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  1. In most RPG this kind of power is call a trick not even a power, in DH it is the kind of power any player with psy rating couldlearn alone. SM don't get their magic from their geneseed, they are psyker to be recruit by the chapter and educate by the chapter Librarium. Maybe not the thousand sons but who knows about them since the last 10000 years. What I want to explain is this power could even be given for free to a player, what the hell, it is for the player gameplay and the fun. And don't forget that psychic power can be cancelled... So far have fun!
  2. Salamanders like Iron Hands are two chapter still capable of inovatong and creating new tanks, weapons, implants,...etc Apothicary isn't the best career for it but lioke most Salamanders you have been introduce to the art of metal craft, after all the chapter is born in the fire and made on the anvil of war.
  3. just a point there, how do they became chaos tainted? If a fleet of tyrannid create a gap in the warp: the shadow, and cut the telepathic com then i think that they are not friendl with warp at all. Don't even think that they can be convert to chaos… So far it is my POW but have fun
  4. In my mind the req cost for the Crozius is not linked to the power of the weapon but to the rare and few item made. The price reflect the cost of the symbol represent by a crozius. But yes maybe 40 is too much maybe 35 or 30 but not less. Yes the Crozius is not the most potent weapon but any SM with a Crozius will be look with awe by almost all human (even more than a SM who's by the way look with awe and fear) but most of all it will be treat with homour and respect by all SM as the might of will of the Astartes and the power of the truth of the Emperor truth. It will be a real asset in every contact made by the KT with the Ecclessiarchy, and any Imperial cult found in ennemy territory. By the way I like your idea to make a relic Crozius who could be given to a NPC or even PC for one story in witch the object will have a real or symbolic role to play. Like a KT confrontation with Word bearer who maybe killed the last owner of the Crozius and the use of this item will be a true retribution for the past Hero an d a just reward for the weapon to slain those who insult the Imperial truth.
  5. As far as I'm concern as GM a crozius is not an average power weapon so his cost would not be between 20-30 but a bit moremaybe 40 then it will be 80 for the craftmanship and more even than req it is reknown that would count. Witch High Chaplain would give a such potent and rare item to someone not even worthy of it? So I would say than a hero rank should be needed. But as always it is just my point.
  6. In a word no… The battle against the tyrannid is really new in the chapter history and the lore is well known. For the battle of Calh the Sm are dead since 10 thousand years and the real impact of the heresy on the SM warfare and particulary in the Ultramarines is to be found in the Codex Astartes. THe Codex is the answer of Guiliman to the HH. But why not try to create a multi chapter concept of Traitors Hunters.
  7. My dear Lynata few outside France are fan of Napoleon. And it is right to think of his greatest work as the civil code who unify europe inside a common set of laws. But we need to not forget that he was a tyran and the one killing the french revolution after being one of his greatest general. The french leader i like the most was F. Mitterand, for 3 major act: - End of the death penalty - The vote of the abortion right - Liberalization of the TV and radio network
  8. Lynata said: For what it's worth, the term "Space Marine" should not even have been allowed to get trademarked in the first place. It's not like GW came up with it. Reminds me of a case in Germany where an insurance company sued a gaming clan for using the term "Alliance". What is this world coming to? Next week: Games Workshop demands France stops using the Fleur-de-Lis on their flags! I'm quite ok with you space marine shopuld not not have been trademark, it is obvious that it is not a games workshop idea. But just to make a point we are not using "la fleur de lys" on our flag since wirth cut the head of our king some century ago. Only royalist people use it in France and for my part those people aren't my friend. They are for the most part big stupid biggot that still believe in a superiority of the "noble" blood and the right given by god to a few to enslave the others. Royalist in France aren't like english or belgium royalist, we were the country of the "monarchie absolue de droit divin" (absolute monarchy from divine right) they do not fight for a parlementary monarchy. But maybe I hate them so much because "i still believe in anarchy" "ni dieux, ni maître, ni ordre moral"
  9. there is morec about the past of the DA. there is of course the honor wound that half of the First Legion going traitor. But the truth is witch part of it was traitors, cause if you look a the past you could only guss why the Lion and the DA was not on Terra fighting the Horus army, why have they wait in the dark for the event to pass? What if their Primarch had wait to know the end of the rebellion to knpw where to rally. Off course, the fallen are a problem to be deal with, and a private problem known only to a few. But the real stain on the DA honor is that they can fall, they can all be traitor, they are weak, and it is this weakness that make them so secretive. What could happen if other SM know about the failure of the Angels, the First legion. What about the doubt of the Lion about going to war against Horus or Guilliman. The guilt to not have done the good thing. The heavy weight of the guilt about Caliban and the awfull destiny of Lother and half the Legion. Where they really traitors? Or had they been killed because they was doubting the true allegiance of their Primarch. Had they been killed because they have tought de nied the ground of Caliban to traitors? The lion could have avoid that by taking a real part ion the Horus Heresy wars and side clearly with the emperor instead of resting in the shadows. The actual DA aren't they the real traitors searching atonnement for there past crimes? That isthe real weight upon the shoulders of those who know and as there Primarch try to shield them from the truth… they are coward and traitors…. DA genessed should have been destroy, they have killed brothers and have done nothing for the imperium…Nothing but wait till the victory of one.
  10. You can use the machine trait for illustrazting the repair done to the SM torso. His inwards will be remade adn the SM will be combat reeady.
  11. Hi, First there is no reason not to have a teleporter beacon on the weapon, a lot of 1st compagny leaders have one. The main issue here is how teleportation work in W40K. It is not a phasing event, it is long, dangerous and highly treasured tech. If your apothicary wanna go fast, take a bike, lol. And for the cost just see hopw many req cost a teleport beacon and add it to the weapon cost.
  12. First i read it this morning but female are now accepted in the front line unit. Second, about what you say on the vocabulary in battle situation and how men would have to take care to choose their words. In fact what iu'm going to say is also good for the everyday life. Not all women are soft voice, gentle maiden (and i know it is not what you mean but i get to the point) and those who choose an army life instead of a civil one won't be IMO the most traumatized by the use of harsh words and bad langage. My tough are more the contrary. I know some women (and i'm 33) who talk like no one else i know, and really when i hear them talk it isme who is shocked. So watch your langage in the field won't be a problem. Sexual harassment could indeed become problematic but once more women choosing army life aren't there to get flowers and soft whisper words with silk uniform. And maybe the harassment won't be from male to female. Women can also be quite rude and some of the most shoking photos of the last ten years came from woman in the guantanamo prison. So who know?
  13. Cryhavoc it is absolutely not a psychological mater, not even a physical one, but an educationnal one. We are what we are taught we are. Even today boys and girls are not educate the same way, where physical prowess is fien with boys it is not true for the girls. To be gentle is good for girl but not so boyish… ect… Women and men have potebtialy the same amount of violence and murdermaking, the same amount of obediance and revolt, the same amount of love or hate. The differences are in witch is learn to who.
  14. indeed when your powerfist (who is a weapon, and a deadly one btw) is powered you can not open a hatch (you could tear it out of the wall) or climb a ladder usng this hand. As for your fellow SM you won't lift him with this hand neither. Now if you are sad that a so powerfull weapon isn't that easy to use in an everyday life ask yourself why you put a tank opener on your hand if the only thing you wanna do with this hand is mast*******. Maybe it is also time for all of you to read the weapon description in the book. Or maybe you could answer me that one if i fix my powerfist on the weapon of a titan Imperatror does it get US bonuses when the Imperator hit something???? Please one weapon per hand is really a maximun, powerfist is a weapon so yes you use the power fist or just don't take it.
  15. Powerfist can't wield anything exept when shut down and only big things can be grab. So even if you use your Power fist hand to wield your weapon you won't have the strenght bonus because it is shut down. If you activate your power fist then the weapon wield will be crushed and never to be used again.
  16. Once more you forget the Iron Hands Dreadnoughts… Some of them are awake all time and lead entire clan… But it is true that those dreadnoughts are freely, willlingly put in the coffer and aren't deadly wounded before being put in the sarcophagus.
  17. Not at all… You can use your powerfist with S bonus x 3 or your axe with your normal S bonus. But you can not wield your axe with the fist. Have fun!
  18. The leader is the depositary of the cohesion point in a squad so as long he is fearless the cohesion damage is prevent, because he won't be distracted from his leading duty. If the leader isn't fearless then the squad might lose cohesion as an effect of ill leading becauise of the fear impacting the leader. For other source of damage roll and pray the emperor.
  19. I could easyly imagine a trial by fire with ritual branding withn whole holy text to write on your body, "triple belss prometheum" shover, taking and keeping an admantium seal from a chemical fire burning flesh and marking the PC as a member of the order. Fire and holy text proving your pure soul and flesh. Or why not a trial by act with a "heretic" community to wipe out in an underhive. Heretic being all none redemptionnist community of the underhive (think of Necromonda).
  20. If you follow a description make in the novel "Know No Fear" there is a really light kind of atmosphere between hulk and energetic fields of a voidcraft. In the Novel Guilliman who is of course a primarch survive there for a certain time. So it wil not be impossible for SM to do the same. It will hurt a lot, take fatigue then fell and die frozen at the time but possible to surviove on a hulk even with a breach armor. It is your game so do it if you feel it, but could be a nice race against time to find a way in in short order.
  21. There is also a need of pure recruit for astartes and for Cadia the proximity of the eye of terror id quite a problem. The world is too close it will be too dangerous to have Gene seed stock so close to the ennemy who is always willing to steal them, and it is surely quite difficult for Astartes standard to fiind people fitting their puritty requirement there.
  22. Use the mystical aspect of the universe of W40K, and try to never forget: "the emperor protect" In this worlsd sometimes divine intervention save the day.
  23. Strom gives you 2 hits by degree of success when firing in full auto, multiplying the chance to hit your ennemy and make damage, but bullets do not aim to the same place, your gun hace recoil and even if lots of bullets hits none is going exactly where the other go. Storm ballistic schematic ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------x ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------x Dual shot make you shoot with to single shot weapon at the same location to the millimeter, that why it reduce the ennemy capacity to reduce damage, second bullets use the same entry point that the first. Dual shot ballistic schematic ------ x / / / They are not the same effect or action and then do not gives you the same bonus.
  24. Fast answer to the question. Humans worth nothing for chapters like Blood Tearers, Carcharodon, Iron hands, Mortificator and those kind of chapter Humans are what they are for most of the chapter a mass of people they have to defend against the rest of the galaxy and somtime themself. Humans are important for chapters like the Salamenders, Ultramarines and others but right now can't tell more.
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