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  1. ktom said: Another interesting possibility for "competitive" play or tournament play would be for FFG to put together an "enemy deck" (or whatever they call what the players play against in the co-op model) specifically for the event. Harder to cheat when you don't know what's coming and cannot prepare for it. Lots of flavor in that, too. You don't really know what you're going to encounter before the Fellowship leaves Rivendell. tbh, while that idea is really solid, the surprise factor will last ohhhhh....about the first tournament. with the advent of the forums, email, facebook, etc. all you really need is about 2-4 people thinking up ways to dominate the "deck" and then it's done. granted, it could be broken as all and you really, really need to get lucky to beat it, but it will happen sooner or later.
  2. Dam said: It's not so bad, Blood Bowl Team Manager last got news early August... True, however, LoTR had a serious demo group at GenCon - BB wasn't there from what I saw. This wait is starting to worry me that something is seriously wrong with the game.
  3. dbeman said: I'm thinking more along the lines of (somehow) measuring each player's contribution to their game and have the top contributor(s) move on to team up with the top contributor(s) from other tables and keeping the cycle going. This way each table will police itself and each player will try his or her hardest to contribute. This should preserve the cooperative spirit of the game while still giving those who feel as though they need to prove they're better than everyone else a chance to do so. That my friend is going to be insanely difficult - how are you going to measure top contribution? I think when we see the rules and/or cards (hint, hint FFG! ) then we'll have a much better idea of where/how they are going.
  4. 51 Back on topic though, I think this game will be incredibly hard to have tournaments for unless you go with multiple judges or have some other way to prevent teams from cheating. That being said, hell yes I want tournaments - it's the competition that makes games fun
  5. dbeman said: Instead of teams competing against other teams why not just call it a "Lord of the Rings" game day and give out participation prizes? Or perhaps have each group decide amongst themselves who among them contributed most to the fellowship and award them something above and beyond? Why must CCGers try to turn every game into a competitive tournament? because that's the Warlord way?
  6. alex.nem. said: Yes, typic american work, i 'am sorry - it seems to be very far from Tolkiens world. I'm sorry - are you J.R.R. himself? If not, keep comments like that to yourself or preface it with stuff like "imo just doesn't seem like ..." ~
  7. Ahhh - never played Decipher's LotR past the first 2 sets. Loved the art but had issues with Decipher.
  8. Spirit, I agree with you that additional rule sets are very cumbersome (wasn't the SWTCG rule book for the reset like 100 pages? uggh) but the power curve for each set is going to increase (hopefully slowly) and you'll replace some old characters.
  9. spirit said: Seems to me that this game will have the potential in later expansions for exactly that. A team game of shadow players with quests to beat the good guys. I see no reason at all why this shouldn't be the case. I, for one, would hate for this to happen.
  10. radioboyeric said: I I hope they are not putting LOTR LCG on the backburner to get these other games out because of development. or other issues. Gollum says, "Give me the g@d-damned game!" Well the fact that they were demoing it at GenCon should mean that it's not on the backburner - I'm guessing that the hold up is something to do with either art and/or rules. Gollum needed to add in a "precious" at the end there
  11. hey, is this my friends from Warlord? if so, i might be coming up in oct. take care! rbd
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