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  1. EdgarColin

    You are storing our passwords plaintext!? *sigh

    yes it is great.. _________________________________________________ Ford shocks and struts Toyota quick strut Nissan quick strut
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    Reiner Knizia

    Thanks man __________________________________________________ ford shocks and struts toyota quick strut nissan quick strut
  3. EdgarColin

    Marvel Heroes - Rules PDF?

    Dam said: The main reason is MH isn't supported anymore, I don't think.
  4. EdgarColin

    who else is considering buying this book?

    flervk said: Wilfred Owen said: I am interested; what is it about? well, read the info page
  5. A Flash- or Java-based version of the LCG would pretty much make my year, and lighten my wallet, as well. It could be run functionally similar to Magic Online or perhaps more like Pox Nora. While it would be a pretty big effort to get it up and running, it would be rather simple, thereafter, to add in the new CPs. I also know for a fact that there are many of us who would drop healthy chunks of money on you if such a system were avaiable. It would also breathe new life into organized play, as you could host hedge tourneys and leagues right here in cyberspace. Think about it. Don't just dismiss it out of hand.
  6. EdgarColin


    I read about T-Shirts in the preview. Will they be available in Europe, too?
  7. I would just love to see an enhanced line of products from the passed based on Games Workshop's IP's and products. Mmmmmm that would be scrumditiliumptious.
  8. Just got this today and each chapter I am awed by the effort to be so detailed. I been a paper n dice gamer since the 70s. What i have found for Anima Beyond Fantasy to be a great value. Diverse character generation, Excelent crafting rules, and a great section for dms to help flesh out other monsters or various npcs as well. My only critisism is that I wish a gm shield was available as well. <very minor critique> The artwork is very well done and the rule system looks complex, but doesnt require a rocket scientist to learn.