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  1. I think you are confusing "adventuring" and "exploring". Adventuring is when you are on a space containing a gem that is color side up and you draw a card from the deck with the matching symbol. To do that requires two actions, and you then do whatever the card tells you. Exploring is when you go to a specific location listed on an adventure card, and roll dice in hopes of matching the symbols on the card. That generally costs only one action. If you look at the top of the card used in the example, it has a "1" next to an arrow. That means it costs one action to explore the Greenwood. So if a player is doing an exploration, doesn't like the results from the dice roll, and has at least one action after the first exploration, they can try exploring again in the same turn.
  2. I don't have the Trials of Frostgate, but I did lose access to The Delve. I am also running Android. The latest update seems to have affected both, as I no longer have the option to buy either Trials of Frostbite or the Delve. This has happened before when a major update has been added to Road to Legend. I am sure they will soon release a patch that fixes this problem.
  3. Thanks! We keep forgetting about the city action, and focus on completing as many side quests as possible.
  4. My group is currently playing through the Nerekhall: Seeds of Corruption campaign, and when traveling, you have the option to go to either Nerekhall or Grayhaven. Over the course of the campaign we have gone to either city. Is there really any difference which city you travel to? They both restore morale, and have items for sale, but I can't see why you would go to one city or the other. It seems the new campaign is adding Riverwatch as another possible city the heroes can visit.
  5. I don't see any reason why you couldn't use the boards, but I am not sure why you would want to if you are playing a competitive scenario with someone else. Assuming the person you are playing with knows what he/she is doing, it is always more interesting playing against another person than the boards could ever replicate. That isn't any sort of dig against the boards, which are great, just not as good as playing against a person. As for which board you use, it is the same as which combat tokens you use, which is based on the primary trait of the monster: warrior, trickster, mystic, or savage. You can tell which is which by looking just below the picture of the monster, it will tell you the type you are going against.
  6. If you look at each asset card it has both a letter and number printed on it. (As does the combat token that comes with certain equipment. Using the letter and number on the card and corresponding combat token makes the combat token easy to track down.) Asset cards are organized based on what letter group they are in. The core set asset cards are "A", "B". and "C". Regardless of the number of groups you have, you can only use three of those groups. For example, if you own asset card groups beginning with "A", "B", "C", "D", and "E", you can build an asset deck consisting groups of "A", "D", and "E". Each deck is a little different and has its own advantages and disadvantages. I don't know which groups, if any, are better than the other. With respect to the skill decks, they are organized by symbol. If you look at, I believe, the bottom righthand side of a skill card, you will see a symbol. Each group of cards has a specific symbol, and is tied to a specific attribute, e.g., agility. With the expansions you get additional groups of skill cards, and you can use any combination so long as it is limited to six groups, and there are two groups for each attribute. Hope that helps, and have fun! Runebound is a wonderful game.
  7. The rules for the app state it can be downloaded from Amazon, and I am pretty sure the article announcing the app also said it would be available through amazon. Considering both the Road to Legend and the Mansions of Madness apps are available through Amazon I would be surprised if this app isn't released on amazon eventually. It is a shame that the article announcing the app for the other platforms didn't say "coming soon for amazon" or something like that, but I don't think there is any reason to assume it isn't coming. With respect to google play and kindle, you cannot use google play to download anything on a kindle. Certainly annoying, but the kindle has its own advantages. Price obviously being one of them, and there are a lot of great apps that normally have in-app purchasing that you can play for free through Amazon Underground.
  8. I think the only possible way any confusion about whether he could attack himself could exist is if you read only the first sentence and ignore the other two sentences from Corbin's Bounty Hunting ability. Julia already described the impossibility of a Corbin versus Corbin battle. Plus, the only way for Corbin to get his reward is to defeat the other hero. If Corbin finds a way to attack himself and ultimately win, then he is himself defeated. If Corbin is defeated he cannot collect the reward, and if you cannot collect the reward, why would you bother attacking yourself assuming it was otherwise possible? "Stop hitting yourself".
  9. The exact same thing happened to me. Hopefully FFG will release a patch that fixes this, as we have been really enjoying the campaign. In the meantime, my gaming group switched to playing the Delve.
  10. As an update, FFG released an update for Road to Legend for kindle, and it seems to resolve my inability to access the Delve. Whew! Thanks FFG!
  11. Has anyone heard back from FFG about this? I e-mailed their customer service three times, the most recent having been sent February 4, and I have yet to hear a response.
  12. That is exactly what my screen shows. Hopefully FFG releases an update that fixes this soon.
  13. The new update made the Delve unavailable again for my kindle fire. Unfortunately, one of my saved games was a Delve game, so the game would show a black screen whenever I tried to load a saved game or play a new game. I ultimately had to power off the kindle for me to get the app working again. I deleted the app from my kindle, downloaded it again, and although my saved games are gone, the first scenario from the new campaign loaded up no problem. The Delve, however, remains unavailable.
  14. Given that the core set is all that is left of the sale, is the game still worth getting? Looking through the instructions, it anticipates that players will use expansions or even additional core sets to amplify the experience, which has me wonder if the core set is a strong self-contained game. If I only have the core set, is it a game that has good variety and replayability? Thanks!
  15. Did you have to do anything differently? Mine still says 'unavailable' I updated Road to Legend through the kindle app store rather than waiting for it to update automatically, and once the update took effect I was able to purchase the Delve. I just tested it out with some random characters, and the scenario loaded up, so it seems to be working.
  16. Good news! Thanks to an update The Delve is now available for Kindle Fire. I just purchased it, and hope to give it a try this weekend.
  17. FFG uploaded an update today that fixed the lost save games. Now my saved games are back! Whew!
  18. Yep, this happened to me as well. To add insult to injury, when I tried purchasing the Delve I was told it was unavailable.
  19. I updated the app for kindle, and it shows "the Delve" after updating, but says it is unavailable. Add insult to injury, when I updated the app my saved games seem to have been deleted. Arrrgh. Update: A new update fixed the missing saved games problem, so now my saved games are back. Whew! The Delve isn't available for purchase yet.
  20. Has anyone gotten this to work on kindle yet? I updated the app, and it is showing The Delve as one of the choices to play, but instead of giving me an option to purchase it, it simply states "unavailable". I checked my settings, and in-app purchasing is enabled, so I can't figure out why I can't purchase The Delve.
  21. Not true. Nothing in the rules state that you ever have to stand up (your own action), or be revived (another hero's action on you) during your turn. The rules do say that if you choose to do something on your turn, the only action available to YOU is to stand up. You don't have to do it. In fact, it is often very good strategy to never stand up, until things have quieted down in your immediate area (i.e. all monsters are dead, etc.). The reason for this is simply. If you perform a stand up (or are revived), it is possible to roll as few as 2 Hearts total on the 2 red dice you roll. This makes you very squishy, and can result in you just continually being knocked down. I assumed that was intended. Since in other FFG games actually skipping a turn is a power and there's nothing here that says I can skip I didn't think it was possible. FFG usually makes that stuff explicit and the rules don't say otherwise. If you get up and die over and over and over then tough, that's what is supposed to happen! The FAQ addresses this issue. On page 3 of the FAQ it states as follows: Q: If a hero is knocked out, does he have to stand up during his turn? A: No. A hero is not required to perform any actions on his turn.
  22. Yes and no. The mini-campaign and campaign can be played using only the core box components. There are several side quests that take advantage of components from the other expansions. A side quest has been created for each box expansion that uses that box's tiles, and each Hero and Monster collection has a side quest that was created for those components, and apparently gives the option to use tiles from an expansion. The app also does a great job using monsters from the various expansions in each quest. As for myself, I think the app justifies buying the core set. Although I have owned several Descent expansions for some time, it never hit the gaming table because nobody from my gaming group wanted to play the overlord. Thanks to the app we play Descent quite a bit now, including playing through the mini-campaign several times, and we are now working our way through the full campaign a second time.
  23. The easy answer is both! But to give an actual answer to your question I will answer it with a question: what are you looking to expand? If you are tired of playing against Margath and Vorakesh and want a new villain to fight, Caught in a Web is the expansion to go for. If you are happy with the two existing villains, but want more of everything else, The Gilded Blade is the way to go. Both come with a hero who is new to 3rd edition Runebound. I haven't played Jonas yet, but Red Scorpion, which is included with The Gilded Blade is a lot of fun. Although they are a tad expensive for what you get, I do think they add value to the game, and I am glad I got them. I will also pick up the two other expansions that have been announced, but not yet been released.
  24. Anyone tried these yet? If so, what do you think? I picked up both The Gilded Blade and Caught in a Web at my FLGS yesterday, and I can't wait to give them a try.
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