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  1. Keep in mind that you can cast Brainwave first and then Psionic Blast for double your craft value!
  2. Last week a situation has come up while this ending card was in play, the spell Generosity is the most devastating spell that can be cast while this is in effect. The situation is one player (Player A) cast Generosity to another player (Player B) (this was a 3 player game), myself (Player C) I casted Hydra spell, we couldn't agree what should happen in this case. Assume player A has 5 gold, player B has 10 gold, player C has 7 gold, it is obvious that player B will have no gold left, what is not clear is should I get 10 + 5 gold or only 5 gold, we decided that I would only get 5 gold.
  3. I have a question about this card and other cards that let you take a card from any deck, are you allowed to take any card you want or do you only take the first card on the deck you choose?
  4. The potions the alchemist can make are not items, treat them as instant effect, one life, one fate or gain one spell.
  5. 1. Sure, Death can go anywhere except the Inner Region 2. No, Death doesn't follow the normal rule for movement 3. You only encounter Death if he lands on you
  6. We play that the Alchemist can only buy one item at a time, that way he can buy only one potion and needs to roll a 1 on his next more or he has to go all the way around the board to buy another potion.
  7. No, you cannot evade the reaper nor the werewolf even though both are creatures. Would make an interesting house rule though.
  8. This is the same situation as when you are toad and prisonner, you can roll a die and if you roll a 4-5-6 then you are now free but move only 1 space because of the blizzard. You get the strength of the enemy you enslaved.
  9. We removed the Scribe follower as we felt it is too powerful, first game we played the sprite got this card right at the start and one of his spells was Temporal Warp so he then started playing by himself since we couldn't play anymore. He lost his spells because of the Magical Vortex but by that time he was already too powerful.
  10. Actually if you have a spell that can be cast at anytime then you can get a new spell, for example if you have Invisibility then you can cast it and then gain a new spell with the card.
  11. Counterspell can only counter the Command spell, it has no effect on any other alternate endings.
  12. I was told in this forum that Reflection acts like a Counterspell+, it can reflect a spell or simply cancel it. Has this changed?
  13. I don't remember the exact wording on the Thief character, but I believe he can take any cards from the purchase deck, he cannot take cards from other decks. The reflection would have cancelled your counterspell making the original spell still valid. No, if the pathfinder card is removed from play or simply move to another place you can't use his teleport ability. Note that if you emprisonned with the Idol and the card is destroyed or moved away, you are automatically freed. The casket can be used at any time. Yes for each 3 gold you pay you lose a turn and gain either 1 strength or 1 craft, note that if the card is destroyed or moved away you lose all the gold you spent, better not spend all your gold at once.
  14. Yes you can keep them as trophies, however if you fought them in battle then they count as Strength trophies, if you fought them in psychic battle then they count as Craft trophies. If you don't exchange them right away, simply place a strength or craft counter on the card to remember what it can be exchanged for.
  15. Yes you can, don't try to think too hard about these movement rules, the horse and cart and mule will follow you no matter how you move.
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