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  1. When you consider the round to be up to a full minute, there can actually be a lot of narrative action in any one roll. Say you're engaged in melee combat against a 3 man minion group of Stormtroopers, and you do enough damage to take out 1 of the minions with a few points left over to injure another one, activate a crit to take out the 3rd one, and have 2 threat left on the roll. Narratively, that can be described as the following: I leap in the middle of the group of Stormtroopers, sweeping the legs out from under one of them before dropping the blade of my vibroaxe through the center of its helmet (the crit). I then spin around, catching a second Stormtrooper square in the chest, dropping him to the ground in a spray of blood (kill via damage). The third Stormtrooper catches me in the back with a butt strike from his rifle (I suffer 1 strain), causing me to stumble as my blade catches him on the side (ST suffers a few points of damage, I have a setback die on my next attack due to being off balance).
  2. The Tion Hegemony and Tion Cluster are the same thing. Its a large area of space that isn't directly under the control of the Galactic Imperium during the time of the original trilogy. They still have Imperial oversight, in a loose sense, but are allowed a modicum of independence.
  3. The Gtroc is my go to starter ship for just about every campaign I've ever run (going all the way back 20+ years to the old WEG days). Its hefty enough to take a couple hits, and has room for improvement.
  4. ****, that looked like it would have been a fun game. I lament it's loss.
  5. He's a raccoon version of a Squib (possibly Selonian, although they're much taller than the Squib)
  6. Depending on what books you have access to, the Norman Great Coat (Suns of Fortune, 100 cr) and the Mk III Flak Vest (Dangerous Covenants, 300cr) are good starter options. Both are within the starting budget, and each add a small bonus (the coat is good against cold weather, the flak vest against blast). If you're looking for something a bit more expensive, you cant go wrong with Padded Armour, which will add a second soak. Eventually, you'll want to move up to something like Laminate (which is similar to most bounty hunter body or stormtrooper armour). And there are heavier, more expensive powered options as well.
  7. Alright, here's Golan. I've got him all done, except the background, which I'm still working on. All I know at the moment is that he left home to get away from his family, who are currently in the middle of open warfare between two internal factions. He became a bounty hunter, and ended up completing a contract on his cousin, which gained him some fame and notoriety. http://swsheets.com/c/2vjgsonz6-golan
  8. I've been playing around with a Hutt Martial Artist. The idea of a large slimy slug rolling around slapping people with his tail tickles my fancy.
  9. It almost looks like the BH ship from SWToR, with the lower "wing" broken off by contact with the ground.
  10. I loved it. The voice acting was really good, especially for Thrawn himself. And it really depicts his ability to plan not just one or two moves ahead, but he's already mapped out exactly how the next several games are going to play out.
  11. Beavers build dams with entrances below the water line, and are "excellent swimmers who dislike salt water." They're not truly amphibious, though. They still need to breath air to survive. Similarly, most water fowl "dine on a variety of insects, fish and algae," but again, are purely air breathers. We have an outdoor aquarium in a nearby city with a large underwater viewing area, and I've spent hours watching the birds dive under the water to impressive depths, snag a fish, and swim (fly) back to the surface to finish their meal.
  12. Just a point of fact, Bossk was the Trandoshan bounty hunter. The one that Leia was disguised as is Boushh. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Boushh/Legends
  13. I wish I could click the heart button a hundred times.
  14. Battle for the Golden Sun, I think. Its an old adventure module from the WEG days. Edit: Its actually Scavenger Hunt. Golden Sun had a sentient sea lion species.
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