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  1. Glimmer said: http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Sarcosan_Wave_Generator The resurected people are just zombies or are sapient and with their old personality back? If they are just zombies ,it is an idiotic way to create what would be new servitors. All that trouble just for fancy new servitors.
  2. What is Sarcosian wave generator and why it is tech heresy?
  3. Thank you for your answers. You have been of real help and Im glad that you have answered my questions.
  4. TiLT said: thor2006 said: So why GM are using warp travel rules and warp travel difficulty for warp travel inside the IOM? Huh? I don't understand what you're trying to say, even after spending a few minutes trying to figure out what IOM was supposed to mean (you might want to explain abbreviations before relying completely on them. Yes, I know now it means Imperium of Man). What GM are you talking about? You do mean GM as in Game Master, right? I can't defend what other GMs are doing with their campaigns, but Rogue Trader is set in The Koronus Expanse. If you run a campaign outside of that area, you're on your own. FFG has no intention of helping you out there, and they are probably not allowed to by Games Workshop anyway. If you try to apply the Rogue Trader rules directly to other parts of the galaxy, you're bound to run into issues with them. That's honestly your own problem, and doesn't necessarily represent a problem with the rules as written and designed. You seem to have missed what is one of the most central aspects of WH40k, btw: Life is cheap, technology is not. There's such a mindblowingly, impossibly large amount of "worthless" people out there that the Imperial Guard could sacrifice millions every day and still come out on top. They don't have any ships to lose, since that's the Imperial Navy's forte. The Adeptus Mechanics keeps them on top of that, and any ship losses are typically salvaged. The Rogue Trader Core Rulebook points out that only rarely does space combat result in the total destruction of the enemy ships, typically leaving enough that the ship can be fixed up to a certain degree. There is also an absolutely enormous amount of ships running shuttle traffic between developed words in the Imperium, maintaining the hive worlds. These are Free Traders, Imperial Navy, or similar. There's a LOT of ships left over from the earlier times of the Imperium, and even the models that are now considered "outdated" are often picked up by enterprising rogue traders who can find inventive uses for them. I believe the problem you're having with the setting is that you maybe don't comprehend the sheer scale of it. The Imperium is so large that it survives by momentum alone, despite the enormity of the things happening in it every day. The point is warp ships and transport time are enourmous bottlenecks that prevent the transport of anything but effective forces that can deal with the enemy in anything but attrition warfare so that IOM realisticly could survive for 11k years. This bottleneck prevents to transport the enourmours amount of cannon fodder in an effective manner. So almost every time the IOM would fight an enemy they would loose if they follow the fluff description of IG. In loosing most of the battles the IOM would have collapsed a few thousand years from the heresy and not being able to survive for 11k years, So either the IG is not as incompetent as the fluff tries to present or the IOM has an overabundance of easily replacable warp ships that they can afford to have a ground base strategy based on attrition warfare. So why GM are using warp travel rules and warp travel difficulty for warp travel inside the IOM? Sorry i found out most people try to equate warp travel in a newly discovered warp storms filled portion of space,where there is tremendous difficulty in locating the Astronomican with the day to day warp travel inside the IOM.
  5. Alasseo said: I'd also bear in mind the fact that it's not so much starships are rare, but that starships which are permitted to do anything except travel along their chartered routes are very rare. It's true that the attritional warfare the Guard seems to specialise in in most portrayals would lead to the collapse of the Imperium, if it weren't for two things: the Imperium is the biggest polity in the galaxy, in terms of territory and population (ok, absolute numbers of orks, necrons and 'nids may be higher, but they aren't unified and organised). And the other races have slower warp travel than the Imperium (with the exception of the necrons, who cheat in realspace or teleport; and the eldar, who can cheat along webway routes), as no-one but humanity has Navigators, and as such are limited to 4-5 light year jumps or risk getting lost. Likewise, the Guard is not just a blunt instrument of attritional warfare. It's often portrayed as such, but that's at least partly a result of needing to make the Astartes seem a cost-effective elite. It's also partly a result of the nodal response system used for funnelling troops and materiel into a warzone- if it's small time, the threatened system's SDF and PDF should be able to deal with it (backed up by any Arbites garrison, plus local police troops) until the IG force can be deployed. If it's really serious, then it doesn't matter if the Guard are elite, efficient troops or not: they may well be massively outmatched, or able to take the enemy, but they'd be ordered to hold until a Bigger Hammer can arrive, either in the form of the Astartes, or more Guard, or the Sororitas, or the Skitarii, the Legio Cybernetica, the Knight Houses, the Titanica, etc. Ok thx for the reply but when I look at Only War and the enemies of the IG even the most common enemy bog standard soldier would have cost the IG ,plenty of dead just to put down. And if you look at the fact that the IG is almost always outnumbered by said enemy it is more of a glaring problem.
  6. TiLT said: You're making one simple mistake that is skewing your perspective on the issue: The Warp travel rules in the Navis Primer are about travel within the Koronus Expanse. They are not meant to be used outside of that subsector. Even heading into the Calixis Sector means Warp travel becomes much safer. The Koronus Expanse is dangerous to travel through because it is far enough away from the Astronomican to make him hard to locate, and it's surrounded by (and filled with) Warp storms. Hive worlds would indeed struggle to survive there. For an idea of how that would work, read Stars of Inequity's colony rules, which allow you to build a Hive from scratch. So why GM are using warp travel rules and warp travel difficulty for warp travel inside the IOM? But that doesn't change the problem of the contradiction between the sheer rarity of the space ships and the needs of having non resource independent hive and forge world in the IOM and be relativly common as it is depicted in the fluff. Also it doesn't explain the division of labor between the IOM planets that would require big transport warp ships to be relativly common. Also it doesn't explain why the IG is so crap overall in the shear brutallity of the IOM foes and the fact that the IOM has survived for almost 11k from the HH. Taking into consideration the shear expense of moving troops over interstelar distances anything else of troops that are good at killing the IOM enemies as the main fighting force of the IOM would see the IOM dead in a few thousand years and would not allow to survive 11k years. Also the costs of transport troops in a warp ships rare situation would be astronomic so the IOM would be incapable(in a realistic way) to ship anything but elite force to battlefields. The IG is depicted as utter crap against all the enemies that the IG would fight on a common basis(aand not the exception), When taking into consideration that the IOM common enemies can ship troops faster and/easier that IG on a common basis the situation becomes more bizare how the IOM has survived 11k with such a crap main army like the IG? As far as I know from fluff warp ships are super rare in the IOM. Either the IOM has plentifull warp ships(that is not the case in the fluff) to allow the division of labor between planets to exist, for non resource independent forge worlds and hive worlds,to be able to ship most of the time non elite military forces to warzones in great quantity to allow for attrition warfare or other insane strategies, and still be a viable strategy;, or the IOM has few warp ships most worlds are independent both from imports as from exports, there are only a few hundred hive worlds and forge worlds in the IOM that are always on the brink of colapse the IOM IG is quite capable of wining through good strategy and tactics,equipment to deal with almost always being outnumbered by common enemies like chaos/de/e/orks are, that tresure every soldier life(the IOM can only deploy extreme small level of troops to be able to win a certain war); or we are not 11k after HH but a few hundred of years from the HH in an empire that will probably would see at most a few hundred years.
  7. Reading Navis Primer I found out how insane difficult the warp travel even between nearby star systems is.It also seams that the general consensus that space travel is rare and extreamly difficult.The players and GMs here I believe they try to push to make warp travel as unsafe and helish as possible. It seams that even for elite rogue trader navigators warp travel is a very dangerous undertaking, a bit touch and go.It seams that if verry good navigator PC warp travel is very dangerous for the vast majority of NPC navigator warp travel would alright impossible. The vast majority of the ships that would travel through the warp would no longer reach their destination at all. To loose so many ships it also require the IOM shipyards to build ships extreamly fast so that IOM can have ships to service the empire needs. That is all good from RP perspective to have not even the elite navigators have a safe warp travel ,but realisticly for the IOM to exist you need to have warp travel be safe for the common navigator and ship,most of the time. So the question is how realisticly hive worlds that are not self sufficient and agriworlds relegated to exporting luxury food for the rich,could survive and not colapse in years? So a IOM with this level of warp travel would not have any hive worlds in a matter of of decades. Because importing food to feed tens of billions of people(the lower limit of a hive world) from another starsystem require a certain stability and safety of traveling through the warp that the books and GM would make impossible. Also because of how small the cargo space is even for the biggest transport ships(because of ballance issues regarding ship components) even feeding an entire hive world in a timelly fashion would require a huge amount of transport ships that go against of the rarity of the ships in the universe? Not to menshion of all the mineral resources the hive world imports and all the goods that the hive world exports will need a huge amount of ships that will need to service the hive world around the clock. You cannot biological feed a human population mostly through canibalism and not have that human population colapse in a few short generations. Even if the hives are food independent and only the rich imports any food they would still need huge amount of ships servicing the hive world for the minerals imported and goods exported. If the hive worlds are mostly food independent why agriworlds still exist? The luxury foods could be easily grown on civilized worlds and they would easily met the demands of the rich hive world elite. Not to menshion of huge behemonts like Necromundia in terms of population. Also realisticly if space and warp travel is extreamly rare ,you need to have your armed forces be extreamly good at killing the enemy not crap for the IOM to survive even 1k years with the huge threats they have to fend from day to day. Not even blind fanatism would sterm the harsh reality that if warp travel ships are rare you either equip and train your soldiers to be extreamly good at killing the enemy or your political entity would cease to exist in less of a 1000 years. So the cost of equipment and training of IG would hugelly be overshadowed by the cost of transport of the IG from the recruitinng worlds and to the front. So the IG would have to be extreamly well suited at killing the IOM enemies in the shortest amount of time. You cannot aford atritional warfare in any shape and form and you must suplement your limited numbers that you can deploy by superior tactics and equipment than the enemy can have. Most of the enemies have a easier time to get reinforcements and equipment than IOM (as the fluff tends to depict) and will always outnumber the IG in almost any battlefield in the Galaxy. When the IG is confronted by threats like chaos,eldar, dark eldar, or alien races one more horific than the other each and every day at almost on any front, and the IG would fold like tissue paper. It seams that the above threats are the most common threats the IOM are confronted,from how the fluff depicts them. Would not the IG be efective against those threats or if they continue to be morons would not the IOM would not survive to see the second milenia after the HH? Please help me make sense of the universe how can the IOM be depicted in one way(near imposibility of the warp travel between star systems,extreame rarity of ships, and ability to replace ship loses,extreame level of the enemies,the ease of how the IOM enemies can bring enourmous amounts of elite troops faster and easier than the IOM) and have elements that are in direct contradiction with the depiction(non food/resources independent hive worlds,hive worlds and forge worlds as central hubs of industrial production,the division of labor among of the IOM planets, the utter crap and insane strategies(based on attrition warfare ) of the IG to stop those threats,massive internal infighting) and have the IOM still surviving 10k-11k years after the HH in a believable way? I know that the rule of cool is mostly the reason why there is the problem in the first way but I would like and answer that makes sense and not a joke answer. Thank you for the time and consideration.
  8. From the description of the Nexus it tells us that is part the Nexus(a DOAT artificial planet) is part in the webway and part in real space. And that is the only space in real space for a base for DE in the Expanse and basicly a dead end. It doesn't hint those choices(back the slaves,or take for yourselves) are ultimatly futile. Practicly you can still use the Nexus in all situations as the end of adventure doesn't make any point in any cases, or issue warnings. Also the Ad-Mech(or tech priests) can still study the human artificial planet in peace if you you help the slaves win. Plus the defences are said to be formidable. Also most of the DE flee the fighting or are killed in the fighting.
  9. I just got soul reaver and is a nice adventure and idea. But i have many question how the adventure would work from the point of view of a moraly good crew that can still deal with the exiled Archon and try to make the Sector and Galaxy a better place. 1.What the exiled Archon can be negotiated if she is helped to gain control of the Nexus ,so that the overall purpose of the crew can be achieved? 2.From reading the adventure giving the Nexus to friendly slaves or rulling by the RT dynasty is the best way to achieve ,making the Expanse and the nearby IOM sectors a little better.Is this correct? 3.Reallisticly the slave rebelion and performing the coup d'etat what limits could pose to the RT from trying to make the neigbouring space a better place? 4.What consequences for good or ill would suporting a succesfull takeover of the Nexus by friendly slaves or the RT coup d'etat would have in the Expanse? The adventure is not clear enough of the consequences(RP ones) of any of the end of the adventure choices(betray Selene to the dominant kabal,side with the slaves,side with Selene,perform the coup d'etat). Thank you for your help and time.
  10. I don't think eastern religion is in need of purging (for example there are cases when the Emperor is the head of pantheon of Gods and the Church is ok with this). Buddhism without the near chaos star is in the same boat with western abrahamic religions. Hinduism will need to adopt a centrelized pantheon to survive, and I don't know too well the other eastern religions to see how they fare.
  11. Blood Pact said: If they were to start recruiting, they'd probably grab from the countries with the largest militaries first, so the US, China, and Russia. Assuming of course that those countries still existed. I figure the bible-belt would give the Imperium some trouble (what do you mean Emperor-Jesus doesn't care about gays!?) and have to be pacified. I can't see the Echlesiarchy liking Hindu too much either, what with their four-armed Gods being reminiscent of mutants or genestealer hybrids. While I'd honestly say it could be hit or miss with Islam. It depends of course on the tactics used by the Rogue Trader, and just how persuasive they are when it comes to talking to everyone. I for one would happily embrace the Canadian Forces flying around the stars, demonstrating to all the galaxy that living in this cold ass country makes for some tough folks (though there's so much more to it than simple climate, of course). Why did the bible belt give the IOM trouble in regards with gays? Hatting gays are among the accepted deviation of worshiping the Emperor. Also Buddhism will be in trouble with the IOM because of iconography.
  12. Total 7500 xp Total 7450 xp I have a final character of : WS : 30 BS : 55 S : 50(+20 Power Armor) T : 55 Ag : 55 Int : 40 Per : 40 Wp : 41+5=46 Wp Fel : 42 Wounds : 15 Fate Points : 3 Insanity :1(Rolled)+7(Crusade Call To War from background)=8 Coruption: 3 Armour: 8 Power Armor / 5(4-Head) for Enforcer Light Carapace With the following talents,skills,equipment: Advance Skills : Common Lore (War), Dodge,Intimidate,Scholastic Lore(Tactica Imperialis),Secret Tongue(Military),Speak Language(Low Gothic),Awareness, Medicae,Common Lore(Imperial Guard),Literacy Basic Skills:Swim,Silent Move,Search,Scrutiny,Logic,Inquiry,Gamble,Forbidden Lore(Xenos,Mutants),Evaluate,Disguise,Deceive, Contortionist,Concealment, Command,Climb,Charm,Carouse,Barter. Talents :Resistance Poison,Peer Mutants,Peer Military,Hatred Pirates,Hatred Chaos,Unshakable faith,Armour of Contempt,Nerves of Steel,Sound Constitution,Combat Focus,Heavy Weapon Training(SP),Weapon Mastery Heavy,Hulking,Basic Weapon Training(Universal), Pistol Weapon Training (Universal), Melee Weapon Training (Universal),Thrown Weapon Training(Universal),Ambidexterous,Quick Draw Free Acquisition : 1 Ignatus pattern Power Armor(+20 STR,+1 Movement,8AP,Hulking,good quality photo visors-Dark Sight,immune to photon flash grenades,micro bead,auspex) Family Patriarch Power Armor. Equipement Starting: good:craftsmanship helgun, good crafstmanship primitive with mono upgrade long sabre,micro-bead,bolt shell keepsake,set clothing, medkit,manacles,ammo coffers. Acquisitions :1 Set of carapace armor, 1 common quality power sword,1 common quality heavy stubber of Orthalck pattern,grenades,grenade launcher,1 common quality null blocker field. If there are any problems please be free and tell me.
  13. Timeless12 said: This is a reminder for everyone in the game, that the game will begin tomorrow at 6pm central. I'll be there.
  14. Braddoc said: Hey guys, I think as the game changed time, I would not be able to be present and continue the game. I'm sorry but my schedule is in conflict with the new game time, and I can't change my previous obligations. We could play at the previous time(7 pm that means 1 am GMT)
  15. Sorry for not joining the session. I was out of the city visiting my grandparrents and they don't have internet access. They had some medical problems that thankfully were resolved but caught us by surprise.
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