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  1. Yesterday we played our first game WK (without expansion) and half of my team said that this game is much better than AGoT (2nd ed). Personally I must say that WK is more complex and fun than AGoT - these agenda/events/assembly 'events' are amazing - this is what I would love to see in AGoT... Can't wait to add C&G expansion to our WK games
  2. At level 3 we use location 1A. It feels right
  3. 1) If you would like to make second attack an overkill you would have to spent ammo token. So IMHO without any ammo token on Mulcher you cannot attack. 2) "After this attack, you may attack a different Locust with this weapon. ...") - There is this card (don't remember it's name) which allows you perform 2 attacks - and you cannot fire weapon second time without bullets on it. So in my opinion you cannot perform second attack with Mulcher without bullets
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