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  1. Looking at the card shown, I would say that the player closes the gate, so gets the card. It does not exclude sealing the gate, so that would also be allowable, as there exists cards which do prohibit the sealing of the gate. Logic, ain't it fun?
  2. My son and I have only just started playing, but last weekend we both had thugs with copies of the Necronomicon. We're probably not doing spells very well (or not at all to date). Urgent need for cash prompted a cover-to-cover review of the rules looking for info on selling items. Nada. My son took mercy on me and we invented a house rule that items could be sold in any movement phase if the player rolled a 5-6 on one die.
  3. Now if they would just have a "purchase all in this collection" button in the shop, I'd be a very happy camper. Seems to make sense from a sales viewpoint too - easier to click one button than eight, or sixteen, even if you don't really want Jenny.
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