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  1. How do Chaos people do it? Are there fallen Navigator Houses? Is every Chaos Voidship a daemon engine? Can Sorcerers navigate the Warp through some arcane means? I'm not finding anything in crunch or fluff. Please help!
  2. The lowest two results on table 8-12 (voidship critical hits) allow the attacker to choose any component he is aware of, and render it either depressurized of damaged. This specifically excludes the bridge, plasma drive, and warp drive. Bridges may be depressurized and/or damaged (depending upon the damage result rolled by the attacker) at 8 on the table. Results 9 & 10 allow the attacker to specify 1d5 components which become depressurized & damaged or destoryed, but this once again specifically excludes the bridge. So you can target specific components with critical hits. Just... y'know... not the really important ones. They have plot armor.
  3. Come to think of it, I don't know why you can't designate another ship's bridge as the target of a critical. In terms of setting stuff, anyway. Or rules stuff. I suppose/imagine/think/assume/whatever: It is a mechanical reflection of the game design philosophy that taking out a kilometers-long gothic space cathedral in one shot is not only a little unrealistic, but an incredibly boring and anticlimactic way to conduct voidship battles. And if it was an option, I can't see Player Characters doing anything else. More direct answer = I don't think, "We teleport a Melta-Torpedo onto their bridge," is an imaginative or exciting event in a collaboratively-created story. If it came up, I think my players would agree. If their characters needed a reason, I'd make up something about using a .22 rifle to shoot a needle in a haystack when you're driving past the haystack at a reasonable percentage of the speed of light. But my specific phraseology would be couched in superstitious technobabble.
  4. The same thing that stops you from designating their bridge as the recipient of a critical hit from a lance weapon.
  5. A very good point, which I had considered. Then again, while the rules question at hand is best answered here in the Rogue Trader forum (where it's more probable I'll get an answer) I'm asking because of events in a Black Crusade game. The Dark Mechanicus aren't as picky.
  6. Not sure what that means, but I don't intend to complain. I'm just wondering if it's possible, which it seems to be. The player in me is elated by such an opportunity, but the GM in me hopes all his players don't take the option.
  7. I might adjudicate the cutoff point for teleportable object Size (as per the chart) at Enormous (Drop Pod, Land Raider) rather than Massive (Thunderhawk, Warhound Titan). A land raider can contain 8 Terminators, 10 Terminators can Deep Strike via teleport as a single unit... I think that works out to something approaching the same volume, if not mass. I'll have to think about it, because I'm not sure what codex or novel would even contain a description of a teleportarium. Because dang, would you WANT a Warhound-sized crate of atomic warheads teleported into your hive city? (Leaving aside how hard it'd be to acquire that many.) In fact, does anybody know where I can find a description of a teleportarium? Not technically a rules question, but a rules-related question. [Edit: Silly me, I was looking at the Land Raider and Warhound Titan statistics in my Rites of Battle Deathwatch book, and not the size chart, when I was talking about Enormous and Massive things. Massive seems reasonable.]
  8. According to BattleFleet Gothic, anti-ship torpedoes max out at a 200 foot length (which is pretty massive). In the scenario I have in mind (teleporting a virus bomb, or perhaps a poor-quality atomic into another vessel) you could dispense with the plasma reactor and rudimentary guidance systems. Which would just leave the warhead. I think that'd be 25 feet tall at the absolute most, but I'm going off of rough estimations based on art I've seen. I could work out a rough equivalency in teleport-able mass, because I have access to Deathwatch, and in the miniatures game you can teleport a unit of 10 terminators at once. Definitely not a job one could rush, I agree. Anybody going to disagree with the -20 Tech Use modifier to re-wire the warhead? I think that sounds pretty reasonable.
  9. After you knock down the Void Shields of another ship, you can use a Teleportarium to put stuff on that ship. So... does anybody know what kind of Tech Use test is required to re-wire a torpedo to have a timed detonation trigger rather than an impact detonation trigger?
  10. Iconoclast's Fist Atramental The Grand Maw Ramming Speed
  11. Also, why not just have this on repeat? http://www.blacklibrary.com/warhammer-40000/master-of-the-hunt-mp3.html
  12. Two Steps From Hell indeed, UncleSickey. Two Steps From Hell indeed.
  13. Are most of the sub-systems in Terminator Armor non-functional by default, like the sub-systems for Power Armor? I ask because, while such is not explicitly stated in the book: 1 The Power Armor Customization Table on page 176 does not call for a re-roll on a result of 5 if you are rolling for Terminator Armor. 2 Terminator auto-senses function as an Auspex, "So long as the armor has a functioning auto-senses sub-system." 3 Terminator Armor has a power supply lasting 24 hours, as does Power Armor, and unless you can choose to have a functional Sustainable Power Source there's no way to increase that duration.
  14. Is there any way to hunt down the post where they answered that question? My Google-fu does not seem up to the task.
  15. Yes, Pride grants an additional Acquisiton at +20. Extremely Rare: -30 Single Item: +10 Common Craftsmanship: +0 So I think it works even at Common Craftsmanship.
  16. As an Unaligned Tier 1 Talent, Ancient Warrior costs 250 Experience. And human characters wouldn't benefit quite as much, because it specifically has to be a Legion item to get the Availability break. I am one of those people who would argue, "Do you really need it?" which is why I raise the question. Thanks for checking my maths!
  17. According to the Errata, if you take Wealth as your Pride, you are have an extra un-rolled acquisition at a bonus of 20 when determining starting equipment. The Ancient Warrior Talent (Tier One, must be taken at character creation) reduces the Availability of Legion equipment by one level. Legion Terminator Armor goes from Near-Unique (penalty of 50) to Extremely Rare (penalty of 30). Only acquiring one item applies a bonus of 10. Total Penalties: 30 Total Bonuses: 30 That's a starting character in Legion Terminator Armor. I'm asking y'all to check my math, in case I'm wrong. If I'm right, I'm asking y'all, "Seriously?"
  18. Admittedly, balancing them is a tricky issue. Grey Knights are rough-and-tumble. They're supposed to be. For an example of just how crazily powerful they are, observe the Grey Knights Codex for the miniatures game. (For related headaches, read the fluff. Not that I'd recommend such a course of action.) The psychic power gulf can be overcome, I suppose, by the logic that every (nearly) every Chapter has Librarians. Equipstuff is another matter. My best advice might be, "Find a story reason to curb the Grey Knights' access to Terminator Armor and other heavy gear."
  19. "May this day's end see you in one of the Ecclesiarchy's many, vaguely-defined hells!"
  20. This thread exists because force fields interacting with Hordes is not expressly covered in Da Roolz.
  21. A metal storm bolt shell that misses (by being dodged, in this instance) should keep going, and explode elsewhere. Every shell that hits either Talks-In-Theater or Puppy-Kicker includes the other in its blast radius. Any shots that land on-target will do so simultaneously. Treat it as any other instance of the Chaos Marine in question being within the blast radius of an explosion. This is a cool trick, which I used several variations of whilst playing a Devastator. KommissarK knows what's up. Re-read for clarity if you need to.
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