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  1. Powered by Edge of the Empire

    I like JTShannon's idea about magic. In my conversion I had characters roll a number of force dice equal to thier rating to cast spells. Subtract dark side points from lightside, if the total is still positive the spell goes off and extra light side points increase the effects with each spell having a static strain cost. However i like the idea of only needing one light side point for the spell to go off, with extra light sides increasing the effect. No set strain cost, but dark side points cause strain. Gives the player a trade-off. They can roll extra dice to maybe increase the effect, while also maybe increase the strain.
  2. Powered by Edge of the Empire

    That's the best part of this narrative system, it converts fairly easily to anything you want.
  3. Powered by Edge of the Empire

    Ok, got it opened. Sometimes I hate technology.
  4. Powered by Edge of the Empire

    Sorry, that was theold version, here is the one after 2 weeks of testing and cleaning up the old errors.
  5. Powered by Edge of the Empire

    I posted this in another thread but figured I would put it here as well. My gaming group and I have been writing up a shadowrun conversion, only steampunk because apparently one conversion wasn't enough. It also includes a magic system we have been experimenting with. We may change it up to amke it a little easier to cast spells but it might provide a starting point for others who want to convert magic into this system. That link should work, but let me know if it doesn't.
  6. Schizophrenic Shadowrun Steampunk Conversion

    Follow Up, this was originally intended for my players so it is pretty informal and makes some assumptions about the reader's knowledge.
  7. Well the title pretty much sums it up. About a month ago I started a Shadowrun conversion for this, becuase some of my players flat out refused to learn a new system(full disclosure I am terribly add about RPG systems and tend to change them every few months.) However some of them also wanted to do something more fantasy oriented while we break from our star wars game so the Shadowrun conversion morphed into a steampunk fantasy version of shadowrun. However many of the systems should still be familiar to Shadowrun vets looking for a place to start on their own setups. Hopefully it could also be useful to anyone trying to create a magic system. To sum it up I added a few attributes, changed up character creation to be more like the shadowrun priority system, added a magic system, changed up a few skills, and added augmentations I called Aegis Tek. Please feel free to look through below and message me with any questions or comments. Warning, I have terrible grammer so heads up on that. Also let me know if this link works, I am not really tech savy so I may have messed it up.
  8. Scathing Tirade + Triumph Question

    I am a big fan of having characters provide their own background details and plot points. One of our all-time favorite recurring NPCs was a shady weapon salesman called Stun-Baton Jimmy who one of the players named when he went looking for a weapons dealer on a space station. Since then the group have encountered aficionados of their "Jimmy Sticks" in multiple locations, where I throw in boost dice just because.
  9. Scathing Tirade + Triumph Question

    OP jumping back in here after a few days of Shadowrun Returns. First off to settle what seems to be a main sticking point in this particular case, the player in questions is most definitely not a shrinking violet. This particualr player had invested most of his xp in various social and knowledge skills so as to be the teams "face." So in combat he usually takes a backseat roll, which I think was starting to wear on him. During the roughly 5 minute debate on the roll he did not come up with any reasonable {in-game} explanation of why his idea should work. He simply kept returning to the idea that a Triumph should let him do what he wants. Which is probably my fault as several of the other players are new to rpgs so I encourage them to describe what their advantages and triumphs accomplish and am pretty generous with the results. So to sum up, in this case what we did this past sunday was have a table discussion of the effects and limits of triumphs and despairs. Which might be a good idea for any other groups with players who are new to rpgs, or who are coming from much crunchier systems where the rules are more concrete.
  10. Scathing Tirade + Triumph Question

    So far I'm thinking I would make the same call again. I think just like combat checks are harder against a nemesis other checks should also be different. That said against minions or henchman I think it would work fine. As far as being a holdover from d20 that one doesn't concern me as much. We still talk about our first session in Anima sometimes where the Tao character one-shoted the big bad by rolling like 700 on attack while I crit-fumbled defense.
  11. Scathing Tirade + Triumph Question

    I started off doing a full adaptation starting with the second adventure of the series(we did the first using the saga system and switched when I got the beta book). That was alot of work, and most of it became moot given the difference in tone between the systems, and the fact that my players have a habit of being cold-hearted bastards. Since then I have switched over to doing a few hours stating out important encounters and winging the rest using the writeups in the back of the book. The biggest areas of difference have been converting gear and wealth, and the obligation system. I really like the campaign, but in several areas it gets fairly rail-roady which can be difficult to balance with the narrative system(and again my cut-throat hero-in-name-only players). I have switched obligation over to being a mostly group obligation(helping the growing rebellion) and giving each individual rolled an effect based on the current adventure.
  12. We did that, and the group also mounted a quad ion turret on the ventral side and a tractor beam to the nose. They set the ship up like a pirate hunting vessel, with a pair of y-wings in the hangar.
  13. So I have a group I have been taking through the saga campaign Dawn of Defiance and the they just had a showdown with an Imperial Inquisitor. During the battle one of the characters used scathing tirade and rolled a triumph. For their triumph they wanted to force the Inquisitor to drop their Lightsaber. I ruled against that since I felt it wasn't in keeping with the talent's focus. Needless to say the player was upset. We eventually compromised on the Inquistor falling prone. His main point was that a triumph can be spent on an attack to disarm someone, and that it creates a game-changing effect.. I ruled that Scathing Tirade doesn't count as an attack, and that a single Triumph wasn't enough to cause essentially a Jedi Master to throw away his lightsaber during combat. Looking for how other people might have called the situation.
  14. My group is currently using the Wayfarer ship, and I found a great schematic that shows both decks of the crew portion. It was on an obsidian portal and called the Mandalore's Pride. I don't know the artist but it has been perfect for my group. I blew it up to 11x17 and the group has marked their modifications and such. It helps give them a sense of how things are arranged when we have shipboard events. Not sure how to post photos, but a google image search of mandalore's pride should bring it up.
  15. Forgot to mention, racial bonuses to attributes are added after purchased attribue points, but cannon raise an attribute over 5.