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  1. Thank you for the video, it "guilted" me into finally opening mine.
  2. Box says #322, have not opened it yet, might get a chance to tonight.
  3. Yeah, Amazon was weird with the DW screen, it was listed until like the day before we heard the boat had landed, then suddenly it was no longer on the site at all (tried to find it for someone because they were having troubles and I saw it on Amazon the night before).
  4. MILLANDSON said: Why do you think I've got my copy of Into The Storm packed into my rucksack? So you have something to read while waiting in the various lines!
  5. I have to vote with the side of GrimDark: www.grimdark.com/
  6. With one of my cards, it would never take it, swapped cards and my order went through.
  7. While I would love to get the PDF version "free" after prepaying for the CE two months out, I have zero belief it will happen. Right now, I am more worried about my CE copy getting messed up in some way between the personaized oath or shipping.
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