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  1. There are just over 20 unique new cards in most packs, not counting the nemesis and identity card. 5 more on top of that is closer to a 25% increase, not 8%. Probably relatively more as like half of those are hero specific and thus less complicated as they can only be used all or none as a set.
  2. No, because the time to design those cards doesn't go down. So say if each pack had twice as many new cards, what would actually happen is packs would come out half as often because each one would take twice as long to make.
  3. The time needed for design and testing is a much greater limitation than printing costs, so it is a false dichotomy to think that fewer reprints would mean more new cards. What goes into the precon decks should be about what is needed to make an interesting playable deck not what value the reprints have outside that deck.
  4. I think people are not giving Legendary enough credit. It's super easy to teach, and in terms of mashing together your favorite heroes and villains to play some wacky scenario where Squirrel Girl, Spiderman Noir, X32, Hulk, and that one Wolverine from a single issue Elseworld face down evil Tony Stark it really has no competition. And the scenarios and heroes are surprisingly thematic given the design space they have to work with. It's a very fun casual game for the end of the night or you don't have time for something heavier. That said, Legendary Encounters is a mechanically better set of systems that fixes a lot of the issues with original Legendary. But it is also more linear and limited compared to Legendary's sandbox, if that makes any sense. And certainly lots of even newer deck builders have innovated with lots of different gimmicks. Dominion is a bloody archaic fossil compared to even Legendary though. 🙃
  5. Random effects generally suck. The amount of planning that seems usual in this game only makes that worse. If someone going before Scarlet Witch needs to decide between attacking and thwarting and you can't know what Scarlet Witch can contribute, that is a huge disadvantage. Maybe calling for actions can mitigate that but if say she's in the wrong mode that may not even be an option.
  6. So I was playing Point of No Return and drew Unexpected Ambush. If I had failed the test, the only enemy in play was a Gug back in the City of Gugs. To reach me, he would need to pass through Plain of the Ghouls, which he is not allowed to enter. What happens? Does he try to move as far as possible (assuming there were intermediate locations between the two)? Does he not move at all? Does he ignore the text on Plain of Ghouls and teleport to me?
  7. I just walked into my FLGS on Sunday and there was a whole shelf of Wrecking Crew. Captain America, Green Goblin, and Ms Marvel did sell out the week they came out last time.
  8. Someone clearly did. Maybe it fell off the back of a truck but anyone in the chain from the print shop to some small distributor could be the source.
  9. Seems extreme to immediately think it's stolen. Breaking street date isn't stealing, it's probably breach of contract at worst.
  10. Honestly I think the uniqueness rule will probably need to be reworked eventually or treated more as a suggestion. Like, it's fine for balance that you can't just play 10 Nick Fury in your deck, or that you can't have four people all play Nick Fury the same round. But if this game still exists in 5 years and we get to the point where Legendary is now with like 5 different Peter Parker Spidermen one of which is a villain and another couple Spiderpeople and like 3 Wolverines and so on and so on I think trying to come up with different titles and stuff could be more trouble than it's worth. And like one of the awesome things about comics is crazy Crisis crossovers so I don't see a reason to worry about the "realism" of having say, Falcon and both an Ally of one hero at the table and then also being there as a Hero.
  11. Nah, the designers clearly understood that Black Cat was best girl. But now that I think I about it Peter's constant love triangles being an actual mechanic somehow would have been hilarious.
  12. So far in this game the only thing that has stood out to me as potentially unbalanced is using allies to block big villain attacks. It seems like right now Leadership is better at stopping damage than Protection. It just doesn't matter if Ultron is about to beam you in the face for 10 if Maria Hill can just jump in front with her 1 HP and negate it all. The only time I've felt like the heroes were really in danger was when Rhino had Charge attached or against Goblin and he's doing a lot of indirect damage. It just gets even better when there are a bunch of abilities that trigger on the villain damaging you, which they never will. Does anyone else think this is too efficient? Should encounter decks have more Overkill and ally sweeping effects? Should this maybe be nerfed by a house rule that a villain always does like half Overkill or something?
  13. I think technically you win the game instantly and do not complete the attack.
  14. This is true, you can definitely build a Protection deck that is mostly or even entirely 0 or 1 cost reaction cards, at which point the only thing you can even use a double resource for is your hero cards and the probably inevitable Mansion, Helicarrier, and allies.
  15. You only exhaust when it specifically says to do so. So every current hero except Ms Marvel can use their ability and make a basic attack/thwart.
  16. Here's the Black Panther deck: https://marvelcdb.com/deck/view/9284 I played Mutagen Formula on Expert with this deck and a Captain America Protection deck. It was basically the perfect game. I had no trouble keeping the scheme empty while killing all the minions that came out, and Green Goblin was basically always either swinging into a defending Cap and dealing no damage, hitting Cap's allies, or stunned. Or scheming which I could safely let him do because the scheme could go to 10 and then I could remove it all the next turn. I got Goblin II down to 3 health and at that point my biggest worry was that he would flip a bunch of attacks and kill himself on my Retaliation before I was ready. I then had a turn where I used Ancestral to shuffle my finishers into my deck, SiN and the City to draw the entire deck, and then I actually discarded down to my hand size at the end of turn for the first time in this game to go into the next turn with the perfect hand of 2xLftF, AA, and two double resources. Next turn I drew a bunch more cards, flipped, and played double Lead and killed Goblin II. Goblin III dealt his encounter cards, which were completely irrelevant because the following attacks and second round with AA burned through his 40 HP in one turn.
  17. I have gotten it off 2 out of 3 games so far. In one of the heroes that can dig it's not very hard at all unless you just see both copies of each in the first couple hands and have to spend them for energy. Black Panther might have an edge in this regard with Ancestral Knowledge to reshuffle any combo pieces you lose. But if you draw one copy early you can spend it, and then when you see the second copy you can save it. The game I didn't get it I did a Strength in Numbers into Avengers Assemble instead and it was very strong also. It's true that you don't have allies to chump in the early game. I think having a Protection deck to provide that defense is the best partner for the deck. I just beat Expert Ultron with Protection Captain America and Avengers Black Panther. The fact that the drones just run in and die on either hero helps a lot but also Cap can tank attacks all day long while also keeping threat down. The first scheme completed on turn 2 from a dumb 3 boost on a scheme, but then stalling out the second scheme wasn't hard, aside from one turn where an Advance coming down could have been dicey. Then I had the five allies out and did Lead & Assemble and cleared all the threat on the board, killed Killmonger, and used a Wakanda Forever to finish off the first villain stage. The second stage didn't live long enough for me to assemble the combo again after I had a turn where I Wakanda Forevered 4 times for 20 total damage.
  18. The only hoop you need to jump through is having 4+ Avengers out , which does seem to mean not playing the really good non-Avenger allies. SiN is situational in that the situation is having 2+ allies and not going off this turn. As for overkill: Just AA: 24 Thwart or 26 Attack base LftF and AA: 36 Thwart or 38 Attack With 2 players the former won't one hit kill many villains especially on Expert. With 3 or 4 players the health just goes up more. So I think being able to deliver a massive knock out punch has value. The ideal goal I think would be to get the first stage down low and then go off and basically skip the second phase by killing it in a single turn. The issues are: 1) How many turns does it take to set up? 2) How much can you do while setting up? 3) Once you go off, how long until you can do it again?
  19. It seems to me that Leadership has two different flavors neither of which has all of the pieces it probably wants but has just enough to feel distinct. One is going for a very wide board were you can stack Lead from the Front and Avengers Assemble and any other buffs you can get to get a huge turn where you thwart or attack for 30+. The other is to cycle through allies as fast as possible, using ones with strong comes into play abilities and then throwing them in front of the villain, and then replaying them with Make the Call. I've been testing the former deck and my conclusions so far is that it is stronger with more players who can buy you the time you need to set up your big turn and that ideally you want allies with at least 3 HP but the current Avengers available aren't optimal in that regard. But the deck that just plays all the SHIELD allies and others that do bonkers stuff when they come into play also seems strong, and it is going to be doing lots of relevant stuff much sooner. Do you all think one or the other is currently better? What do you think is needed to push this deck further? Ideally I would like to see some Leadership or Neutral Avengers with 4+ health, and a Hero with an Avenger ally that is 3+ health and is good for multiattacking. Also better ways to heal allies would be nice. What heros are best for these strategies? I've been trying Captain Marvel, which I'll post below for reference, but I'm also looking at Black Panther. Captain Marvel Avengers Upgrades 1x Captain Marvel's Helmet (Core Set) 2x Cosmic Flight (Core Set) 2x Energy Channel (Core Set) Events 3x Crisis Interdiction (Core Set) 3x Photonic Blast (Core Set) 2x Lead from the Front (Core Set) 3x Make the Call (Core Set) 2x Avengers Assemble! (Captain America) 3x Strength In Numbers (Captain America) Supports 1x Alpha Flight Station (Core Set) 1x The Triskelion (Core Set) 1x Avengers Mansion (Core Set) 1x Helicarrier (Core Set) 2x Quinjet (Captain America) 1x Avengers Tower (Captain America) Resources 2x Energy Absorption (Core Set) 2x The Power of Leadership (Core Set) 1x Energy (Core Set) 1x Genius (Core Set) 1x Strength (Core Set) Allies 1x Spider-Woman (Core Set) 1x Hawkeye (Core Set) 1x Vision (Core Set) 1x Falcon (Captain America) 1x Squirrel Girl (Captain America)
  20. They talked about that on the article. The biggest changes are getting OP promos soon with the new text.
  21. The unbound event also started an hour after the main one.
  22. This is great and will hopefully revitalize the game.
  23. Ten years ago the idea that a Matsu could just declare herself Champion and invade another Clan with no declaration of war would have been inconceivable. Honestly it seems reflective of current events. The social order and political norms in Rokugan must have been breaking down for a while but no one realized how bad it actually was until the crisis hit.
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