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  1. I would point out that buried in the RAW is text saying that characters can take a maximum of twice their wound threshold. This sort of implies death if they reach that point!
  2. I was just getting a to FFG after the whole Dark Heresy debacle! If this is there answer I will echo Sturn's opinion!
  3. I'm still trying to figure discord out! If I do, you'll see me there!
  4. I will certainly play and will respond to anyone who still has an interest! I'm just of the opinion that this particular site will likely not be here much longer and wanted to say goodbye. So far I've had a hard time making sense of many of the other sites that are intent on picking up the conversation. That's probably my fault though ☺ (Old grognard's disease!)
  5. Well, the day is upon us and it's time to say goodbye. I'd like to thank Tim and everyone else for one of my favorite RPGs to date. However much I think it was wrongheaded to end the series, here we are. Since I don't play Star wars, I doubt I'll have much cause to be here much after this. I want to wish you all well and hope someone picks up the line in future.
  6. While this is certainly possible, it seems more likely that FFG saw the writing on the wall and didn't release anything new because they knew they couldn't recover their investment! Sad though; if these forums are any indicator, Rogue Trader was one of their more popular lines. I would have liked to have seen it updated!
  7. Just as a side note: The guard's Leman Russ tank is actually quite a bit superior to the predator. Most Astartes tanks would more correctly be termed "tank destroyers" or "Light Tanks" as opposed to true "Main battle tanks" Like the Russ. Even the mighty Land raider is really a super heavy APC rather than a tank at all! As to the op: There was a module in OW that suggested a RT that owned a regiment of Land raiders iirc. Of course considering that said machines are rare enough that even the SM chapters typically only have a few each; this is a bit much to swallow! Beyond that, I agree with thendoctor that it would be the admech and possibly the ecclesiarchy that would have to purify the Chaos counterpart to said vehicle. (Getting them to work together could be fun!) Once the work was done, they would probably be the ones that decided the fate of the vehicle. One point of digression though: The Space Marines are notoriously feudal in their Outlook and as such do not forget favors easily. That said, doing something that actually makes them feel indebted would be an impressively dangerous feat in and of itself! Returning a piece of wargear that rightly belongs to them will likely not earn more than a polite thank you unless it's truly a chapter relic! Rescuing a stranded battle company from being overrun by orcs during the battle WILL get their attention!
  8. Thank you Jargal! I was at work at the time and didn't have much time to search!
  9. I wrote fairly extensively on the subject of tank warfare awhile back. If someone wants find the link feel free! I can't seem to find it at the moment.
  10. Out in the Expanse the Inquisitor is in dangerous territory. If She's on your ship than she needs YOUR Astropath to communicate with her Ordo. (Unless She happens to be towing one along for good measure!). This means she easily could "go missing" and no one would "really" know the truth. This is a dangerous path to take though since there might be spies and informants among your crew! Of course she knows this and would be loathe to act openly against you out where the RT holds the better hand. Additionally, most Warrants give the RT greater latitude when it comes to Xenos technology. Basically, out in the expanse, you might reach a sort of detente. She won't want to move against you because she is probably outnumbered and outgunned. You probably won't want to move against her due to likely later repercussions. When it come time to return to Imperial space though, I recommend putting her on a separate ship and making port somewhere other than where she does! She might even appreciate your 'delicate' extrication from the situation but that depends on her personality type (Does She view herself as an "honorable" warrior who would appreciate a cunning foe? Or is she a complete tool who will become obsessed with hunting you across the galaxy?!?)
  11. My solution is still to Remove tb soak entirely. Instead I would use it as the basis for wounds the character could take. As in Total wounds = tbx2 + homeworld + hearty con talent(s). I would also remove ALL "unnatural" stats but that is a different thread!
  12. Let's hope Black Library (Or somebody) picks it up soon! I wouldn't lose hope though... GW has been doing a lot of "Small unit" type stuff. An RPG would only help sell Kill team and Inquisition mini's!
  13. Be careful there, last time I suggested that I got called an idiot and told I couldn't run a game that was super deadly already like that. I've been called many names but I have suggested it before. I've actually had some pretty interesting discussion with Lynata on the subject.The argument about random damage puzzles me though. Why would you want to increase the chances of a harmless glance by roughly 30%? I'm not sure how that's even relevant to the discussion! The problem is that even wearing light flak armor, you have a very real chance of shrugging off the average damage of an assault rifle with little more than a light bruise! Sorry, I don't buy it! But that's me! Your mileage may vary!
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