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  1. Scums just win Belgian National today (Seevor, Torkil, 3 Black Sun Ace)
  2. What's the source of these infos ?
  3. zimut-X

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    He said 7 new pilots during the stream, so, at $20 , I expect it's 7 per faction, so 35 ...
  4. https://www.facebook.com/ProTechModels/photos/pcb.1821953371239302/1821952271239412/?type=3&theater&hc_location=ufi
  5. This one, not official but very usefull http://infinitearenas.com/xw2rules/index.php?page=home
  6. Because you use the speed 2 template for Small ships, so it can be different for large's one too The online Rules Reference is updated now, so no problem
  7. Is there Special Rules for Decloaking Large Base ?
  8. Always empty, but ...
  9. Introduce the "OR" For Force Sensitive Pilots : Force slot OR Talent slot Crew OR Gunner, for the Lancer by example ... And so ...
  10. zimut-X

    "Null" and setup

    It was a casual tournement, when I say the "Judge", it's a friend too 😉 It's just to be sure, when I'm the T.O., to take the right decision
  11. zimut-X

    "Null" and setup

    I'm a T.O. and as T.O. I would say I0 for setup, but yesterday I was a player and the judge said I7 !!! With Dormitz, Quickdraw and Midnight, it hurts ...
  12. zimut-X

    "Null" and setup

    During setup, Null is placed at I0 or at I7 ?
  13. I know Asajj, that's cool, it's background But I was thinking Maul will add the possibilitie to equip a Dark Side card, it seems you need the corresponding slot As the only Dark Side card we have for now is Hate, its abilitie is useless for Scums and can only work with a few Rebel guys if you have Ezra in your squadron
  14. Maul + (Dark Side) Hate works only if the pilot have the Force Slot !!! Hate can equip Asajj without Maul ... Bug or definitive reality ???
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