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  1. Honestly, at this point, I'm pretty happy. I haven't kept up with anything new coming, but I have bought all the books, and i pick up RotSep today. A collected gear book (already coming I guess?), a collected Race book, maybe a collected Career book too would be nice. An updated ship combat book would be nice too, although I just use modified X-Wing rules for ship movement right now. It suffices. So if we are coming to the end, I'm fine with that. I suspect FFG has something planned for the Ep7-9 era once the new books and ep9 drops. Possibly an entire 4th Core, although a single book going over all 3 movies would be preferable to me.
  2. I'd say this stat block is more likely after his training with Yoda and when he faces Vader. Luke used foresee on Dagobah, and the FR3 and enhance seems more like he's been trained. I don't recall him blatantly using enhance until he jumped out of the Carbonite pit.
  3. I've played, and DM'ed every Star Wars games from west end D6, to WotC horrible d20 system, to the much improved d20 system revised, on to the second best iteration of the rules in Saga and finally, the hands dow best version of a Star War rpg we've ever seen. The quality of fluff and writing was really strong in Saga but pales in comparison to West end games legendary additions to canon and FFG incredible current work, especially in Lords of Nal Hutta and similar. I'll stick to a Saga vs FFG comparison here tho. In short, the largest problem in Saga was the massive imbalance between Force characters and everyone else. At first level a character could do cool and powerful things no one else could and by 3rd level, they could do it really well by taking skill focus in the Force power skill. By 4th or 5th level they had even more force abilities and easily dominated the action with coolness and power. While everyone else "just" attacked, maybe did something cool as a noble and helped someone move or, eventually iirc, gave a standard action at the cost of their own. When comparing Saga to anything, this glaring disparity is the central issue with Saga since it dominates lower level play but evened out at higher levels. The problem being, most campaigns never achieve that higher level, or play long at that level imo. Whereas FFG system has done a fantastic job of making the system character "neutral". So any concept is valid and has something to do and is not overshadowed by force users until the later levels and even then, it's only a minor thing. If anything, Force users are the weaker class lower levels until they've gotten a second Force die and a power or two. Then they're still behind on skills and such, although that is mitigated by FFG awesome narrative system. As for combat, FFG wins hands down. The narrative ability to define your attack by the dice means you're nearly always succeeding somehow. So someone who's not a combat build is still effective by attacking and spreading boost and setback dice around to help allies and hinder opponents. As mentioned above Saga, and the other systems I mentioned, are pass/fail and I always prefer an option where the characters can always feel like they did something over constantly feeling left out of portions of the game. Whether combat peeps in the middle of negotiations or vice versa. As for Space combat, I recall Saga being decent. FFG is a bit confusing and honestly, we've been using attack wing miniatures and movement for an amalgamated space combat system. /rant.
  4. Example, the Star Wars line. This isn't a complaint, although I've heard plenty of dissatisfaction at the way FFG has been handling SW in regards to multiple books with redundant info (I.E. the 3 core books) and unique Force powers or other things in adventures, making people, who will otherwise never run a game, "have" to buy them to get the rules. In any case, I feel it's a perfect example of how FFG turns a niche product, and the Star Wars tabletop rpg IS niche despite it being star wars, into a profitable line without being ridiculous about it like DnD 4th edition which was just insane in its release schedule and volume of offerings. I expect FFG to release splat books for each of the houses as well as adventures and a splat or two for the minor clans too. If they keep the excellent level of quality writing and setting as they have with Star Wars, I'm in.
  5. Nah. I sold my complete set back when I was running the EotE beta. I LOVE the new system and kinda needed money at the time, so I went all in and offloaded the set for $700 before the market possibly saturated. Even let my WEG D6 stuff go to reduce clutter. Got lucky on some auctions too. With no other auction going, my Tramp freighters book went for $110. It was a nice bonus that helped through a rough spot. If FFG had dropped the line tho, I'd have been screwed. Lol Now I'm on FFG tho. Once they finish the last few career books, I'm good. The ability of this system to produce cinematic games while keeping force users, and characters in general, balanced is excellent. I'm honestly most impressed with the Force system. After the craziness that was WotC Saga system Jedi, this was a welcome change. Major feels and I hope you find one cheap eventually. ☹
  6. People laugh or shake their head when I say I religiously buy these books from my FLGS. I've got a standing order for all the books. I learned this lesson from the Saga days at WotC. Missed one book, the starship one, and spent forever finding one that wasn't $100+. Never missed one after that. Which is good because the KotoR book was awesome and never went below $150+ after the week or so it was released. At least FFG has a reprint policy so all it takes is a little patience at worst. I'm a completionist so it REALLY messes with me when theres a gap. Edit:where at in illinois?
  7. Ugh. Invisible Sun. I SO wanted to pledge on that KS but couldn't afford the level I wanted and decided to wait for it to come out. I'll probably pick it up eventually but money has me making cuts on my buying spree: it's a bit like deciding which limb I'm going to eat to survive. ? I tend to collect more than play anyway. I've got access to a FANTASTIC gm (self published writer. Not wealthy but makes enough to support his gaming habit. The writing ability comes out in his games.) but getting together with a group is difficult. Currently its him, 2 other friends, and me as GM for the Star Trek game. After that wraps in a few weeks, he plans to run a one shot himself, then I'm debating what to run next. M&M, Hackmaster, or Aces and Eights.
  8. Enough RPGs? Bahahaha. Here's my cry for help on that topic. DnD 5e, currently collecting all non adventure books. SO glad they dropped the 4e model or I'd be more broke than I am. I kept a few Pathfinder books, like ultimate campaign, but otherwise dropped it. I'm just not interested in a system where I have to crunch that many numbers to make sure I'm not dropping behind in capabilities as we level. Combat or otherwise. I MUCH prefer the DnD 5e approach where I can give out an interesting major artifact at 5th level and not have it derail a campaign. FFG Star Wars. Everything...no, really, EVERYTHING. Ok, just the books, not the cards and stuff but still. No regrets, best SW game ever! This coming from someone who's been playing AND running games for every previous Star Wars system (WEGD6, D20 (thankfully revised came out quickly), and Saga before this system) Savage worlds including Deadlands (western themed with magic and the setting savage worlds original system was introduced back in the 90s), **** on Earth (literal **** on Earth after the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse were let loose. Connects to, and follows, the events in the Deadlands storyline., and Interface zero ( an independent studio created Shadowrun clone. Quicker and simpler than Shadowrun but still plenty of depth, and yes, hacking too.) Hackmaster (all current books plus a second players book and plans to print a spiral bound PDF copy when I run it again. If you love old school DnD, 1st or 2nd edition, you'll LOVE Hackmaster. Updated rules makes for an excellent system that keeps players on their toes every second of the game. The combat is fantastic with options like "giving ground" to move 5' to reduce an enemy attack against you, but can't be used if your back is against the wall. Definitely get the PDF if nothing else. You won't regret it.) Aces and Eights (the new hotness which should be arriving soon. So looking forward to running a game in this western genre system. Watch out for scatterguns. You'll be a daisy quick going up against one of those.) Hero system 5e and 6e. (Formerly Champions system) Numenera (dying for 2.0 to drop. Ran once. System is interesting but a bit too static for my taste. 2.0 seems to explain things a bit better and maybe things will click if I ever run a game again) Strange worlds (more for its world ideas) Mutants and Masterminds 3e. (Love this system as a replacement for Hero/Champions system. Quick, effective, and properly dramatic: everything you need for a great campaign. I struggle with running superhero games tho. Just from the sheer options available to PCs) Traveler (yes I've had characters die at creation, including an Admiral with full honors.) Of Dreams and Magic (cool concept; system untested) Dreamscape Laruna (super cool concept, system untested. This and previous book^ mostly used for ideas) Modiphius Star Trek (Highly recommended! Great feel for Star Trek games. I got to red shirt a supporting cast member the players had introduced and built up. So it was dramatic when she suddenly died. Great moment that felt appropriate to ST and added gravitas to the situation.) Apocalypse World (extremely, highly, recommended. Just a fantastic system for quick and dirty games with a surprisingly strong roleplaying component.) Vampire 5e. (Just got it. Looks great. Looking forward, hopefully, to a new Werewolf book updated as well as this was.) Edit: and I'll be buying L5R when it drops. Knew I forgot something. I'll probably pick up everything depending on how much product they drop and how quickly.
  9. Like several people have said, Ebb/Flow is a solid option. I'd offer Sense should be a priority over enhance for the ability to take less damage overall. Although this does affect the amount of FD you roll for Ebb/Flow so it's a trade off. Maybe go Ebb/Flow for now since you're already in enhance and think about Sense later or if you do a respec. As for the +4 strain armor mod, it sounds like the group is taking all the money to enhance their enjoyment of the game. Nodding the ship I understand, but if they're modding their weapons at the expense of you getting even some cheap armor that could add the +Strain mod then that's pretty crappy. IIRC biofeedback system goes on any full body armor. There's got to be a cheaper option unless you're set on the robes.
  10. Here's one of the few ways the prequels actually made the OT better. Vader still thinks of himself as Anakin, a good guy. Sure he's doing some pretty dark stuff but he's a good person under all the hate. It's not rational, but it's what he believes. He wants Luke to join him so he can reshape the galaxy into the nicer Empire he's deluded himself into thinking he'd create if only it wasn't for that darn Emperor. He talks about the Dark side as if he's in control and it's just the better way. Its cognitive dissonance. However, at this point in the throne room, Luke has refused his offer and Vader is left with protecting the Emperor or losing the Emperor AND probably Luke. Add in some Stockholm syndrome and it's perfectly understandable. The scene in Last Jedi also shows how fast someone can manifest Force lightning so it's also likely Vader blocked because Luke was about to take a face full of Force lightning like his nephew did 30 some years later from Snoke. In any case, he finally fulfills his destiny of bringing balance to the Force. First by hunting and eliminating virtually every Jedi that survived order 66, except 2 (books/TV series retcons not withstanding) , but by killing Palpatine also since he became such an imbalance in the absence of strong light side/Jedi to keep him in check.
  11. Niman Disciple is great if you want to play with force powers like move. If you want to spend you FD for Sense, the Shii-Cho/Soresu is a stronger option imo, depending on whether you want to up brawn or Int.
  12. @AeroEng42 I wasn't taking into account talents like Transmogrify. With that talent, yeah, it's even more powerful. That's why my main point was a GM will likely have to house rule how it works in their campaign since RAW your example seems correct and fine but OP for gameplay purposes if they can make lots of them. As for speccing into protector/medic, protector is less min/max but medic feels min/max to me and it's up to the GM to allow or not as they see fit. Luckily I have players that tend to be more character focused. As always, if the players/GM are fine with it, it's all good. Each group is different. I tend to favor lower credit campaigns myself, and dole out rewards in the form of access to equipment, knowledge, titles, etc. I'll drop in attachments, alchemical ingredients and such as extras but it's up to the players to keep/use them or sell for creds. @ErikModi Don't get caught up in the books. These rules are for players, not villains. Come up with a cool power/idea and run with it. You can use the alchemical crafting for a guide but don't worry about staying hard to the rules. A potion of wills and weakening poison redefined as sprays of gas at engaged range are just fine. Example, your Sith sorcerer has multiple golden, silver, electrum, palladium, or whatever metal piercings on her. These represent different metals needed to hold different alchemical solutions so they don't degrade. Several hold (Acid) and (poison) [say 3 each?] one holds (weakening poison) another (potion of wills). She no longer has to get the target to ingest them, but still has to be in engaged range. It's a fair trade off for a villain since puts a support character in harm's way instead of in the back being all wizardly. Give her a personal (water of life), (stimulant) and (healing potion) then Conjure (maybe even mastery level) and alter/misdirection for Force powers and that sounds like a scary Sith Sorceress. Her dad and sister each get one (elixir of vigor), (healing potion), and maybe a (stimulant) potion.
  13. Not really. You can just buy stimpacks anyway. There's an option for "Fortifying" which heals wounds. It would actually be better if the alchemists can add the "Reviving" quality as well. Force users would love It! I haven't added up cost, but it would likely be more than the 50 creds for a stimpack and wouldn't count as a stimpacks without some GM handwaving, which I think most good GMs would do. The biggest issue I see is adding the "Empowered" quality. Then your GM might have to decide if the effect the following round counts as a second use of a stimpacks or not. Edit: assuming you use the "Stimulant" template, it's still 400 creds, 200 if you activate careful measuring, so I'd be inclined to rule the potion as a stimpack but no other penalties if they roll well enough to add the "empowered" quality. This lends itself well to a "Hedge witch" type build that seems to be popular and allows them to use their stimpack specialization in a more organic way
  14. I would suggest starting in the bounty hunter career actually, and waiting for the BH book to drop. Start in bodyguard or marauder and when the BH book comes out, hopefully, there will be a spec that has parry in it without needing to waste points on talents you can't use. The above suggestions are solid, I just think BH got the last spec book because they needed to wait to release it with a parry based spec. At least, I really hope.
  15. Just a comment about going Niman. If you start as a Makashi first, it's 10 points cheaper to go into Seer and get a FR boost than it is to go into Niman. Same with Niman if you go Sage. That being said, Seer is a good enough spec to pay the extra 10 points over Sage if you start Niman and you're building a Force wizard. I personally feel Makashi/Niman has strong synergy with its Defensive talents and 2 FR is fine (for Sense upgrades) if you're just going Jedi/Sith killer. Add in the Crystal that adds a rank of parry and you'll be kind of stupid good vs melee/Lightsaber opponents and solid overall as a Leader/Face type.
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