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  1. Thanks for all your clarification. Especially thanks for info about BGG, I have found it and read about it. I've decided to give it a one more shot, this time we will start from Silver level and make our way from there and see how it goes.
  2. Hello. I have few questions as I bought RTL recently and think about playing it with friends. There are few things that concerns me greatly and I need few advices from those of you who played it already. We have played sort of test so far, few dungeons and few weeks game time. 1. It seems to me that Heroes start very disadvantaged to OL. Only one skill and basic equipment. OL can start with 3 Lieutenants who will manage to raize one city before I even get some stuff and XP to get going. How to deal with Lieutenants attacking cities at early stages? 2. Dungeon are very diffucult at the beginning, first level Heroes gained like 5XP while OL gained like 12 simply by killing weak heros, boss was very diffucult, starting heros are not able by deal more than 5-6 damage on regular basis and level leaders are very strong. Second level went a little better, but only because I spent all money on buying random treasure to boost Heroes performance. So is it normla that OL gains more XP than Players ? Thanks for all advices.
  3. Hello. I have a question that have bothered me for some time now. What will happen if as a result of an encounter card or gate card an elusive monster will appear? A. Do I just ignore elusive special ability and begin the fight as normal ? B. Do I have to pass sneak check to start combat, because monster will not attack on its own ?
  4. As I really likes this discussion I decided to throw in my point of view. I'm playing as Ironbreaker [i know some of you don't like that particular profession but I love it because I player 3 years in WFB always using an Ironbreaker unit]. So my PC has highest possible Soak and Defence at this same time. We faced different opponents both strong and weak and I can tell you that Defence is fun but I prefere Soak. 1. PC can have 2 maximum 2 soak using standard items so it is not much. Defence is rather more usefull for GM and his NPC as he can boost their defece with aggression so when an NPC has 2 defence and GM uses 3 aggression it rather hard to hit because 5 black dices will give you like 2 challanges. 2. In this edition the probability is very complex so I had such sitaution when I used two improved active defences and GM was rolling 4 challange [one from NPC action difficulty, one standard difficulty, one from improved parry and one from improved block] dices with 2 black dices and he still managed to get a rather good hit while on the next round this same enemy [an Ork] disangaged me, engaged our team mage and missed an easiest attack while rolling 1 challange and one black dice. So as some of you pointed out before me, defence is a constant gamble. So that's my point of view.
  5. My experience. We started with friends with core game and find it to easy after we understood the mechanics, so we used some of house rules like revealing gates locations when someones walking into it and so on. I've then bought Kingsport but to be honest I find it annoying, no gates can open there, very few monsters appear there and yet one invastigator is stuck there to prevent rift from opening. Kingsport might be good while playing with big group like 6 to 8 players so they can change in who is stopping the rift. The reason I decided to buy Kingsport was that it has the best IMO set of new investigators. Last expansion I bought was Dunwich and I find it great, whole new board that is very much active, gates open there, monsters go around and Dunwich adds good equipement. From my experience I can share that 4 players is rather small group and you should balance the challange level so either add a new board like Dunwich or go core board with Herald. As for mixing cards from different expansions. After adding all new cards I decided to remove some IMO "trash" from equipment like Knifes and other weakest weapons and spells. One more important not is that the more unique items you have the less chance to get quickly to elder signs espacially to all 4-5 of them. I also removed from mythos deck all cards that directly interact with Kingsport but left those that do not, additionally I removed some rumors that I find not balanced i.e. Mistrust.
  6. Thanks. Wow, this means that combining it with swiftwing is quite devastating as you attack from huge range an stay out of range of enemy spells and attacks [or at least most of them].
  7. Hello. What is the range of Shooting star, rank 1, celestial order spell ? So far on every spell or attack action was the maximum attack range, but here nothing is written, but because it is a vs. target defence spell I may guess that it is engaged range. Thanks for answers.
  8. To answer your question check official FAQ, page 6, right column, 3 paragraph from the top. In short - yes Initiates can acquire and train invocation and piety at rank 1.
  9. I will do so with further questions. Thanks for your clarification I also thought so, but my players thought otherways so we argued about it. Now I have some other votes in my favour.
  10. Hello. I have a question about encounters both Arkham and Other World that allow to close gates. On some of the there is written something like 'close the gate, do not clame it as trophy, do not seal the gate location' but some of them just don't have anything like it written just 'close an open gate' or 'return to Arkham and close the gate you went through'. Questions are: 1. Can I spend clue tokens to seal the gate location? 2. Can I use elder sign to seal the location? 3. Can I claim the gate as trophy? It is hard to be very precise to a specyfic card as the Other Worlds encounter don't have names, but there is a blue one from base version of Arkham that addresses Abyss and Yuggoth. The actual effect I'm asking about is to the Other actually. It asks about Speed check and then states 'you automatically close the gate you entered through'. Thanks for your opinion on the matter.
  11. Hello. I have a question how to understand and play Lily's special ability, here is a quick reference to Arkham Wiki www.arkhamhorrorwiki.com/Lily_Chen I see few ways of understanding it depending how do we understand focus - step by step or as a whole move. To better visialize it let's assume that Lily's player upkeep have just begun. Lily has currently max. sanity at 5 and max stamina at 6, and to keep it simple she has currently 1 sanity and 1 stamina. Which of the below options is correct: 1. By using focus player moves the sanity/stamina skill slider left then right so it ends at the same place. Lily has the same max sanity and stamina and still 1 sanity and 1 stamina as in general her skill did not increase. 2. As above but she has now 2 sanity and 2stamina, because with first move her maximum sanity increased and therefore she gained 1 sanity, then by moving to the right her maximum stamina increased and she gained 1 stamina. 3. By using forus player moves the sanity/stamina skill slider to the right twice. Lily has now 2 sanity and 2 stamina. 4. As above but Lily ends with 3 sanity and 3 stamina. Thanks for all opinions on this topic, as Lily is one of my favourite characters and as a game owned I need to always explain players how to play this character correctly.
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