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  1. This looks good upon a quick flip through. I will give further analysis once I get a achance to read it all. Overall cool concept.
  2. I think this bodes well for the future of the game. If any of you have seen the Career Compendium you know that they have a ton of material to cover already under their thumbs. I will miss the Box sets if they decide to only go PoD from this point forward; however, I think that this is the perfect way for FFG to continue to support this unique game and also not have to sink tons of resources into a very niche product.
  3. I just use the range ruler from the battles game and quickly assemble location on the table then just measure in inches. This makes it feel much more like the Fantasy Battles game that I love and works wonders with my players.
  4. You know something is up when the speculation thread starts having posts about other/alternate game systems. I hope they keep it up and explore the game further, but I wouldn't be surprised if this was the last will and testament of WHFP3rd
  5. I can't wait to discuss this on the upcoming episode of RDP.
  6. 1.) I track ammo with modified toothpicks. I crafted them to look like arrows down to the fletching and silver painted tips. They come bundled with hair elastics and in three different variety's denoted by fletching colour. Green for average, Red for fine (+1 [w], +1 Dmg), Blue for poor (-1 dmg) 2.) I'm trying to figure out how to do this effectively with out using scratch paper. 3.) Within my Travel and Its Perils module there are several ideas on how to track food, currently I just have the party pool their money and purchase rations for the whole party and track those rations via Resource Tokens on the Party Sheet. 4.) Coins are to be tracked in shinny metal! Campaign coins are going to be at my table soon! I have a feeling that these will really add a ton of depth to my players roleplaying immersion and experience. 5.) I also want to use Game Mastery cards for my players inventory. I feel that with the whole card theme staying rather consistent my players should be able to grasp the concept of inventory and resource management much more tangibly. These cards work quite well with WHFRP 3e, however I'd love to see FFG do an Items vault for WHFRP 3e. Those are my two cents worth. I do believe that by tracking these things that your games live and breath a bit more. I highly recommend tracking all of them, however try to find ways that work best for your group.
  7. I have been hoing and humming about this for over a year now and if you take my entire RPG history into account I've been hoping for a toolbox of ideas for travel and its perils since I started roleplaying around 89-90. I have been slowly, painfully so, working on a project titled Travel and its Perils which details travel and its perils throughout the Old World as well as providing the tools needed to create vivid travel experiences within your games. My biggest problem with it right now is not having others who are dedicated enough to the idea to help with the R&D portion of the project. I've got great illustrators and playtesters interested and I am willing to do the lion share of the writing, but I require dedicated R&D types to help filter all the myriad ideas that are filling up my head. Any interested party's are encouraged to contact me either through Reckless Dice Podcast, or at my email theeghostvoice@hotmail.com. I'd love the system to be playable sometime this year, its an ambitious project but one I'm convinced will be invaluable.
  8. Thanks a lot! I've kinda forgot all about the rulebook
  9. Does committing to an Escape Test count as committing to the Quest during the Quest Phase? If this is not the case then I will be playing 3 Escort of Edoras during my Dead Marshes adventures. They would be fantastic against Escape tests.
  10. When a Hero is killed the rules seem to suggest that the Hero is put into the Discard Pile. If this is the case, how does this work with Will of The West? Does the Hero shuffle back into the deck? If so how do you play the Hero again once you draw him / her? If not what would be a good way to change the wording when it comes to Dead Heroes. Cheer's
  11. Does anybody else feel like Northern Tracker kinda breaks the Rhosgobel location. I mean one tracker in 4 turns can completely explore it and when mixed with Snowborn Scouts and other exploration themed cards a player can destroy Rhosgobel. Has this been addressed in the errata? Has Rhosgobel been given text like the Carrok or are players at their liberty to eliminate Rhosgobel through card effects?
  12. It seems to me that Jay Little and the other RD guys for WHFRP 3e knew something about the market ahead of time. All these other came company's (Paizo and WotC mainly) have seem to be taking their respective games in a very similar direction to our beloved WHFRP 3e. Do you think that due to this fact WHFRP 3e will start to see more recognition and play on the wider market? I was just curios because it seems funny to me that many people knocked WHFRP 3e for its core boxed set approach and now DnD and Pathfinder are taking very similar approaches.
  13. Basic skills are just that, basic. I don't feel the need to add more complexity just to penalize my players more. I am already rather strict and quite aggressive in adding Misfortune dice to situations. Jay put it well.
  14. I really like what Bloody Sun Boy and Emrikol are talking about. I really like the demoralized condition acting as a block on the reputation slot, although I think you could make a case for if effecting the focus slot as well. I was happily surprised by the rules and can't wait to see how they play out in a game. It seems as though social encounters could go really fast with the addition of the Duel of Wits. Great stuff FFG
  15. As for Elves and Magic I started allowing Elf players at my table to spend advancements to learn the Cantrip spell to reflect the races inherent magical ability. I'm still trying to work out how I could create Elf wizards but its tricky not to create something overpowered and broken.
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