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  1. It’s happening: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/6/11/dead-of-night/
  2. AH3 appears to have been designed with the intention to be an ongoing cash cow so you'd think they'd come out with new content sooner than later. I just wonder how sales of the base game are doing. I still think this should have just been a new game in the Arkham Files series and not packaged as an iteration of AH1 and AH2. Editions are meant to implement errata, combine expansion content/mechanics that made the base game better, and overall just clean up clunky rules/mechanics. I know I'm not alone on this and many Arkham/Cthulhu friends opted not to buy this as it felt more like Arkham LCG: The Board Game. So if the sales of the base were bad, then they won't be pumping out expansions anytime soon. If sales were great, they'll have an expansion by fall.
  3. FFG is really Star Wars focused right now. Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, L5R, Keyforge, and Arkham LCG seem to be the only things getting announcements these days. It's coming on 2 years since TI-4 was released and there hasn't been any announcement of an expansion for that either.
  4. I would like to see a modular "Other World" section separate from the base game modular town board and the return of Gates to go through and come back through to close/seal. As much as I enjoy the story driven scenarios, I get that fix from the LCG. What I enjoyed about 2nd edition was the wackiness of the story that developed by the mix of good or bad choices mixed with good or bad luck. So, basically, I would like to see an expansion that allows the replayability that 2nd edition offered. And an "Other World" section with a mix of ancient ones, gates, and more encounter cards per location could easily provide that in this current iteration.
  5. So. I got to demo this at GenCon. While it is a nice enough addition to Arkham Horror Files, it in no way feels like the next iteration of the classic Arkham Horror board game. It is a very different game. FFG is, again, showing their corporate disconnect by labeling this as a 3rd edition. It's a new game in the Arkham Horror Files brand. End of story.
  6. It's unfortunate FFG gets itself tied up in licensing deals they aren't able to renegotiate. I hope they are learning from these agreements they get themselves into with expiration dates and clearly no 'right to renew' terms in their contracts. I feel bad for the gaming community. I give FFG credit for trying to keep on top of a hobby that has grown exponentially over the past few years. I mean it's more than tripled in the time they negotiated the Netrunner contract 6 or 7 years ago. But going forward, they really need to lock those licenses down. And if that isn't possible, only look into licenses that will allow for more control on their part to renew or not. Or go back to creating their own content. Sucks.
  7. Thank you! I apple looks cool but doesn't include location cards like the FFG Toolkit. The google store one does look like it handles location cards but I don't have an android product Thank you though for sharing these.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a website or downloadable program that functions similarly to the official toolkit that FFG decided to abandon? I loved that the app displayed detailed images of the maps and card backs and fronts, but at this point I'd settle for a basic card randomizer with just the necessary card details. It's a shame they aren't investing in this game beyond reprints. What I like about AH vs Eldritch is, with the expansions especially, AH lends itself to allow (even encourage) the players to craft their own, specific, Lovecraft experience. You can tweak the rules here and there in interesting ways to get the best out of the expansions you are incorporating. I really felt it lends itself well to that. Part of it is I don't think the mixing of expansions was that well playtested. It's magically odd that way. Perfect in it's imperfections. I think that's why FFG doesn't quite know what to do with it. If they did do a new edition, one thing I would ask they change is the layout of the Mythos cards. We just played the other night and kept having to remind the newer players that when they draw the mythos cards, look to the bottom left, we do the gates first, then the monster movements on the bottom right, then the clues, then read the card top from bottom like a normal person. The other would be stands specific to Arkham monsters to help track Monster Limits (I've since made my own), Gate stands so they aren't lost on the board (have since got some on Etsy), 3D elder signs that also stand out on the board, and a Scythe Legendary sized box to store everything in. One can dream.
  9. That is great! Thank you. I submitted an order.
  10. That does look like the best of the FFG of the bunch
  11. I was at Origins this year and picked up Century Spice Road because they were offering a demo/organizer playmat which they sold out of. I think it was an extra $10 but so worth it. I may not have bothered getting the game otherwise. So I do think there is at least enough of an interest that FFG wouldn't lose money on it. Maybe it wouldn't be a huge moneymaker but I don't think they would lose. We were teaching Arkham Horror LCG to a friend last night and it's like "imagine this area here is your threatened area, and you can only have up to two hands worth of items so keep track of that, and no you can't play that ally unless you want to discard the ally you already have which - oops - we didn't catch that you already have two in play because cards are lying about everywhere." It's just kind of weird that they make these mats to demo and sell their games. So clearly they know it's a helpful tool to explain the game. But I can't give that same kind of experience to a friend who might be in the market to buy the game, but walks away from it feeling like it was too sloppy and disorganized.
  12. Is there any reason FF doesn't sell playmats similar to those they use to demo their card games? Not only is it helpful to new players learning the rules, but helps keep everything uniform and organized. I looked at the official playmats they sell and they have decent artwork but are not helpful player aids. It would be nice to have official mats that show a threat area and slots for assets. Also a place for your draw and discards. Maybe this is too anal for some people but that's why they could make it an optional purchase.
  13. I don't understand why board game manufacturers are not jumping in on creating storage solutions for their games. I would love to see a special Arkham Horror box designed to hold all current expansions. They could even include and exclusive mini expansion. I understand it is hard to do for games like Imperial Assault where there will be countless more expansions. But even then - a halfway point. Yes, there are companies like Broken Token, but they are confined to work within the perimeters of the original box. I'm suggestion a special edition box - larger, with inserts. This would also help board game cafes that are popping up all over to keep games organized and track missing/broken pieces. Is there a reason why Fantasy Flight doesn't want to do this. The cost can't be that much and the appeal of an exclusive mini expansion would help sales.
  14. Since participating in this discussion, my group has constantly been using the 2d10 (1 percentile and 1 regular - although you can use two regular) method and I have to say it's been fantastic. In answer to your question, what we would do in this instance is roll/draw 3 times. Then we'd make a separate pile for those cards and the next three mythos drawn we wouldn't roll for. Instead we'd draw from that newly made 3 card pile. In our last game we used the base game, Lurker, Pharaoh. Base pile was drawn on a roll of 01-60, Lurker was drawn on a roll of 61-82, and Pharaoh on a roll of 83-100
  15. It looks like "reprints" are coming out this month but besides corrected errata I don't think they are making any major changes to the game mechanics or rules. So FFG is not giving up on Arkham Horror. Because they've invested in "reprints" I doubt there will be a "revised" version for sometime now - if ever. Unless the "reprints" are "revised", hopefully we can get clarification on that this month. But if you like the game as it is, take good care of it. If it ever does go OOP you don't want to have to pay hundreds of $$$ for a copy on ebay down the road.
  16. Official response from Brett Klooster: Sorry for the late reply I wanted to check into these for you. No it does not appear that the AHT supports these game mechanics. There currently aren't any near-term plans to update the app, but we keep your feedback for the project if we do go back to the project. FFG Software Support software@fantasyflightgames.com
  17. I can apply that to card drawing though too. Except here is why you are better leaving your luck to the roll of the die: If playing with all expansions 295 cards (according to avec), only 6 of those have gate openings at Hibb's Roadhouse....as an example. 6 in 295. A typical game (in my experience) uses 25 Mythos Cards or less. So before the game even starts, the outcome has been determined. The odds that Hibbs Roadhouse gate opening is going to even be in the first spread of 25 cards is very very low. Yes, in 25 die rolls there is the chance I'm always going to roll double 1's....but that is also very very low. You are better off with die rolling as a randomizing factor in a situation where you are only using 25 cards out of a pool of 295 or 103 or whatever. Just my 2 cents.
  18. No need for apologies. If I played this game every week, I would totally get behind this. I do appreciate the "you get what you get" approach. Very Lovecraft. Horror is perfected by imperfections. But because I can only get a good group together 3 or 4 times a year at best, I want to make the most out of the game especially when incorporating the expansions. I played and introduced a new player last week, we added Dunwich, and nothing happened there. This person was, rightfully so, like, "What was the point of that extra board?" Shuffle like mad is good in theory but as I noted, there are 4 mechanics at play on each card. Also, shuffling more doesn't mean more randomness, but rather more opportunity to shuffle back into some kind of order. If you want some mind blowing math on card shuffling check out this 40 page math presentation where at the bottom of page 18 finally gets to 7 being the number of times to shuffle a deck of 52 cards: https://www.dartmouth.edu/~chance/teaching_aids/books_articles/Mann.pdf Of course it will be more than 7 shuffles with 103 cards. I'd be more inclined to do the 36 pile thing, put them together and leave it at that... however, I'm more intrigued by your original die rolling mechanism. I just have to figure out how to best tip the percentages to ensure a fully immersed playing experience.
  19. Good point! I'm sure there are reasons they tied specific monster movement and thematic events together with the gates and clues as well. But having 4 mechanics on one card can and does become a problem when 1 or 2 of those mechanics keep showing up consecutively. There has to be an answer.
  20. Thanks for that too. Very helpful! It seems the overall problem is that FF jammed too many mechanics into one card. If you're not drawing the same "gate opens at location" over and over, you are drawing the same type (Environment, Rumor, Headline types) over and over, or the "clue appears at" keeps appearing at the same location, or the same monster symbols keep getting drawn. With 4 mechanics going on it's impossible to keep them all randomized. My suggestion to FF would be to separate these (i know, i know - i hate to say it) into 4 separate decks. Another reason to redesign the Mythos Deck...have you ever taught this game to someone? The mythos card design does not reflect the rule order. The person who draws the card reads it from top to bottom and you have to stop them and ask, "Where is the gate opening? The Gate? It's the bottom left corner..." and they're like, "Oh a clue appears at..." and you have to interrupt again, "No the gate - where is the gate opening ....bottom left..." I mean it's almost comical. So my suggestion: A Gate Appears at deck A Clue Appears at deck Monsters Move Deck And then the thematic Mythos deck describing the Headline or Rumor or Environment. Until then, I'll see what I can figure out with some kind of die randomizer as the initial poster of this thread suggested. Thanks again to Julia for finding those great posts on percentages.
  21. Ah! Thanks. It will take me some time but based on this one can determine the percentage of particular gate opening within its own category (base or expansion). Then it's just a matter of creating a die rolling mechanism that honors those percentages and adjusting it for multiple variations of base and expansion combinations. I do prefer die rolling to shuffling. I've played enough now where we've played with an expansion and maybe once during the entire game drew a card that corresponded to the expansion. A Dunwich game where no gates open in Dunwich for example. Lame. I'm curious to play test this with the actual percentages while using a die - in the end it may come down to needing to unsaturate the base game Mythos out of the mix to ensure a fully enriched expansion experience. We'll see.
  22. Has anyone gone through every Mythos card from every expansion and separated them by "Gate Opens At" locations? Is it an even spread? If there is a link to this please provide. Whatever the spread it would be nice to know from the designers stand point their reasoning for it being so. Then developing a dice rolling/card drawing mechanic that maintains the integrity of the spread.
  23. I've sent an email to FF software support on this. I will post if I hear anything.
  24. In the Exodus Expansion, the rules for Allies on page 17 address this: "Any time an Ally Card is drawn, if it represents a character who is being used by a player or who has been executed, return that Ally card to the box and draw a new one." And in Daybreak P. 17 (Ionian Nebula): "Sharon 'Athena' Agathon is not the same character as Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii. If no player has chosen Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii, do not return the Sharon 'Boomer' Valerii Ally Card to the box when it is drawn, even if a player has chosen Sharon 'Athena' Agathon." I do agree they could be as specific in any of the printed execution rules or FAQ. But for now, because they clearly thought about it in the Ally design, dead is dead so remove alternate characters from the game as soon as one of their versions are chosen during character selection.
  25. That is awesome! I literally last night took a red sharpie to my Mark VII's to differentiate them from the regular Vipers. But now I see this....I guess it's not too late. Great job!
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