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  1. Yeah IMO it should be logical that one can fail their ability tests on purpose, just for the catacomb entry. But since everything else gives a bad outcome(instant death, lose turn, lose wounds by number failed). And yeah, when that happened to me, I was thinking 'what are the chances?' And it left me going through the rulebook again. No solution though. But, let's say I cross the bridge in an attempt to fall into the catacombs, that would be a non legal move, right? Since I'm already at the outer wall. Anyway, let's leave it at this. I bet mine was by far the most interesting way to die.
  2. I was playing a 2 player game this afternoon and came across this interesting(to me, at least) scenario: On my turn, I drew a 3 way corridor and must move again. I moved in the direction of the south edge of the board, and arrived at that edge. I then drew another tile - a bridge tile. So it's either cross or stay on the same side. I can't move because I'm at the edge of the board, so I chose to stay and move back to the corridor on my next turn. However, the other player drew a "Curse of the Wizard", which shifts the orientation of all corridors. So on my turn, I am now unable to turn back. The tile is also unsearchable. So I died as a trapped hero. Now, could I have just jumped down the bridge and take 1d6 damage instead? As in, attempt to cross but failing my agility test on purpose?
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