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  1. Primarily about ranged atacks into / out of smoke. Also your bingo marker idea is good,
  2. Awesome stuff as always Miah. Used your smoke FAQ to settle a rules debate tonight.
  3. A fourth faction, whomever they are will be good for a reason not yet mentioned. Two games running at the same time. Whenever I host a Tannhauser night its either just 2 people or someone ends up waiting. Everyone knows team games where you assign off characters dont work well. And single hero or duo deathmatch games can only be run so many times. With 4 factions total you could run 2 games at the same time, and then work on a tournament or story arc setup.
  4. A seperate HB game would be neat. A tannhauser comic would be better.
  5. Hello everyone. Iv recently picked up the new map pack and have been collecting all of the figures as they come out. This has created a bit of a storage problem. I had been using clear film containers to store the tokens and using a minis case for the figures. But now Individual characters have more tokens than will fit in a film container and the minis (asteros) dont fit in the standard mini case that i have. What do you guys do for storeing and transporting all of your tannhauser stuff?
  6. Agreed, Just noticed that the map pack has been pushed back to winter 2010/2011.
  7. The upcoming page still lists the map pack as in development while the new hero is listed as at the printer. Is this just a lack of updates on the upcoming page or are we going to have to wait to get the labrinth after we have the minataur.
  8. Just went out and picked up both troop packs. Really rounds out the options for customizing the original factions. Would love more maps. More units. Another faction. Just more.
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