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  1. "Mari Murdock continues to excel in her depiction of Aramoro, giving us insight into a character it would be easy to hate but contains a full depth that belies a simple villain." lol what. Every scene Aramoro has just reinforces how terrible a person he is.
  2. You know, if your plans keep getting derailed like this you should maybe stop and ask yourself if the kami may not be against you.
  3. The reasoning in the article seems pretty spurious. The goal is apparently to shake up the Crab deck but Spyglass is not so central to that deck that it will not just get replaced with the next best card nor do I think the power level of the deck will be decreased enough to make it not the obvious best choice because none of the other strategies Crab has are even close to being as good.
  4. I'm not sure what kind of games you people are played but usually cards get played as fast as they are drawn. I end up with an empty hand far more often than a ten plus one.
  5. Jotting down a hand is going to take a handful of seconds. That's not going to impact round times.
  6. You know if the mandate of heaven really does have any kind of magical properties in Rokugan putting a patricide on the throne seems like a really good way to lose it.
  7. You may be underestimating the inherent power of flipping provinces. They could flip the most unfarmable provinces possible and the amount of information that gives you is still huge. Being able to plan around the province you are attacking is a big advantage.
  8. On the other hand, as an opponent do I not always flip no province? Magistrates Station and other action at any time provinces are the only exception. But even flipping Shameful means they get to choose if they can beat Shameful this attack and tells them info about where my Upholding might be.
  9. Actually, how does Young Warrior work? By Magic logic that wording would actually mean you have to assign them to the first conflict if able, but you could also assign them to any other conflict if you had Encampment or something.
  10. Aranat is amazing. The choice is a lose lose for your opponent. He is basically only playable on the first turn but that's fine. Hard mull for him and your other reveal provinces cards and then just pitch him if he turns up later. Young Warrior is great also. The biggest weakness is getting coverted on the first conflict but that really just means don't play her against Crab splash of you can't mitigate the risk with Master of Swift Waves or whatever.
  11. That is way too few. It's not even a mechanic at that point. It will just be as irrelevant as Composure.
  12. I don't think there is anything dishonorable about not wandering around with your full titles and honors all the time. "I'm just a humble wanderer/yojimbo/whatever. Oh no it's actually Famous Samurai Badass who is going to wreck us!" is a pretty common trope. Pride is not actually one of the bushido virtues regardless of what Lions think.
  13. And lead the Empire into a golden age of enlightenment as a constitutional monarchy? Sounds good to me.
  14. The fact that the Magistrate can be used by dishonor decks to stop the opponent from fighting back by attacking air is pretty bs. Has dishonor just become the new non-interactive deck instead of honor?
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