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  1. I think I read that it's not backward compatible. So if you created those files with 3.*, there could be some problems using 2.* to read them.
  2. Well; i have a DB where all the text are stocked. So I should be able to produce the good format. Still, I don't have Miskatonic yet. But if you have the opportunity to tell me the format, i could try. Not really urgent, just want to know if possible.
  3. Hi. Really nice work. Is it possible of having a french version ? I mean let's say i have every texts for each cards, would it be possible to get those french texts ? Thanks.
  4. I just realized that nothing is to be expected for Arkham. Except for a "living Arkham" in a few weeks. I think that what the Mayas saw as the end of the world is in fact a succesfull attack of Chtulhu against our world….
  5. Bare hands are not subject to physical immunity/resistance. You did right
  6. I'm gonna drink some whiskey until the debate is over, and then, i'll tell you if i still have some sanity or if i lost all of it
  7. Doesn't matter for the duplicate question, since i didn't have my answers I can think of any means to open a sealed location. I'm not sure there is any means to decrease the terror level, and even if there is one i'm not sure that going down from 3 to 2 will re-open the Shop. So i guess that is a typo from a copy and paste from the previous scenario. But i'd like some confirmation.
  8. Delayed means : during your movement phase, if you're delayed, you received 0 movement point and you movement is over. Put your investigator on his feet. I would say that any event which instruct you to move from your point to another remains valid. Delayed or not.
  9. The special rules have typo error, haven't they ? It's written : "the following location being the game closed". Should be "the following location begin the game closed". And on the third scenario, i'm not sure there are any closed location at the beginning of the game. Because why say that all prices are doubled otherwise… ? But anyway, nice to share those things. I can just hope that one day there will be an expansion with all the promotional stuff. These things are hard to get in french.
  10. Unless i misunderstood some of your points, you're right. Whatever the way you're going through a gate, you'll have an Encounter in the Other World during the OW Encounter phase.
  11. Hi, I'm trying to make an eon file for Calvin Wright the investigator, from Summer League 2nd. I can't reproduce its skills because they are going over 16. He's supposed to be : Speed : 2-3-4-5 Sneak : 3-2-1-0 Fight : 4-5-6-7 Will : 3-2-1-0 Lore : 0-1-2-3 Luck : 5-4-3-2 I can set the first five, but i can go only to 4-3-2-1 for the Luck values. How can I fix that ? Thanks.
  12. Wow… I miss that smiley, whose mouth is dropping wide open… I mean, I just read quickly your presentation, and I had throw a quick eye on only the images of the topic… But… wow ! Looks like you did something really amazing ! I really miss the word in english to describe how I feel about your work… Did you send a copy of your work to FFG ? So I won't have to print everything, I'll just have to buy it I just realized that I got a copy of your early work. Mid-june last year. You added a lot of stuff around what you got at that time.
  13. I don't get how you played many turns and have only 4 Doom token. I think, you're doing something wrong. Edit : There are some video tutorial for Arkham Horror, but don't have a link right now.
  14. I think the Bast token is from the same kind of things than the Brazier. I think you have to spend all your focus dedicated in keeping the Bast token, so you wouldn't be able to refresh your Brazier. About Tibs notice, like you, i'll be more confident in his interpretation than mine About "paying" stuff, there is a difference between losing Sanity from a monster and paying Sanity for casting a spell. The first can be prevented thanks to Winters ability or Whiskey for example , the second can't (except with a unique item i don't remember the name, but that one do not prevent, it's more like a replacement effect).
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