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  1. I just picked up Miskatonic and the Revised DP and can't wait to open them up later tonight... but for those who have experimented with the new DP... is it best to remove all, some, or none of the old DP from the mix? I was thinking about still leaving the barred encounters and only removing cards that were duplicated in the new box but still unsure.
  2. thanks for answering my questions...thats the thing that has been worrying me is that I would most likely have to be the Keeper for most of the games... but i also would like to play through as the investigators too and if being the Keeper ruins the experience then maybe the game is not worth it to me as much
  3. I've been on t he fence about buying Mansions for awhile now and one of the major factors holding me back is replayability... as i understand it from reading the rules there are variations to each scenario but for those who have had the game awhile do the missions get stale fast? Will being the "DM" make it so that I couldn't enjoy being the investigators at some point?... the game still looks like a lot of fun and i'm sure even just playing through the scenarios once is a hell of a time but i pretty much play with the same play group so I don't want things to get old too fast. Also a few other questions: How are the quality of the Print On Demand expansions? Is the price worth the scenarios? Also is it possible for FFG to add more variations to existing scenarios? Thanks for any input.
  4. heh yeah the reason it came up was because we were doing a rumor where we had to discard unique or exhibit items once per turn...and that would have been the passing item...so we didn't know what to do lol... another question that popped up was a card that allowed the guy with infinite focus to draw spells up to his focus... does he get the whole deck?...the card also didn't say to just take one
  5. Just something that popped up in tonights game.... For items like Throne of Carcosa which instruct you to place it on a street location is it still considered in your possession? When needing to discard items can you choose that item or does it become part of the board?
  6. Airborne XO said: Don't let aesthetics put you off a good game experience. Never underestimate some thick card stock a a glue stick to make your pieces fit in with the rest As well as Vermont Horror we have a full version of Sunnydale horror (BtVS variant) with 8 investigators, 6 new AO, about 50 monsters to replace the cup, 30 Buffy Mythos cards and even replacement locations that we blu-tac over current locations (we have the Bronze, Sunnydale High School, and a couple of others) each with their own deck. The only ones that are really obvious are the Mythos cards, but that normally leads to "oohhhh, I'm getting a Buffy card next turn!". Just saying you can have fun even with paper copies if the rules are fun. Maybe thats the roleplayer in me that is happy with a tatty character sheet, a notebook and some dice Cheers, Hal heh i know its my loss...maybe one day i won't be lazy or snobish? and try it out xD... few questions about it though...at a glace it appears to me that the prequel mechanic would make the games easier because it allows for more clue tokens to hit the board as well as more time to gear up for a final battle... seems like it could be a little exploitable in this way... do you feel it makes the games easier in which you use it?... also does this expansion play well with other big boards?... i haven't looked through the cards but do the mythos or prequel cards only reference arkham/vermont such as gate openings clue placement etc.... if not do you plan on miskatonic horror-ing your expansion to add cards so it can be mixed in with other big box?...
  7. gotta say i'm pretty impressed i like the board/encounters etc... prequel mechanic is a toss up for me... the game is already kinda long enough as is but its a welcome option... i just wish i had access to a cheap and good way to print it all out.. if this were a real FFG made expansion i would definitely buy it but without the means for me to produce a manageable copy i sadly probably won't get to try it out xD... good job though...looks like alot of thought went into it i've been thinking of trying to make some kind of traveling marker addition to the game...although i haven't picked up miskatonic horror yet i do like the addition of the wandering token for the exhibit item encounters and whatnot... seems like it would be easy enough to add other wandering things...like a wandering carnival in dunwhich...or i've been thinking of a herald or ancient one that has wandering road blocks (like fog or whatnot) that will slow down investigators alot... but again i have made a few custom investigators and i never play them mainly because they look silly to me just printed out on normal paper xD...guess i'm just anal about everything looking the same
  8. Tibs said: The truth is, it's really impossible to have everything without killing off any expansions. But as I said before, Miskatonic helps a lot. The three largest dilution issues, Next Act, Innsmouth, and Dunwich gates, are no longer an issue. Even the ancient whispers makes Exhibit items ever-present. The one issue that has not been solved is the Black Goat's Cult of the Thousand. There is really no good solution for this unless you use the Black Goat herald. Though, if you're familiar with it, it makes the game a bit too short to thoroughly enjoy all the game's elements. I have been using your predraw dilution method for awhile now... do you feel that MH has achieved the same level of dilution correcting? or does it still seem to need some tweaking?
  9. yeah that definitely does seem overpowered... but then again the investigators need to get lucky once in a while... personally it should be a discard or at max 2 time use item (once at common/unique shop?)...maybe let you draw 5 items to choose at each shop...the card could have been tweaked many different ways... but they way they chose was this hehe...seems kinda odd... could just be Discard/Exhaust mistake...
  10. i use the pandoras box from the God Of War 3 Ultimate Edition it works really well...and i also use it for storage to hold all my bagged tokens when putting the game away
  11. hehe revised dark pharaoh date has changed to July 5th... while these dates are still probably not exact the expansions are definitely coming soon
  12. Musha Shukou said: I noticed there was no FAQ included on those rules... Does this mean no updated FAQ? this was the first thing that came to my mind upon finishing reading through the book... maybe it will be there but they don't want to post it online so people will buy it.
  13. well if they are on the same print run having the release dates only 2 weeks apart would make sense especially with the smaller of the 2 being released earlier...i wasn't actually expecting either for a little while longer so... even if the july one proves true that's early enough lol... i know i'm most definielty going to get MH at some point but i'm still on the fence about the revised... i do like the exhibit encounters though i just want to see how much is actually "new" and how integrating the 2 might work before i purchase... edit: also i could be wrong but i think i remember reading that MH expands upon he revised edition of the dark pharaoh (could have sworn i read that it includes new exhibit encounters at some point) so for the uber fans who already have a few revised play throughs in that 2 week gap they will have more already for it
  14. http://www.amazon.com/Arkham-Horror-Miskatonic-Expansion/dp/1616611332/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1308022299&sr=8-2 amazon has it up for a July 12th release date.. they also have the revised Dark Pharaoh listed as a June 24th http://www.amazon.com/Arkham-Horror-Curse-Pharaoh-Expansion/dp/1589949986/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1308022299&sr=8-5 anyone know if these dates are accurate... once amazon puts a date up from an unknown status it normally pans out as true as...at least from my experiences and as was the case with Mansions of Madness... if it is true color me excited
  15. Avi_dreader said: Hamu said: ...when you're planning to buy a motorcycle so you can read more books. I've been enjoying this thread in general, but I think that's the funniest one I've read so far. Which is probably another sign that I play too much Arkham Horror. i concur on this one...i definitely lol'ed...
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