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  1. I couldn't wait to edit the list ... I tried to implement most of your suggestions, this is what came out at the moment, trying to keep the same bid and the same number of activations. I decided to replace the two Spinals with DTT in order to have some long range rerolls, and strengthened the Fighter Screen. Now with Suppressor on the field I need to modify the initial approach, I guess, flying it more aggressively than a normal Gozanti. Probably this new version of the build its more intriguing than the original one... "Romodi's Assault Force" (2 X ISD I) ☆General Romodi☆ Vol. 2 Author: keyran rexer Points: 387/400 Commander: General Romodi Assault Objective: Most Wanted Defense Objective: Asteroid Tactics Navigation Objective: Doomed Station [ flagship ] Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer (110 points) - General Romodi ( 20 points) - Avenger ( 5 points) - Captain Brunson ( 5 points) - Boarding Troopers ( 3 points) - Dual Turbolaser Turrets ( 5 points) - Leading Shots ( 4 points) = 152 total ship cost Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer (110 points) - Strategic Adviser ( 4 points) - Local Fire Control ( 4 points) - Dual Turbolaser Turrets ( 5 points) - Leading Shots ( 4 points) = 127 total ship cost Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 points) - Suppressor ( 4 points) - Minister Tua ( 2 points) - Electronic Countermeasures ( 7 points) - Slicer Tools ( 7 points) = 43 total ship cost Gozanti-class Cruisers (23 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 25 total ship cost 1 Howlrunner ( 16 points) 3 TIE Fighter Squadrons ( 24 points) = 40 total squadron cost
  2. Ok! Thanks guys! You gave me some stuff to work with, I'm going to modify the original build using a couple of your ideas, before planning the first test! Just stay tuned!
  3. Ok, first of all, let me say thanks for reading and answering to my post, I'm always pleased when people share opinions. To explain why my discussion its all about ISD1, Cymoon and Kuat, I can tell you this, ISD II its for sure a well rounded ship, the perfect multipurpose platform, from ranged combat, to squadrons command ship, and probably would be the best choice in most situations, so why ISD1? The answer its pretty easy, in first place the cost, an ISD II with ECM starts at 127 points, because you wont leave the Defensive Retrofit Slot empty, and other choices are weaker. so it is 17 points more for each ship that you cut from the bid, and in my case I NEED to be the first player, exploiting the number of activations, in second place the damage output, if I can manage to get at close range with double arcs, I can deal a significant blow to the beast, cause the Starhawk is the target. I do really love black diced ships, but to be effective i must get last-first to activate, and then run after striking hard. Basically I will navigate for first half of the game, trying to get in a perfect position to charge head on, If I'm able to get the side of the Starhawk, I think that most of the job has been done. These are the reasons also for my upgrades selection, 7th Fleet SD can absorb some long range damage or a squadron hit, while approaching. Spinal is for maximizing Romodi at long range, but I can swap them with anything else, maybe XI7, or H9, this can be easly adjusted. Another interesting characteristic of ISD1 is the double Offensive Retrofit Slot, wich can let you bring in battle useful anti-squadron stuff like PDR or QLT, not mentioning Hardened Bulkheads for a double ramming action with your ISDs. As I said, this build is a work in progress, and every feedback could be useful. About squadrons selection you're right, and I'm thinking about trading the Bomber e Black Squadron for a standard TIE Fighter and a TIE Adv....but its just an idea to make them "holding the line" a bit more... Obviously the Gozantis are Token Feeders for the ISDs, but most important, are merely two good activations, and if they can get at medium range behind something....Romodi will make them better. In my area high number of activation its imperative because many players fly 5 activations, 6 if Rebels, but in the case of a Starhawk based list, I'm sure that this wont happen, that's why for SA on the second ISD, but maybe I can sacrifice Tua and ECM on the flagship for an Intel Officer for example... As you can see, I'm an unconventional player who loves unexpected builds!
  4. Here we are, another weird list! Trying to imagine some sort of build to hunt down a Starhawk based Rebel build, I brought this. Since the arrive of Romodi, I've renewed my interest in an twice ISD build, and this might be interesting...might. In MY opinion, ISD I its an interesting platform if loaded with some stuff from Wave 8, I think that Romodi makes short-ranged ISDs good hunting ships, but rather then Kuat, The ISD I can fully benefit from the new commander because of its Turbolaser Slot, combined with Leading Shots in the Ion Slot for some rerolls. I know that Cymoon can actually outgun ISD I at long range, but without an effective reroll source like Leading Shots, Krennic or Vader, it become more susceptible to randomness, with only Gunnery Chief Varnillian to give a little help to mitigate the bad luck, and you cannot have them all. On the other side, Kuat would roll less reds than ISD1 and Cymoon, and need to trigger something like APT or ACM to be devastating. Defensively, ISD1 and Cymoon share the same lacking of Defensive Retrofit Slot, but if you take Cymoons probably you would also load Fleet Commands, because this is the a good reason that makes Cymoon good, and this will screw some good points for the first player bid, wich is vital, also the side arcs damage output of the Cymmon its quite lower compared to ISD1. Anyway, this is the Basic Idea of a twice ISD1 based list, with the simple task of charging the enemy throught any possible obstruction, but I'll be glad if someone would share some opinions or suggestions about it to develop the concept further! "Romodi's Assault Force" (2 X ISD I) ☆General Romodi☆ Faction: Galactic Empire Points: 388/400 Commander: General Romodi Assault Objective: Most Wanted Defense Objective: Asteroid Tactics Navigation Objective: Doomed Station Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer (110 points) - 7th Fleet Star Destroyer ( 5 points) - Strategic Adviser ( 4 points) - Local Fire Control ( 4 points) - Spinal Armament ( 9 points) - Leading Shots ( 4 points) = 136 total ship cost [ flagship ] Imperial I-Class Star Destroyer (110 points) - General Romodi ( 20 points) - 7th Fleet Star Destroyer ( 5 points) - Minister Tua ( 2 points) - Local Fire Control ( 4 points) - Electronic Countermeasures ( 7 points) - Spinal Armament ( 9 points) - Leading Shots ( 4 points) = 161 total ship cost Gozanti-class Assault Carriers (28 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 30 total ship cost Gozanti-class Assault Carriers (28 points) - Comms Net ( 2 points) = 30 total ship cost 1 Black Squadron ( 9 points) 1 Valen Rudor ( 13 points) 1 TIE Bomber Squadron ( 9 points) = 31 total squadron cost
  5. Sorry, but I can't find where is it, Can You tell the right wording/mechanics for this? Thanks!!
  6. Onager fully operational for duty! http://imgur.com/gallery/9RBLUD1
  7. Thank You for your appreciation, I spend a lot of time painting those models, since we have two or more copies of each model, sometimes four....but nothing is compared to painting squadrons...endless...
  8. Ok! I've never tryed Imgur cause I'm Italian, maybe Imgur its better known in the US, we usually upload pics with Pinterest, but its a problem no more....hope You can enjoy my pics! http://imgur.com/a/9jplCPV
  9. So, the first try was a success, I faced a Rebel player with a Dodonna's based list, on an MC75 Armored Cruiser with SA, with a full loaded Liberty-Mon Karren with XX9, a CR90B with Projection Exp to pump up the Liberty's shields, a Comms Net GR75, with four A-Wing as Fighter Screen. As first player, he became very worried at the moment of picking one of my objectives, he refused immediately Most Wanted (most obvious), and after a long thinking, he picked Asteroid Tactics, because Doomed Station has a reward. In this case was a bad choice? After the shot of Onager on Mon Karren at the start of the game, firing behind a rock in the corner of the deployment zone, wich nearly melted the front arc of the Rebel ship, he felt a lot of pressure, and putted his ships at maximum speed to close in on my position. He did also a mistake in turn 3 with his A-Wings at the time he was in good position for me to strike with the ISD and squads, in an attempt to give protection to the Liberty, he placed two of them right at distance 1 from a Exogorth, I dont know if it was intentional, or maybe he forgot that Exogorth attacks occurs at the start of the squadron phase, anyway, I rolled 3 hits each attack, I cleared those A-Wings with Dengar and a Bomber, then I've charged the the Mon Karren with Jonus, Vader and Tempest for 4 good hits. The attack of the ISD at Medium Range was good enough to get a sencond accuracy (one from Jonus) and 5 more hits. Onager was busy at that time with the MC75, wich get in to position to pounder her at Medium Range. In turn 4, he lost Mon Karren, but he got his payback on the ISD first, nine hits and an accuracy, without the possibility for me to Brace and Contain...ouch! Salvo gave me satisfaction in this case... by finishing the work on the Liberty. Later in turn 4 he managed to destroy the Onager with the Dodonna's MC75, but basically the game ended at the end of that turn, because the ships of both of us were heading toward different directions. In turn 5 I've killed the remaing A-Wings losing Tempest, but I wasn't able to get the CR90 with the badly wounded ISD. At the end, my final considerations on this build are not so clear, Onager its a wonderful sniping ship, even better then Cymoon, I never triggered the crit of Orbital Bombardment Particle Cannons, but the ability to shot out targets at two range rulers its awesome, I scored one good strike on Mon Karren and two good hits on MC75, but by that time the Onager was already under attack, at the end of turn 3 I had no Super weapon firing arc on any target, and when it comes under pressure, at least the Testbed Version, its fragile. The ISD and squads proved to be tough enough to hang on against this foes, but Mon Karren its not a Starhawk and he went with light fighter cover....maybe I need more games to get the full picture.
  10. MCs... https://pin.it/ysryblia53coyy https://pin.it/hj2eomjwutzjjq https://pin.it/unwlydfifu634j https://pin.it/gkvcs5z3hl3ivl https://pin.it/v74726xi3ncdwq https://pin.it/wxtrfxygzmbxvy
  11. Some ISDs pics...different colors for different version. https://pin.it/jgrmfnimjcyqnt https://pin.it/aiz422zitbjcmg https://pin.it/enn72foty6wvq5 https://pin.it/mojbxwymunqr4j
  12. Here's some pictures of my works, because I am the " Administrator" of our gaming group of Armada, the other guys in the group spontaneusly gave me the pleasure of painting everything we buy for play.....in other words, a lot of work! But this give me a lot of satisfactions! https://pin.it/jpcpyzqdofxkud https://pin.it/sxko2vowcqsabk https://pin.it/wz2unzbem5aojg https://pin.it/votyytwtwlqzij https://pin.it/qkvcxxef5pk3gx https://pin.it/rqudrairzsdcmn https://pin.it/yuqighojr2c2jy Our Fleet is still growing, we got an Onager and a Starhawk just few days ago...but I'm not scared, actually after the SSD, nothing does...
  13. You already have Gunnery Chief Varnillian for "that accuracy" and, in my opinion, the Critics of the Super Weapons are the best option, I would prefer X17. Also, I would replace Sunder with Cataclysm, and put Hondo on the Gozanti for turn One shot.
  14. ****! I forgot it! you're right! I must edit the list again!😂 Ok, thats it for the moment, I'll test the list within hours, and I'll let you know the outcome! Thanks for sharing your toughts!
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