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  1. Don't feel bad. I had the exact same argument with my girlfriend and our married friends the other night when we all played the game for the first time. We played two 4-player games, and in both games, they failed to budge. They insisted that "in the warp" applied only to those players with ships in the warp. I first asked them each this question: "How many ships do you have in the warp?" One of them replied, "Zero," while the others (including myself) replied with a number greater than zero, mine being the lowest. I then asked: "So, who has the fewest ships in the warp?" Their reply: "You!" <reading comprehension failed> I then mentioned the Special Destiny cards are designed to target the leader, to prevent him from running away with the game. They still wouldn't budge. No matter what, I had the fewest ships in the warp. Utterly frustrating. Now that I have official clarification, they'll all have some crow to eat the next time we play. :-)
  2. SoylentGreen said: Hellfury said: I am looking forward to this game immensely. (I don't get it until Friday - big game sale at the FLGS I cannot pass up the opportunity to get a few games I have been looking to get. (They are running buy 2 get 1 free... plus 20% off if they needed to order it in for you - so not only did I have to have them order all the games in that I wanted - at 20% off... but I still get the buy 2 get 1 free deal... come now... really? How can I pass that one up!) sigh I wish there was a FLGS in Tampa, FL. Coming from Phoenix, AZ, in which there were many FLGSs, I was disappointed to find not a single one here in Tampa.
  3. abersen said: Sorry, but i meant dungeon tile, not catacomb....the problem is: Do you get a complete extra move through drawing secret door? When you find a secret door, you move orthogonal to your current tile to an adjacent area. If the area is unexplored, you draw a tile and encounter it. If the area is explored, you encounter the already-present tile.
  4. Steve-O said: A thought was raised while discussing DQ in the Descent fourms just now. Has FFG made any kind of announcement about whether or not the hero cards for the other three games will be a limited time offer? Like, are they only included for the first print run or something? Just curious, mostly. I doubt it's for a limited time, since mention of those extras is included in the manual in the Component Overview section.
  5. Fryd Pickles said: If I draw the Chasm tile for my unexplored space, then draw a monster for that dungeon chamber, then evade it or die, the monster token stays on the Chasm tile. However, since the Chasm is split into two sections, do I leave the token only on one side whereas another opponent entering the opposite doesn't need to worry about that monster? Or does the monster attack both sides of the Chasm regardless of where the original player was initially? Good question. I would assume the Monster Token would be placed on the same side of the chasm in which you encountered the monster, since you are technically located on that side. So only those heroes who enter that side of the chasm would have to encounter the monster before drawing a dungeon card. Definitely needs to be clarified, though.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. Although I'd prefer to have the reprint, since I think the one I bought likely has the three card issues listed in the 1.6 FAQ, I'll likely keep the copy I have. But tomorrow's the last day I can return it, so I might change my mind!
  7. Hi, folks. I recently purchased AGoT LCG from a hobby store for 25% off. When I returned home, I checked FFG's website and noticed a "reprint" of the game was "on the boat." Since the one I purchased looks like it's been on the shelf for a long time, I'm concerned it's not as up-to-date as the reprint currently on the boat. So, what I'd like to know is, what is done to such a game when the publisher issues a "reprint" version, and would you recommend I return the copy I have and purchase the reprint when it arrives in stores? Thanks!
  8. pumpkin said: one thing I'm not sure of from the rules though is can you use a deathblow with a counter attack? The deathblow rules talk about playing a card (singular), but it doesn't explicitly say you can't use a counter attack as a death blow if possible? what are other people diong with this? Whenever you win a round and there are cards in the combat stack that are the same color as your initial combat card (any counter-attack cards you play will also be the same color as your initial combat card, so whether or not you used a counter-attack to win the round is immaterial), you've dealt a deathblow.
  9. mpokorny said: Playing another DQ crawl yesterday and my adventurer wandered into a Cave-In Chamber. Upon pulling the Dungeon Card, I pulled the Cave-In Event Card. Naturally, on my next turn, I wanted to press forward and not backtrack. So, in this situation to cross the Cave-In Chamber, do I have to pass two separate Agility Tests (one for the Chamber and the other for the Card) or just one? The pertinent text from the Chamber description "...If you attempt to cross the cave-in, test Agility. If you succeed, you cross the cave-in and continue your turn as normal. If you fail, you become trapped and must stay in the chamber...." The pertinent text from the Card "... At the start of each of your turns, test Agility to cross the cave-in. If you succeed, ... continue your turn... If you fail, your turn immediately ends." It seems to me that two separate tests are required. Thoughts? mike I encountered this same scenario in one of my games. At first, I was confused and had thought I only needed to resolve one of the cave-ins. But then I remembered the "Start of Turn Effects" section of the manual (page 27), which is what the Cave-In Dungeon Card is, and realized I first needed to resolve it before continuing my turn, which would be to resolve the Cave-In tile.
  10. SoylentGreen said: LivinItUp said: SoylentGreen said: Send an email to parts@fantasyflightgames.com They are great at replacing parts that are not received as intended. Thanks for the reply! I contacted them via their Contact link on their website. Is that the same as sending an email to parts@fantasyflightgames.com? I dunno - if you email parts Thaadd will reply - she's quick to get out the replacements. I just received a reply from her offering to send me a new board! Kudos to FFG!
  11. SoylentGreen said: Send an email to parts@fantasyflightgames.com They are great at replacing parts that are not received as intended. Thanks for the reply! I contacted them via their Contact link on their website. Is that the same as sending an email to parts@fantasyflightgames.com?
  12. I purchased the game new (sealed) last week, but noticed the board was warped/bowed (hard to accomplish for a quad-section board, no?) out of the box while playing my first game. Since it doesn't lie flat on the table, the dungeon tiles tend to move around. Did anyone else receive a warped/bowed board with their game? Would FFG send me a new one, or is it just wishful thinking on my part? Thanks!
  13. Steve-O said: Also, that sounds to me like a suitable reward for rolling a 12 on 2d6. Only 1 out of 36 possible results nets you get out of jail free effect, and you hit the jackpot. As is the suitable punishment when you roll a 2 on 2d6, which also a 1 in 36 chance (of course): instant death!
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