
  21. I ran into a similar problem when a new player I was teaching the game to used A Light in the Dark to send a Cave Troll who had been Forest Snared back to the staging area. This move caused some confusion but I think that I handled it as per the rules. The rules for the Forest Snare are as follows: [Attachment] Item. Trap. Attach to an enemy engaged with a player. Attached enemy cannot attack. The other players at the table thought that the Forest Snare would be discarded if the Cave Troll was sent back to the Staging area but I explained that it just required that the target of the Forest Snare be engaged with a player in order to have the attachment played on it; however, after that the Snare would stay attached until other card effects removed the attachment from the Cave Troll. Did I do this correctly, it seems to make sense as far as I understand the rules. I would say that a in order for Burning Brand to be attached to a hero that hero must posses the Lore sphere, so with the Song of Wisdom attached to say Aragorn he could have A Burning Brand played on him. It does say that the attach effects require the character to be in the Lore sphere but it doesn't say it has to remain a lore character to wield it. I'd probably play that if a Hero with A Burning Brand lost its Lore status that it would lose the Brand as well because I'm all about player punishment. But I'll wait until an Errata on this one before I decide officially.
  22. I think Tradecraft is meant to represent the trades though, specialized knowledge that takes years to accumulate. I wouldn't think that a ratcatcher or a commoner would really be steeped in the knowledge of carpentry or masonry or apothecary.
  23. I would love to play! I'm itching to get another chance to play. I'm Mountain Time (Dallas time that is) so if there are games going I'm game as it were.
  24. This doesn't really fall under rules per se, it more so has to do with storyline but I've been developing a homebrew campaign that uses a Pathfinder Society type of group for the party to gain employment through. They are in search of ancient secrets that will prove the existence of the fabled Old Ones and the true genesis history of The World of Warhammer. It is being designed to include major adventures all throughout the known world including; Khemri, Lustria, Ind, Norsca, Naggoroth, Albion and the Isle of Blood to name a few. It is heavily flavored by my love of Erich von Daniken and the Ancient Astronaut theory. Its in a skeletal format currently on my Cayra MindMaps program and I think the scope is large enough to take my players characters to a high enough level that they can enjoy the upcoming Hero's Call supplement, assuming they aren't maimed, killed, driven insane, diseased, sucked into the warp or abducted that is . Other than that I've been staying quite true to the game as it stands, I've not really brought in any other rules elements from any other systems.... yet.
  25. Do you mean that it would be better to have the skills lined up with the ruling characteristic. Similar to what Wizards R&D team did with D&D 4th ed? If so I agree with you; however I don't need the reference to which characteristic because they all make perfect logical sense to me. I see how this could be beneficial to new players though.
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