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  1. The way i dealing with the mythos card is I making my players to make a will power check, because i telling them all this might just an illusion which make them believe that thing actually happen around them. if the person fail that check the mythos power reflect on them. some of the mythos card has their own requirement so i don't change them. it is fun to see your player to suspecioues about that which card you going to throw at them while without worry that players though u all full power on them. if bad things happen to them i will just reply .... you haven't make sacrifice to your dice god.....( 8 games i only kill 2 player with that which every time they role 10....... what a luck =p) evil laugh with this i have no worry to throw "there is only one way out" so far out of 8 game keeper win 4 player win 4 . very balance record with this house there still some player like your case... board is game is for player to win... while my answer is that would prefer that i play original ruling just on you evil grim and he was like grup... @@;; well and i totally agree with what Elbi say here.. if you can apply some of your own house rule to make things fun without changing too much. i c this game as story telling and enjoy the mod while anything might happen on 1 rare occasion i tell my players that all this thing is just happen in their dream and they win the game because i just enjoy they effort the working out with each other struggle to survive and this is 4 v 1 scenario and actually they lose the game while they lose the actual game. i also reward them with skill point if they manage to complete some task which i note down in my note book... so it encourage them to playing (which i don't really write any stuff i reward them depends they willing to coporate with each other or how they manage the harsh situation some, time i did just to show them) and as long your player enjoy any type of keeper is still fun =)
  2. Nice Paint Job, I really Like it.
  3. Fallesc Took down Konosuke, nahimana and wounded Dinah below half. which score him 150 point. Have to ask Fasllec how much i score tought.
  4. After saw the post how the game actually works it really help me =) i will try it tomorow evening with my friends hopefully 3 of them will show up and i just got this game yesterday hopefully everything will goes well.
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