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  1. I pre-ordered this in the UK in August. Every time the expected day comes up the store's delivery date shifts a month. Now says Jan 2020.
  2. Hi. Just grabbed this very cheap. Can anyone advise me on both small/deluxe expansions. Do they contain cards for any race or is each one specific for a particular race? What is differencebetween the small and deluxe expansions? Thanks
  3. Hi I have gear capacity of 2 so I can carry 1 weapon, 1 armour, or 2 weapons. How does it work with accessories? As it says 'any number of accessories' can I therefore have 1 weapon, 1 armour and unlimited accessories with a capacity of 2? Or do accessories count as part of your capacity meaning you can have 1 armour and any number of accessories or would a capacity of 2 actually mean 1 armour and only 1 accessory.... Thanks
  4. Yeah, just wanted to know. Thanks
  5. Can Ironbreakers explore card be used to place the warpstone to the bottom of the dungeon deck? As this is not technically discarded is it therefore never reshuffled into top 3 cards of the deck?
  6. Hi. Can someone please explain the campaign pool to me? 1. If you fail a quest, the penalty conditions can indicate a nemesis is placed in the enemey. I get this...The nemesis can pop up in the next quest. However, does the same nemesis pop up in every quest...e.g Grump - can he appear in all quests? 2. Some rewards give you a legendary fortune...This card is shuffled into the gear deck. When you gain this card you gain a random legendary gear card. Fine. What's happens to the legendary fortune card? Rules say put back in campaign pool...foes that mean it disappears for good...what is the campaign pool?? 3. Any gear/items gained and owned at the end of a quest are all kept with that hero for next quest? 4. Can someone explain the second bullet point on page 13 of learn to play rules regarding dungeon deck. It says one dungeon card removed from deck for each card in the pool...how do cards get into pool? 5. Are dungeon/gear cards unique? i.e. If you draw/use/discard these cards can they be located in further quests? Basically having difficulties getting to grips with page 13 of rules. Any examples anywhere of game play showing this?? Thanks
  7. The gear card 'handgun' says I can discard one success and exhaust a card to deal damage. Do I have to activate an attack card first to use this or can I carry out any action activation? i.e can I activate Aid, use the hand gun and exhaust explore to do so?
  8. Hi. Does a Giant Bat stay in the shadows if face down and the heroes travel to a new location?
  9. But look up the set up picture on page 23 of rules ref guide. All x-wings have 3 shield tokens but tie fighters have none...
  10. Also, forgot to add:- 1. If a clue card is attached to a hero does that count as in play? 2. If a clue card acts as a shadow card does it go into discard pile at the end of enemy attack phase like other shadow cards?
  11. The first quest card 1B says that you draw three cards and select one for the staging area if a player successfully quests - does this only occur if you place progress tokens on the quest card or does this also include placing progress tokens on the active location too. Thanks
  12. Occult research mystery card (azathoth) states you must spend 1 clue token from the encounter to place it on the card towards solving the mystery. Does that mean if you want to place another clue token you can only do so after gaining another from a different research encountet?
  13. monk


    If you draw a mythos card and it causes something to drawn (eg monster) and then there is an effect that causes the drawn item (eg monster) to respond do you activate it. I.e. a mythos card had a monster drawn and the mythos card also had reckoning effect, does the new monster card activate in this step? Also, I had a zombie token on the board that caused the epic token to be placed. Next turn I killed the normal zombie token and then another zombie token spawned. The epic zombie token placement came up again, so, do i ignore it or move the epic token again? Thanks
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