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  1. GK in DW http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/edge_news.asp?eidn=2061
  2. read book "Space Marine" by Watson
  3. BrotharTearer said: You have to consider that Common Astartes weapons are more or less better than Exceptional/Best-craftmanship items in DH, which also contributes to why Astartes sized Bolters are so much more damaging. Better and bigger weapons plus better and bigger ammunition makes all the difference. Now that's not saying that bolters in DW did not get a little bump to be able to damage high armour foes (especially SMs). +
  4. darknite said: here is a one page spread showing a front-view of each model and a systems outline of a Mk 7 suit. A-a-a-a, what that mean? What painted on it?darknite said: The description and variation is wonderful. There are significant differences between the models. Only Mk 4-8 are available for standard issue, the earlier models having interesting historical & cultural meaning within chapters and Ecclesiarchy.. Could you told more detailed about this? And about connection/armour pits of Dreadnought and Dreadnought character at all?
  5. And anybody knows when would be available PDF for buy?
  6. And what about new back and rules about Power Armour? Is it have some pictures of Power Armour? Systems?
  7. cool, really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. bmaynard said: Are there any android devices out there with ipad-sized screens currently? http://www.viewsonic.com/products/viewpad10.htm and a lot of more
  9. LETE said: Hiyas! Noob question: In most of the illos, SMs are carrying their ranged ballistic weapons (bolters, etc.), ready to press that trigger. The thing I don't see is the weapon's holster... Are they always carrying the weapon, (meaning the are always using one hand)? Or do the weapons "cling" magnetically to the armour when not in use, for instance? Thanks! Lete may be you read the book at last? dipole maglocks 'holster' the weapon
  10. MKX said: Just looking at a Rhino with its AV of 24, there's a good chance of seriously disabling one simply with a bit of sustained fire from boltguns... and thats an infantry fighting vehicle designed to withstand battlefield hand-held weapons fire. I dunno, mechanically it just doesn't seem to be holding together very well in practice. In TT bolters also have the chance to hit Rhino Also modern machine-gun could penetrate armour of present-day infantry fighting vehicle
  11. Radomo said: rodeoclownjihad said: Strength bonus is irrelevant when making a Strength Test (i.e. rolling under Strength Characteristic). Unnatural Characteristics (pg 136) gives a bonus DoS in opposed test or lowers the base difficulty of the test one level (essentially +10 to the test, unless the difficulty modifier is already at +30). So, a Marine in Power armor with base Str of 45 making a Challenging (+0) Strength test to force open a stuck door (or whatever) would adjust the difficulty by one step to +10. The final target would be 45 + 20 (Power Armor) + 10 (Unnatural Str) = 75. so Unnatural Characteristics only add or lower the base difficulty of the test one level in passing different Skill Tests, and when SB applies?
  12. Wargamer said: 'Low Orbit' in present day terms is defined as 80-160 miles above sea level. Easily within range of an emperor class titans Plasma Annihalator which (according to the fluff for the Ordinatus machines) is a variant of the Nova Cannon and quite capable of firing a shot that far. Plus the titan also mounts an orbital defence laser as standard so it probably has all the targetting computers onboard anyway. I think the issue with an emperor class firing into orbit is how far up its arm mounts can traverse. what is the source of that information about Titans?
  13. When all other Chapters PsyPowers so cool, so Ultramarines and Storm Wardens - are sucks. What do you think?
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