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  1. Not at all. I've been kind of a 40k-phile since I was in grade school. I've been playing Dark Heresy off and on for maybe three years or so with a steady group of people back home, but mostly as a GM and never as a player. Most of the stories I wrote didn't revolve around xenos, so I didn't really consider their behavior much, let alone just Kroot. Now the group I've started playing with has a steady GM starting up a Rogue Trader campaign (which I've GMed once, just the Into the Maw adventure from the Core book), and immediately jumped at the xenos careers. It seemed a little more challenging, but also the Mass Effect I've been playing has influenced me a bit, too. I found it pretty odd that I had never even considered a xenos character before, disregarding it out of hand, and was surprised (but relieved) to see something official come around. So, yeah. I'm not new to 40k, just to Kroot behavior.
  2. So Into the Storm was a pretty nice book. And in a couple days, I'll be participating in my first Rogue Trader game (as a player), and I've chosen to play as a Kroot. A few things I wonder about, however. I've never read any fiction where Kroot feature as characters, so I've no idea as to how they really act around humans. Our Rogue Trader and his dynasty are relatively mercenary in nature, which helps to incorporate the Kroot character and his Kindred. Anyways, when I bought the book at the Fantasy Flight Event Center, the employee I talked to said there were rules for Kroot developing the characteristics of their prey after a while, and I was a bit disappointed to not see this. Maybe we could hammer out some rules for that in here, as well as having some guidelines for roleplaying Kroot.
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