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    HappyDaze said:
    zealot12 said:
    I do think you're exaggerating, though I understand if you're disappointed that the game has not lived up to your expectations. Certainly not all FFG games are like Relic and Talisman. Actually, these are the only two, as far as I know.
    I'm not sure what point you believe that I'm exaggerating. We've had nine games with 3, 4, and even once with 5 players. Six games have been terrible for all involved after the first hour of play. Even the other three usually had one player that was totally out of the game in any meaningful manner* for more than an hour of play. None of this is an exaggeration.
    * Turn after turn of desperately trying to land on a space to bleed off Corruption or to get a new mission count. So too does running around the outside with no power cards, assets, or influence when everyone else out levels you by 4+ levels, is on the middle or inner tier, and has a Relic. These might not be so bad if they only happened occasionally, but we've seen it over and over.

    We get it.  You don't like it.  You don't sit here and rage anymore.  Seriously.  
    Your ranting has reached its fever pitch now.  Just go already.
    For the rest of us, we like it.  So please don't buy another FFG boardgame again.  Seriously.  Please don't.
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