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  1. No but you can choose between two penalties and pick the "Spend a Clue" penalty and then fail to meet it's requirement. There are other games that let you pick between penalties, but if you can't meet a penalty you just ignore it. Hence the need for clarification.
  2. The text reads. Revelation - You must choose either (choose one): Spend 1 clue or take 2 damage. If you have no clues when you revel Hunting Shadow, can you choose "Spend 1 clue" and then not be able to meet the requirement or do you have to choose the take 2 damage in that case?
  3. I'm sure this has been suggested before, but for one of the GM Tools, could you not extract all the Obligation information from characters in the same campaign, and make a automatic Obligation sheet for the GM. So 1-10 - Pash - Bounty - Teemo the Hutt has a price on his head. 11-20 - Oskara- Criminal - She fell in with a criminal gang in her youth. etc.etc.
  4. How do you handle that? Some of the people GM and players in my group can't really get a grip on that. In many cases in the book it appears that Success with Despair is actually a failure. For example firing into melee if you get Despair you hit an ally, instead of the intended target (pg 210). Other examples are in the skills section... Medicine you are treating someone for an injury and roll a success but get Despair and the book suggests that you then actually inflict an injury. Deception the threat and Despair suggestions seem to conflict with the success result, Despair particularly says the target realizes they are being lied to. Resilience is another example you can use it to resist the damaging effects of toxins, and be successful but the Despair result suggests you suffer a critical injury.
  5. Actually I think on a starship they would be less significant. One motivator blows on a Speeder then that could kill the whole engine. On a starship they normally have multiple engines and redundant systems so that if one part fails it doesn't normally result in a catastrophic result. You use that on a star destroyer and at worse one of it's main engines dies, it still has two good engines and 4 other emergency engines cut into compensate and it barely notices the change in power. Even an X-Wing has 3 other engines and can probably automatically adjust power to each of them to compensate, so at worst it gets a drop in maneuverability. That's how I would play it. Maybe you get one turbo laser to fail on a star destroyer, but you are still toast from all the others. Now use it against a TIE fighter and you could probably take it out of the fight, either indefinitely, or at least for a few rounds while emergency systems kick in (depending the level of tension the GM wants to keep).
  6. Added some additional seeds on Betrayal and Blackmail.
  7. A picture of video of the final product would be even more helpful.
  8. I think it would be better to take the original d6 stats then also look at the other available source material like wookipedia and compare with existing EotE ships then come up with some stats. I don't think just putting the numbers into some formula would be accurate and be a missed opportunity.
  9. WEG values don't seem to reflect the fiction about the various ships as well as the EotE values do.
  10. I thought it might be an idea to get together some plot seeds for when obligation inevitably turn up during the course of an Edge of the Empire game. I was wondering if anyone else wants to chip in. I've started with Addiction, and broken them down into three types so far. Addiction Physical The next planet the group arrive at has outlawed whatever drug the PC is addicted to, strict controls and scans of incoming ships and visitors are carried out, with stiff penalties for those caught with it in their possession. The PC has an opportunity to dump their stash before landing, or run the risk of being caught and perhaps putting the rest of the crew in jeopardy. There is a shortage of the drug on planet, and it is either unavailable or at a ridiculously exorbitant price. In the short term the PC is likely to suffer withdrawal symptoms, but if they can find a supplier the group might be able to make a tidy profit meeting the demand. A dealer approaches the PC at just the wrong moment, perhaps when they are undercover, or at a social function or meeting with a potential client. Collecting An item the PC desires has come up for auction; however the price is likely to be beyond what they can easily afford. What lengths will they go to get the item? An item the PC desperately wants is on display in a local museum on the planet they have just landed at, it isn't for sale, but there must be some way to get hold of it. An important NPC in the current adventure has an item the PC needs for their addiction, perhaps it might be offered as a reward for helping them (instead of the money the group was expecting), or perhaps taking it will jeopardise the relationship the group have with the NPC. One of the items in the PCs collection is identified as stolen goods, a forgery or classed as contraband when they pass through starport security on the next planet, landing the group in unexpected trouble. Activity The activity the PC is addicted to is deemed illegal or at least is socially unacceptable at the location or planet the group is visiting. An important NPC shares the same addiction to the activity as the PC, and wishes to engage it with them, there is a risk of committing a social faux pas, and alienating the NPC. Betrayal You were betrayed Your betrayer is working for your next contact in some capacity. How will that affect your working relationship? Will you seek reconciliation or revenge? It turns out the NPC, which has become a close ally of the party, was actually somehow complicit in your betrayal. Perhaps they were aware of it and have been trying to make up for it, or perhaps they are setting the party up for another fall. Some approaches you with a lead on your betrayer, either information pointing to who they are, why you where betrayed or where your betrayer can be found. There is a cost however, are you willing to pay it, and what will you do with the information? You are the Betrayer The target of your betrayal approaches you to seek conciliation, or is it a trap? The target of your betrayal seeks compensation, they want you to do a particularly tough job and if you succeed they will consider the slate clean. Can you persuade your companions to help you when there is no financial reward on offer? The target of your betrayal has hired bounty hunters to take revenge. Check the Bounty section for ideas on this occasion, optionally change some or all the Bounty Obligation type. The betrayed seeks financial compensation for the wrong done to them. Check the Debt section for ideas on this occasion, optionally change some or all the Debt Obligation type. Blackmail The when negotiations for financial compensation for the next job the party take are about to be discussed the employer makes it clear that this job will be for free, unless they want certain information to fall into the wrong hands. It seems the characters blackmailer has been in contact with the employer. When the players come to collect the fee from their recent job, their employer lets them know that they won't be paid, and they have to accept that unless they want certain information to get out. The player is approached by someone that says they know where the blackmailer is storing the evidence; they even offer to help retrieve it. It is in a high security bank deposit box, are they willing to break the law to get it? The contact is willing to help as they are after something else another security box at the same bank. For some reason the blackmailer releases the information switch the Obligation to the Criminal or Bounty type, and use a plot seed from those sections. The other areas are Betrayal, Blackmail, Bounty, Criminal, Debt, Dutybound, Family, Favor, Oath, Obsession, Responsibility.
  11. myrm said: The text is there but players lose their abilities when downed….p.11 of the rule book, right hand column, first paragraph. So no guarding when downed. Although you have to be sensible with that rule and the timing obviously Sure Hands and Fend work before the player gets downed and loses those abilities.
  12. I think you have just had a team upgrade heavy highlights and players going for those specfically. As I've had three games and in one it wasn't until the 3rd round anyone got a team upgrade and in others only one or two came out in the whole game. It really just depends on what bonuses you look for when you are playing.
  13. Yeah I didn't get how Star Players are added at first. One thing to note is normally Star Players get put on top of your team draw deck, after the reveal improvement part of the Scoreboard Phase. So you are bound to get them in your next round. Freebooters work differently however. You pick up your team draw deck and discard pile, and find a card you want to remove, then add the Freebooter Star Player and shuffle that combined deck and place it ready for the next round*. So you could remove the 1 Star Lineman to replace him with a 3 Star Player for example, it makes it more likely you will get them on later rounds. *Then add any normal Star Players you might have got this round to the top of that deck.
  14. Oh it is still very enjoyable, don't worry about that. The lack of deck building means it is really fast to pick up and play, especially for new players compared to most deck building games. I think what some people find a little annoying if the drafting* of star players is random, so you might get a dwarf on an elf team for example. You can mitigate the randomness by increasing the number of cards you can choose between depending on the highlights you go for, but I think a number of people would like the option to pick the team they want to build at the start, an thus develop strategies that work on those teams. Of course counter to this is it would make it less of a pick up and play game, but optional rules would be nice. I think something could be done by turning the star player icons that you get from Highlight to be points to buy cards rather than the size of the random draw, it wouldn't be true deck building as such, but drafting wouldn't be random. Working out the values of star players is tricky as it isn't just down to their star power, but skills and abilities as well. You would have to keep the value range to say 1-3 (maybe 4 at a push) so that someone could get a star player with each go otherwise it wouldn't balance with the game, or would the value of being able to pick your star player mean it would need to be harder to get them? Personally I'm enjoying the game enough that I don't fancy taking the time to work it out. *adding new powerful player cards to your starting team of 12.
  15. Garthnait said: You only have 12 Cards per Race. So there is no room for deckbuilding. But if you wish to buy more than one copy, than the option of deckbuilding will be given. Although you would have to come up with your own rules for it.
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