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  1. Have you by any chance compiled the different chapters for the Adeptus Astartes? That's some really solid work overall.
  2. Awesome work! This is coming along quite nicely. Have you written up anything on the grey knights, by any chance?
  3. Are you familiar with Black Crusade? Considering most of the mechanical heavy lifting has been done with regular humans and Astartes, I wonder whether it would be a challenge to design their Chaos versions? There is also an Infamy system in there, which is a bit similar to Influence/Renown, but for the purposes of appeasing the Dark Gods and becoming a Daemonic Prince, of course!
  4. The preview looks fantastic and we've started a game using DH 3.0, so we'll be definitely utilizing this. I have a question - since we will have a lot of dealings with voidships and cruisers and whatnot, would you be able to give some tips on creating your own vehicles for 40k? I have a bunch of old Rogue Trader splats and I'm not sure if you're basing your vehicle conversions off of DH 2e, and whether you can give me some pointers? Would be cool if we could give the option for non-military, more transport/voidship type stuff for this.
  5. Going in the order you suggested would be ideal, I think. Glad to see you're renewing this wonderful project!
  6. I was wondering - how much XP would you give an Acolyte to have him in the same party with a Space Marine? I was looking at the Deathwatch conversion and I don't know whether I should give 265XP to the Acolyte (which is the the cost of the Space Marine Elite Advance) or whether it should be less/more. Obviously, the bigger question would be how to handle both of them narratively during a session - Acolytes and Space Marines in the same party, I mean. But it is something which is doable in the new Wrath & Glory RPG and I don't see why it can't be done in Genesys. Don't know whether @Tom Cruise or anyone else has any suggestions?
  7. Thank you very much! I'll admit, between moving house and finding work, I haven't done much (if any) progress on this, but I will be resuming very soon. Also, thank you for the Excel sheet, I'll try and make good use of it.
  8. This is quite interesting. What is the power level that you have in mind for Castlevania? Is it really down to earth and gritty, or are we talking about highly competent individuals?
  9. I've recently been reading the new Wrath and Glory RPG and in my own efforts to convert Rogue Trader, I've become more and more convinced that large piles of XP aren't really the answer if you want to play a higher power level in the WH40k universe, it is more a matter of narrative and scaling up/down enemies to suit the challenge. But it is important to have more 'toys' for your character to play with to make them feel like they have accomplished a fair amount. Here's how I've done the Tier separation, but bear in mind that it is very rough and may require tweaking: Tier 1 (Your Acolytes, Imperial Guard, Gangers): +0XP to the starting from their Home World archetype; max skill rank: 2 (see @Tom Cruise's Dark Heresy conversion) Tier 2 (Veterans of the above, crew of a Rogue Trader ship): +100XP for career skills; +50XP for non-career skills; +30XP for talents; max skill rank: 3 Tier 3 (Interrogators, Rogue Traders, Explorers of a Rogue Trader ship, Commissars): +150XP for career skills; +100 for non-career; +50XP for talents; max skill rank: 4 Tier 4 (Inquisitors, Space Marines): +300XP for career skills; +200XP for non-career; +50XP for Talents; max skill rank: 5 Space Marines (there is also a Space Marine booklet in the forum post for the DH conversion, check it out) have an XP balance just below Tier 3, though with all their equipment and modified stats they'd more than make up for that. Characters besides Space Marines would be skill monkeys, basically.
  10. I've added an EDIT at the bottom of the original post regarding talents.
  11. There is a very interesting discussion over on Reddit about the same thing, some really cool back-and-forth ideas there.
  12. I mean, if that's the sort of game the PCs are in, then sure. It's always GM depended as to the types of challenges the group faces. Same situation in an XP-based progression system where the player is like, "Oh, we fight a lot? Lemme dump my XP in Melee" or whatever. There are arguments to be made for both systems for sure.
  13. Yeah, this really lends itself to more skill-oriented games, though the framework is quite malleable in regards to making talents more accessible. Really, it becomes a choice of a 'Do I want to have the raw skill to do something?' or 'I may not be the best at something, but I've learned some cool tricks along the way' kind of thing. The number of failures can always be altered, depending on preference. It could even be a 1:1 kind of thing +1, where you need 2 Marks to advance to rank 1, 3 to rank 2, etc., which would make talents more accessible as well. Genesys is whatever you want it to be, which is what I love the most about this.
  14. The following system does away with XP entirely from the game and is a “Learn from your Failure” approach to advancement in Genesys. It is partially inspired by PbtA games, partially by CoC's way of doing things. It is slower and more gradual, so if that is not your thing – that’s also cool. The Rules The rank you want to advance to in a Skill – multiply that by 2. You have to fail a test related to that Skill that many times in order to advance it. This is meant to emulate how skills in real life actually work – the better you are at something, the harder it is to actually improve and learn new tricks of the trade. It might seem a bit grindy at first, but it is a nice and balanced approach which lends itself to more long-term play without necessarily being stringent with XP as per the standard Genesys rules (i.e. handing out 10 instead of the recommended 20 XP). Here is the system in more detail: 1) Whenever you fail a Skill test, add a Mark next to the Skill itself and continue doing so until you are at 3. (3 is the maximum number of times you can Mark a Skill during a session in order to prevent players from spamming Skill checks, more or less) 2) If you have Despair in your failed result, add two Marks next to your Skill. 3) At the end of the session, reference the following chart: Skill rank you want to advance to Number of Failures required to advance 0 -> 1 2 1 -> 2 4 2 - > 3 6 3 - > 4 8 4 -> 5 10 If you have accumulated Marks = to the number in the "Number of Failures" column, then you may advance to the respective skill rank. If you have Marks remaining after you have upgraded a Skill (for example, at the end of the session you have 3 marks, you upgrade a Skill from 0 to 1, and that costs you 2 Marks. The remaining 1 Mark carries over to the next session. Next time you will start at 1, and you will need 4 Marks in total to advance to rank 2, i.e. you need to fail at the relevant Skill 3 more times, either in the following session or sessions to come) Talents are purchased in a similar way. Whenever you have enough Marks to upgrade a Skill, you can purchase a Talent related to the Skill instead. So if you have accumulated enough Marks to advance from rank 2->3 in Melee (Light), i.e. 6, you can purchase a Tier 1 Talent related to that Skill instead. You will be left with 4 Marks for that skill which carry over into the next session. A T1 Talent costs 2 Marks, T2 – 4, etc. Simply reference the above chart, but replace "Skill rank you want to advance to" with "Tier rank" instead. The talents follow the standard Genesys pyramid structure, i.e. you need two T1 talents minimum to have one T2 talent, etc. (NOTE: You CANNOT purchase another talent related to the Skill with the remaining 4 Marks as you have already advanced. You can only advance ONCE per Skill, either increasing a rank or purchasing a Talent related to it, per session) Feedback and thoughts are greatly appreciated. EDIT: On the topic of talents, I realized they would be quite hard to obtain with the proposed cost, so here's an alternative (to the alternative). Whenever you would advance a skill, you may purchase a Talent instead. The corresponding Tier would cost that many Marks (T1 = 1 Mark, T2 = 2, etc.), and you also can't have more talents related to your skill than your rank in it (rank 2 in Melee? 2 Melee-related talents maximum, pal). This way, you delay the actual improvement of your skill, but you've learned some tricks on the way, and you can't learn any more of them without actually being more skilled. And since talents are still subject to the Genesys pyramid structure, it wouldn't be all that easy to pile them up.
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