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  1. It's 4, my bad. And Wood Elves attachment is 2.
  2. Spoiler translated using Google: Dwarf: Mountain Fighter - Unit - 2 DD - 3 HP/1P Underground Warrior - Unit - 4 DDD - 4 HP/2P - Sacrifice 3 developments to lower the cost to play this unit by 4. Crafting the Rune - javascript:void(0);/*1311789282431*/ Empire: Glorious Preceptor - Unit - 3 E - 3 HP/1P - Action: When this unit enters play or leaves play, draw a card. Osterknacht Elite - Unit - 3 EE - 3 Hp/1P - Action: When this unit enters play, return target unit you control and target unit opponent's control, to the owners hand. Mastering the spell - javascript:void(0);/*1311789814295*/ High Elves: Brave Mage - Unit - 2 H - 2 HP/1P - Action; When this unit enter play, search top five cards of your deck for one Spell card, reveal it and add to your hand. Then shuffle your deck. Starwood Staff - Support - 0 HH - Attachment - Attach to a target HE Unit. Action: When you play a Spell card, attached unit gains 1 P until end of the turn. Perfecting the spell - javascript:void(0);/*1311790182856*/ Orcs: Big boss - Unit - 6 OOO - 5 HP/3 P - Forced: At the beggining of your turn a unit with the lowest printed cost must be sacrificed. You choose which unit in case of a tie. Firin’ Da Spell - javascript:void(0);/*1311790445162*/ Chaos: Changling - Unit - Hero - 5 CCC - 4 HP/2P - When you play this unit in the Kingdom zone, lower the cost to play by 3. Quest - This unit gains 1 P. Battlefield - This unit gains Scout and Toughness 1. Branded by Khorne - javascript:void(0);/*1311790758772*/ Unleashing the Spell - javascript:void(0);/*1311790791397*/ Dark Elves: Toxic Hydra - Unit - 5 DDD - 4 HP/2P - Action: When this unit enters play, all units in any corresponding zone gets -2hp until end of the turn. Testing the Spell - javascript:void(0);/*1311790961663*/ Malekith's shawl - Quest - 0 - DD - Action: When you play a development from your hand, put a resource token on this card if a unit is questing here. Action: Discard 2 resources on this card to give target unit -1 HP until end of the turn. Neutral: Wardancer - javascript:void(0);/*1311791416863*/ Deadly Salamander - Lizradmen - 3 HP/2P - Order only. Savage 2. Action: When this unit is opposed in combat, deal 1 uncancellable damage to all attacking and defending units. Asrai Longbow - Wood elf. Order only. Attachment. Attach to a target unit you control. Action: When your capital is dealt damage, deal 2 damage to target unit in any corresponding zone.
  3. javascript:void(0);/*1311761561897*/ Finally we got a nice versatile Chaos hero. Some good additions to Empire and Dwarf decks. P.S. DE quest is a complete disaster.
  4. Vitamin T said: I'm not familiar with the combo you are speaking about. Lelansi + Loremaster of Hoeth + Gifts of Aenarion + 2x Outpost of Tiranoc = Infinite loop
  5. This deck seem's slow (lack of supports and resource boosters). I suggest you to pick up Innovation instead of Soul Steal (since you already have Dwarf slaves) There is no point in have Call the Blood without effective damaging mechanism (Jezzail team, Bloodburn poison, etc). Consider about taking Alluring Chosen (they will be boosted with Malekith and Sacrifice to Khaine). Also, you have a weak control on the opponent's support cards (and at some point, opponent will have huge resource base, so he can burn you in 1-2 turns) Just for example, here's mine latest competitive DE deck: Quests: 3 Offering to Hekarti Units: 3 Walking Sacrifice 3 Alluring Chosen 3 Shades 3 Seasoned Corsair 3 Wight Lord 3 Vile Sorceress 3 Thief of Essence Tactics: 3 Burn it Down 3 Warpstone Experiments 3 Sacrifice to Khaine Supports: 3 Warpstone Excavation 3 Contested Village 3 Slave Pen 3 Har Ganeth 3 Withering Hex Legend: 3 Malekith
  6. Vitamin T said: Severance, I like the look of your DE build. How has 'Hate' work for you so far? Its a card that has fallen out of favor recently, but it seems like it could be a good way to stop a 'Will of the Electors'/'Judgment of Verena' play if they are running tight on resources. Also, how has 'Numberless Graves' worked out for you thus far? Its a card I always thought looked potentially pretty strong. It has underperformed for me when I've tried to use it in the past. I'm always wary of playing a deck with no support destruction. Do you think that 'Burn it Down' could fit in here? It would probably be tough to support both it and 'Innovation' especially without 'Dwarf Slaves'. Maybe a x2 'Mortella' would be a better call. Perhaps supports have not been a problem for you. This deck looks pretty strong. Of course the constant DE weak point is that they have a pretty weak offense. I always seem to get the game locked down and then try to swing in for the win with 'Seasoned Corsairs' and 'Shades' which will sometimes give my opponent time to recover. Maybe the addition of Malketh can close this gap, though I'd love to have 'Clan Moulders Elite' in here if there was room. TL 1) Hate is a nice card when played on first turns (to slow down your opponent) or as a combo breaker (Will of Electors + Verena and so on). But it becomes a total coaster in the mid/late game. Im stil unsure of its usefulness tbh. 2) Numberless Graves is working perfect in this build. It gives you a decent card draw (since unit killing is a main focus in this deck), but with Thief of Essence in play it becomes even more usefull. 3) There is no use for Burn it Down in this deck since I have Innovation, and it forces my to develop Kingdom most of the time. After some playtesting, I figured that DE resource boosting mechanism is very weak at the moment (compared with Empire or even Chaos combos) - so replacing Innovation with Warpstone Excavation isn't a big deal. Only one thing stops me from doing that - majority of local players are Empire players. 4) Burn it Down - great card, and without Innovation in deck, its obvious choice to pick up. I'll think about it. 5) I used to play Mortella in almost any DE deck that i've build on. But again, after a long playtesting i figured some big disadvantages of this naked lady: First - Zone specific action - Its funny how this card becomes useless, when its moved to the other zones. Since most of my games was against Empire players - Mortella was the main target for Force march/ Wilhelm. Second - Not so great output when played against non-Empire players (most of the tactics cast by you doesn't give the same advantage / some of them are race specific / or even facing a deck with lack of tactics) Third - Loyalty cost (Yes, I know that loyalty isn't a huge problem for DE, but i had some bad hands where extra loyalty cost ruins a day) Fourth - psychological effect. After the first game against this deck, most of skilled players end up developing their tactics, just to prevent them to be used by Mortella. And since "Long Winter" tactic, this trick becomes a reliable choice. 6) I'm still thinking about adding 3rd Malekith - it needs some playtesting. 7) Clan Moulder's Elte gives a nice aggro generation, but this deck focuses on total unit slaughter (using all known combos). Weak offence in this deck is compensated with massive unit destruction, In most cases, I win not because of destroying opponent's capital, but when I have 2 Hekarti's quest on the table. The main idea of this deck is to kill enemy units as fast as you can, play some Wight lords and Alluring chosen, and methodically damaging opponent's capital.
  7. 1) Black horror - Most of my opponents are Empire players, and Black Horror helps me to deal with nasty 2-cost units. Sometimes i use it in combination with Sacrifice to Khaine to trick my opponents(To bypass Iron Discipline) (For Example: My opponets has 2 units in play - 1 high cost unit and 1 low. I use black horror on low cost unit and after it leaves play, i cast Sacrifice to Khaine to kill high cost unit. (StK doesnt target unit, so Churches of Sigmar and Iron Discipline cant block it) 2) Mostly I sacrifice Walking Sacrifices and Wight Lords, but sometimes extra draw is needed, so Corsairs and Sorceress can also be used for higher purposes =) 3) I've mentioned, that StK bypass Empire cancelling abilities, also it is useful against reanimator decks. And finally StK boosts Malekith's action, which is really nice in conjuction with Thief of Essence. And sry for my bad english =(
  8. Here's mine Malekith based deck Units: 3x Wight Lord 3x Alluring Chosen 3x Vile Sorceress 3x Thief of Essence 3x Seasoned Corsair 3x Walking Sacrifice 3x Shades Legends: 2x Malekith Tactics: 3x Innovation 3x Hate 3x Sacrifice to Khaine 3x Black Horror Quests: 3x Offering to hekarti Supports: 3x Har Ganeth 3x Numberless Graves 3x Slave Pens 3x Contested Village As you can see, this deck is focused on unit killing/removing from play.
  9. Here's mine Fateweaver deck: Units: 3x Fledgling Chaos Spawn (free loyalty icon + 1rst turn Deamonsword candidate) 3x Sorcerer of Tzeentch (sniping + development synergy) 3x Clan Moulder's Elite (cheap cannon fodder + Mark of Chaos synergy + nice target for own Plague bomb) 3x Ungor Raiders (nasty "leaves play" effect + desecrated temple synergy) 3x Warhounds (sniping) 3x Marauder Chieftain (nice damage ability + Wolves of the north candidate) Legend: 3x Kairos Fateweaver (pure win + sometimes can be played on 2nd turn) Tactics: 3x Warpstone Experiments (Great resource boosting card, gives an opportunity to play Kairos on 2nd turn) 3x Plague Bomb (Crowd control) 3x Bolt of Change (Yes, with Kairos in play this tactic becomes useless but it gives super resource boost at first turn (Bolt + Warpstone Experiments) 3x Innovation Quests: 2x Wolves of the North (Taken mostly because of free loyalty symbol, but can give some additional damage output) Supports: 3x Daemonsword (resource boost) 3x Contested Village 3x Desecrated Temple 3x Mark of Chaos (resource boost) 3x Warpstone Meteor To OP: Your deck seem's very, very costly to me.(mine imho ofcourse) Mine suggestions: Pick up 3rd Kairos. Remove Lord of Change from this deck (no use for him, you already have another expensive 6-cost card) Remove Blue Horrors (They are good for sacrificing, and you dont have any in your deck) Consider about changing your deck archetype from "corrupting" to "sniping and unit removing" - With Kairos in play, you will have plenty of damage dealers, your main objective will be to keep Fateweaver alive as long as you can. Hope some of these ideas will help.
  10. I suppose that they are planning to release a unit or a support that will destroy target unit without power. Or they will make a 3 cost tactic that will destroy all units without power.
  11. You can't win Empire with DE in current meta. We all know that. I agree with you about Church of Sigmar - most my Empire opponents dont use them so i've haven't this experience.
  12. First deck was made before restriction - i've updated it. Most of the time i use Slave for every occasion on: 1) Wight Lords (almost any Destro player use them) 2) Rodrick Raiders (All Empire players use them) 3) Descendent of Indraugnir 4) Dreamer of Dragons 5) Seasoned Corsairs 6) Dwarf Cannon Crew These are obvious choices. But sometimes you are lacking 2-3 power unit to finish the game, and this tactic can help with that.
  13. I suggest you to use WH:I database from here javascript:void(0);/*1305536307745*/ Pure DE deck right now have only one effective strategy - Kill enemy units as fast as they can, enslave them and use them in your own purposes. Here some examples: 1) Typical "Slaves" deck javascript:void(0);/*1305536707945*/ 2) Max "- HP effect" deck javascript:void(0);/*1305536754553*/ Main DE weakness is a lack of support destruction - so if your opponent is lucky enough to build up his economy early, most of your cards becomes non-efficient coasters. But the are some tricks, which are usefull against any opponents you will be facing. Mortella, Soul Stealer and "Slave" tactis give you opportunity to use opponets cards to achieve your goals. No matter what decks you will be facing, there always will be usefull tactics and units. I advice you to play with each race to see how you can use their cards for your own good. Here's a list of some simple DE combo's: 1) Dark Abyss + Seeking New Slaves 2) Walking Sacrifice + Slave Pens/Whip the Slaves 3) Soul Steal + Slave Pens/Whip the Slaves + Seeking New Slaves - (Favorite combo against Rodrick Raiders) 4) Wight Lord + Slave Pens + Wight Lord, and so on 5) Offering to Hekarti + Seasoned Corsairs 6) Mortella's action + Chillwind + Mortella's action Hope it will help. And sorry for my bad English =(
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