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  1. Here he is in all his glory! Dramatic lens flairs not included. For those of you who don't like lens flairs. And yes that's a First Order Stormtrooper. If you all are interested I can see about posting some pics of him as well.
  2. Hey everyone so I managed to finish him tonight, and I wanted to share a couple more pics with you all. I would have added more detail to his face, but this is the first time I've ever done a model besides ships. Up next on my list are these guys.
  3. Thanks! I'm still not finished with that one yet. I need to touch up a few spots and finish the blaster before giving it a wash to bring out the details some more. I'm just really proud of how he's turned out so far. I want to keep them as close to their pictures as possible.
  4. Hey guys I figured I would share what I've got so far with you all. I'm on mobile right now so I only have one picture to share, but here it is. I'm really liking how he looks so far.
  5. Thanks! I took a look at yours, and I like the schemes you came up with for them. I really like the one with the yellow stripes.
  6. and of course it doesn't like my iPad. lol. thanks though! Frak! Oh well figures the official stuff hates apple.
  7. Yeah it definitely has a kind of space camouflage look going on. The main reason I chose those colors is in the game my character was raised in the Mandalorian ways, and when he was 16 his mother and sister were taken as slaves while his father was left for dead. Black is the color for Justice and Red for Honoring a Father. It's meant to look similar to his armor colors. Also on the sides of the ship written in Mandalorian is "Fortune favors the bold." I would have added that, but that would have been a pain.
  8. Thanks! Here's a photo of it with a little bit warmer lighting. This is a lot more close to how it looks in person. Yeah I didn't just want to use dark grey/black and red because the two don't stand out as much by themselves. So I added some Light Ghost Grey to help make it pop.
  9. Here's the best thing I can come up with for you. http://www.starwars.com/games-apps/star-wars-soundboard
  10. I have no idea how to pull off a proper chrome. It's hard to tell in the photo but it's more of a black with some scraped paint here and there as the main color. At least that's how it looks in person.
  11. I aspire to get to the level that you're at when it comes to painting miniatures... maybe one day.
  12. I still need to give it a proper wash to fully weather it, but here's a picture of my custom painted Z-95. I based it off of my character in my friends Star Wars game he's running right now. What do you all think?
  13. Ok everyone sorry for taking so long to post these pictures. I have the Plano 732, and as you can see the larger middle containers can just barely fit the Decimator.
  14. We doesn't share the precious! That being said if there's anything you're curious about I'm willing to share. I really don't understand it anymore than you do. Like kaosoe said there were a lot of dudes in kilts, and very few pulled it off.
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