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  1. I played Ivory for about 6 months before my playgroup called it quits. I never had to wait an hour without anyone there. I had to wait because we would sometimes have an odd number of players and well, Ivory was slooow.
  2. I haven’t been able to find more than one opponent in over a month now at three different stores game nights. I’m afraid the game is dead now. Local tournament on Saturday scheduled if the turnout is disappointing I think I’m giving up on the game. Nothing sadder than than a grown man sitting alone in a game store waiting for over an hour for someone show up and then going home when no one does come out. FFG screwed the pooch. Their actions are completely why this game is dead/dying. 6in6 then literally nothing for months. If you have no plan to support the game post launch you do 6 in 6 to force fast sales then you do what they did and do nothing with op or their product for months.
  3. Yes it's an event, no not everyone has access to cancel. Voice of Honor AND Censure both have prereqs before it can be played. Scorpion requires a courtier. What clans don't have easy access to courtiers.... everyone not named scorpion or crane. When this card gets played it's you have a guy with 4-5 political I have one with 0 political. I could pay you 4 honor for a very slight chance at stopping it and most likely lose a card in hand or, I simply lose my best card. The choice is pretty clear. especially against scorpion. because vs them you just put yourself halfway to their desired win condition. I'm sure you'd be screaming bloody murder if there was a card titled "Marshall Debate" 1 cost. choose an opponent duel him with military skill the winner then looks at the loser's hand and chooses and discards a card from it. This card cannot be cancelled by a played unless they control a bushi. Lion Crab and Unicorn would LOVE a card like that. Scorpion not at all because hey look you don't have many bushi.... its a bit unfair even though this duel actually would cost a fate. Again... it can't be cancelled by most of the clans especially first turn.... and ESPECIALLY because the scorpioin player has a courtier in play and is definitely holding onto a forged edict. a first turn AFWTD essentially ends the game... period. It's an unhinged, unbalanced card that is miles worse than feast or famine (a card I hate). This is a card that the creators of MTG would publish in an Unglued expansion its so poorly designed. There is no way to stop this card other than above question and finger of jade. (which people have started running but scorpion has the ability to steal it) Dragon are currently the only people who can stop cloud the mind. You know what cloud the mind doesn't do? Bow, Dishonor, AND Send Home. Also, every scorpion I know of has dragon splash so they can stop cloud the mind, Above Question, and Finger of Jade in addition to the scorpion card that lets them steal said attachment. Removing interactivity in any game is a death knell of the game. AFWTD is a leap down the path of removing interactivity for everyone but scorpion. I would also challenge your statement that you're better off buying a 4 cost character. Are you sure about that? Your 4 cost character will go away at the end of the turn whereas you didn't just remove a champion from being useful thus negating 5 fate you likely also crippled them the following turn... unless you're facing off against Crab because Kisada don't care about dishonor or having fate. Togashi drops to 3M/3P, Hotaru 0M/3P, Toturi 3M/0P, Tsukune 0M/0P, Altansarnai 3M/2P essentially making their 7 fate investment worth 2 fate of value and it's already dishonored so we know it can't swim and for shame makes it a 7 fate investment that gives you zero benefit. That's not even discussing the fact that 4 fate for AFWTD could instead be used to buy a conflict character if the opponent decides not to attack into AFWTD. You gain the advantage of the ability to decide during a conflict how you want to respond because scorpion has some pretty nasty conflict characters. I won't call it NPE but it comes pretty darn close. AFWTD, PD, FoF, and Pathfinders Blade are in my opinion what is killing my play group we had 14 players consistently about a month and a half ago (so mid-holiday season) and now we are lucky to get 4.
  4. So, it's an cancel card that requires the favor to use.... why the outrage? Only people I could think of who may have an issue with it are crane/scorpion players who don't want other clans to be able to cancel events also.
  5. In the CCG there were editions where Dishonor/honor decks were NPE. You're being disingenuous if you claim otherwise. Currently? Honor isn't a thing yet and dishonor is something you essentially have to help your opponent do to you. Currently it isn't NPE imo but who knows what will happen as the game progresses.
  6. OP kits for L5r did seem a bit off imo. Not to the point of being worthless. Those full art champs are going to be really nice to have a few expansions down the line. X-wing typically comes with a stack of an alt art pilot and a stack of an alt art upgrade in addition to acrylic tokens. Maybe due to the launch they felt the swag like ring and lanyard will be cooler for many players to have than another set of alt arts. Also, I know their alt art cards are typically printed in house. So the cost of creating 7 alt art cards for the launch of a game may have been much higher than we would imagine. Assuming it's a cash grab by them after only the first organized play event of the game is a bit hyperbolic imo. Relax and 'Fly Casual' there will be bumps along the way but hopefully we're all here to look at pretty pictures and imagine magical samurai bushi fighting.
  7. You obviously didn't survive through the pre-nerf Phantom ****. In comparison this isn't even remotely close. Whisper that wasn't out PS skill literally just won. No chance for any other player unless you played Han. Stop with the hyperbole
  8. Tactical sacrifice. Lion Clan Province PS: 3 Water Reaction: After this province is destroyed, search your conflict deck for a personality, Place him in play with one fate, then declare a military conflict at an opponent's province that is not their Stronghold. The defender may not assign defenders but may move personalities to the battlefield. After the resolution of this battle at this province, dishonor all attackers who participated and then discard the attackers. "You thought to catch us out of position Hotaru-san, you will pay for such arrogance." My reasoning: Lion are typically considered the premiere tacticians in Rokugan and knew the Crane were coming and did not stop them so the Crane would be out of position for the Lion's counterattack. While this is a dishonorable tactic in the eyes of the Rokugani the Lion value duty almost as much as the Crab and would be willing to act dishonorably to strike a vital blow against their opponent.
  9. I attended Nova Open and I faced only two imperial players in flight two. Went 4-2 and missed the cut by like 30 some mov. I played rebels. For the current meta it really does seem like imperials are not in the best of spots and haven't been in a while. If you want to buff imperials that may be difficult to do considering the design space at the moment. The faction was designed to be low health and high agility. I don't know the proper fix because I'm not a playtester or designer and I'll leave that to those who have the experience designing this game and are paid to work on the fix. However, I am confident that there will be a fix. All of this negativity on this forum is pretty toxic though. The fix will be coming in the form of an FAQ or with the release of the gunboat (ugh.). Give it some time I mean it's not like there are any serious competitive events in the US in the immediate future. If you don't like the meta at your local game night ask your opponent to fly something else it's not like they got a major tournament to practice for atm.
  10. Ok then, let's do eet. Nerf em. But also since we're at it why don't we also just remove all green dice from the game too. That darn fenn rau and his multiple evade dice plus autothrusters isn't fun so let's get rid of that too. Heck why don't we just ban everything released after wave 1 and make x-wing great again. Oh wait tie fighters dominated then. Ban them too! Only xwings are allowed in x-wing! The idea is silly. TLT isn't destroying anything right now on the top tables. If you can't defeat someone using TLT then as the Carolina Krayts say "git gud"
  11. The Indians may have something to say about that one.
  12. Flying casual isn't demanding that they do it or you force them to forfeit as one player claims to enjoy. It's yet another token that we have to pack when it's obvious if you have a crit already. If you care about it so much bring extras. I play in northern Virginia I guess I should've screamed for a to when any of the greats failed to put a crit token out eh? Maybe I could've rules lawyered my way into a top 4. Next tournament I guess I'll just have a printed out tournament rules and start tryin to dq people?
  13. The players who would ask every 5 seconds if you were done yet, and if you made any head move would state you had said your turn was over and begin theirs. Technically it could be interpreted that way but you are being an ass. I played mtg from revised til masque block and it was prevalent. You want to be militant about the rules? Fine. But don't then pretend you care about casual flying. You are a militant rules lawyer who is exploiting a minor rule to dq a player at an event.
  14. Wow, love the comments condemning everyone who doesn't use a token I didn't even know existed but have "fly casual" as a sig or something similar. You guys ARE NOT in any way shape or form even close to "flying casual" you are the people who give games a bad name. People like you are despised in magic and I hope you at least recognize you deserve to be despised in this game as well. You aren't ambassadors of the game you are who the ambassadors have to apologize for. Play as strict as you want but you are everything that is wrong with every gaming community.
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