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  1. And this makes purchasing the game pointless. I too am waiting for any signs of an expansion. To be honest, my friends didn't liked the game, one of them actually hated it, but I would like to see where this things is going. Theme alone keeps me hooked up for an expansion, I adore Warhammer Fantasy, especially since this one is pre-Age of Sigmar (and I don't like it).
  2. Is there a thing like maximum health points? I don't remember reading about it, so maybe Waywatcher can heal beyond the starting value.
  3. This, this and this one more time. If you are playing the campaign, always try to loot every search token on the introductory mission, as there is no special reward for winning, other than the overlord selecting the first quest from first act. If heroes see that they are loosing, it's hard decision - rush for the victory or rush for the search tokens. Remember, these search tokens are very important and if they don't gear up properly, heroes will be loosing most of the time.
  4. I just rule it normally, per book. More than three degrees of failure or success is something critical, but not as much, as shooting yourself in the leg. 1% of outstanding failure is way too much. It's like having 1% chance, that every day piano will fall on your head. Once I ruled i Warhammer Fantasy 2ed, that rolling 100 is auto fail without possibility of reroll, and since characters have usually more fate points than in Only War (minimum of 2 for humans for example, talent giving one additional luck point, magic charms etc). First session, one player rolled total of three 100's, but that is a different story. PS: I like your sig.
  5. Haywire technology does not work on Necrons, they are not made from ordinary metalic parts, more like organic-metal. I don't know if it's in the rpg rulebook, but in Necron Codex for tabletop wargame it is. How your GM will rule this is up to him, I am just warning you. From what I remember, basic Necron troops (Warriors and Immortals) have really bad dodge and parry, not trained in these skills, so hitting them should not be hard. You must equip everyone with high penetrating waepons, bypassing Unnatural Toughness traint will help to, as all Necrons have it. If you can hail them with bullets before regeneration kicks in, you should be able to take one or two "basic" Necrons per turn. The more parts you will make out of your enemies, the harder it will be to regenerate for them, maybe even impossible, so some kind of explosives are advisable. Remember that every Necron destroyed to the point of no field-repair is teleported back to his tomb, where he will get repaired and will be sent back to the front lines. If repair is impossible, he will desintegrate on spot, leaving no body nor weapon. It is possible to battle endless wave of Necrons, if repair point is close to the warzone. Necrons can teleport onto the battlefield, even in the middle of another troop, so expect few Flayed Ones appearig out of thin air. I don't remember how this technology work, but am sure Monoliths can do that. As for other enemies you mentioned, Destroyers are like harder Immortals with fully automatic, powered gauss rifle or anti-armor gauss cannon. Expect higher mobility and that they can shred you to pieces with auto fire. Wraiths are problematic, because they are built for melee combat, while being even more protected than standard Necron. They have Force Field with 45 protection that never overloads and can bypass solid obstacles, so there is no place you will be safe from them. As HappyDave mentioned, some Necron weapons are overpowered, these rules were made to battle Chaos Space Marines, not Imperial Guard. Lychguard hit for somethig like 2d10 +25 with 6-9 penetration in melee, not mentioning other qualities his weapon have, that mean instant-death if you hapen to be sliced.
  6. Radom selection is a good idea, but I wouldn't include the team of player that dropped the ball, it would miss the point of Cursed Ball. Different idea would be to just let the coach of dropping player select where the ball should go, but I like the idea of random selection more.
  7. Dam said: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/thread/841680/monster-miniature-base-sizes Fantastic, thank you very much. Robin said: You are free to burn your CK, or throw it away, you know. Why ask for the monster sizes, as you consider that the CK is BS anyway? Take it easy, didn't said that it was BS, but that it was too early released. It's only a board game, nothing to be defensive about. I wrote, that I would like to use the CK, I wouldn't ask I was not going to purchase it (and no, not to burn it, nor to throw it away). My players really liked the large selection of heroes, especially the favorites from other games in the world of Terrinoth. I like these monsters, but there is lack of differences in some of them, making them too similar for my taste. I bothered to write about my point of view about the process of releasing the CK (I am especially fond of the Print of Demand idea), I don't think some of you bothered to read it all before answering. I understand that they may not want to sell figures from first edition, but cutting yourself away from including rules from expansions was in my opinion just stupid and rushed to sell as many copies as soon after the release of 2ed, while the "hype" lasted. Maybe good marketing, but I don't care about good marketing, especially when it "damages" the game itself (yes, I see it as a flaw, when all old monsters include only core version's rules with few, minor additions). Figures? I don't care about figures that much, just would like to have them if it was possible. It would be outstanding to see them re-released by FFG.
  8. Could someone provide me with size of all the monster figures from Conversion Kit? I don't have the figures from previous edition, but would like to use the Convestion Kit with some placeholders, like figures from second edition. Some are easy to guess, dragon being size of a six squares, but some are not so obvious. PS: Conversion Kit was rushed to much, not appying some rules from later second edition's expansions (or rather I think it doesn't). In my opinion, Conversion Kit should never happen (adding elements from previous edition into core set/expansions), or they could split it into few separate Kits (one released at the same time as core set, one after each expansion), with figures or without (for these that have them, print on demand), to make it more up to date (and to make more cash on it in my opinion, more pack would equal more money, as I doubt that, for example four, smaller Kits would have the same price as one large). PS: They should release pack/packs with figures from first edition.
  9. No, you can't curry favor the same turn you use blessing. Mages have specific action card for this.
  10. Not every priest have to cast spells, you are free to play as magicless one. This is fully supported by lore. There is no chance of mage not being able to cast spells, this would be impossible to let him enter one of the Collegues of Magic, if he had no magical talent.
  11. The way you described it, I would like to be player in this adventure
  12. Dwarfs are incapable of manipulating winds of magic, they use different form of sorcery, that would be runecrafting. They enchant weapons and armors, and in far past, cooperated with dragons to craft runes onto walls of strongholds and other ancient places (the heat from dragon's breath was needed in the runemaking process). Runesmith is calling you may choose in one of the expansions, but I don't know which one. Elves have own magic, that almost only they can learn. Elves live longer, and can master arts of High Magic for even centuries, something impossible for human beings. Playing elf learning way of High Magic would be just **** boring, as they tend to shut themselves in towers, only learning spells for decades. Maybe they will be available in upcoming epic expansion, but I doubt it. By the way, humans learned to use magic, in the form of eight collegues, from Elven Archmage, Teclis. In other form, not split into single winds, human mind is too prone to corruption when learnign to manipulate them. That is why humans can master only one wind of magic, without grave danger of descending into madness and falling prey to Ruinous Powers.
  13. If you start as a mage, you gain these benefits: -Every spell action card labeled as basic (channel power, cantrip, magic dart, counterspell) -Spellcraft and Channel Power advanced skills Right now, there are four levels of wizard, apprentice, acolyte and wizard, every one of them is matched with level of spells: -apprentice is level for level one spells -acolyte is for level two spells -wizard is for level three spells You may purchase spells from your level and levels below just like normal actions, for one advancement. You may purchase spells above your rank for one additional advancement for each rank you don't have. As for specialisation (I may be wrong on this one), there are no specialisations for specific levels of spells, but for whole lore of magic, like "Lore of Fire" or "Lore of Metal". These are Spellcraft specialisations, and provide single fortune die to every roll you make using this lore of magic.
  14. Come on, they wouldn't made four expertice dies if it was not possible to roll that many. It's just that simple.
  15. 2) Is the 2 weapon wielding rule fixed now? There are abilities that utilises dual wielding, like slashes with both weapons, shooting from pistol and striking with melee weapon etc. Other than that, there is no benefit for dual wielding 3) The half elf, half dwarf character I want to change. Any suggestions? I would suggest, if you want to stay true to warhammer lore, don't allow any half races. I don't think it is even possible in wahrhammer setting. 4) And for the other 2 characters, what do you think the party needs? Personally, I would prefer to start off with the typical WFRP characters and go from there. So if there are any core characters missing, let me know. Do you have any priest or mage? It's hard to play as one if you don't know the setting, especially mage, but with help from game master there is nothing impossible. I would suggest some tracker, survivalist and maybe someone who travels a lot, and know how to do it, having own way of transportation (with rivers or roads). Will be much easier for players when comes to these situations, especialli since Empire is almost a giant forest. 6) Anything else you guys think I should look out for? Are there any WFRP sites that have fan submitted resources? www.freewebs.com/kalevalahammer/ - Timelines for Warhammer, may be useful www.gitzmansgallery.com/ - Wonderful gallery of maps, especially the big, 300+ MB one. 7) Any tips on levelling characters? Well, I would say "level whatever fits you", but I just don't see any sense in making any builds in pen and paper rpg. 8) Is there a good description of the Warhammer world in the book? There are some players that aren't that knowledgeable of Warhammer lore... and I must admit, I'm even a bit rusty... There is short, easy to remember, and sadly, rather poor description in core rulebook, but should be enough for your players, as they don't have to know more than you about the universe. For you, if comes to Empire, I would suggest purchasing "Sigmar's Heir", supplement for Warhammer second edition. It had most of the knowledge you will find useful if comes for the Empire. It's after Storm of Chaos, but mostly in not important parts, like number of population.
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