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  1. Indeed, at some point I'll need to start looking at options like that to increase the pimp factor of the collection
  2. As of yesterday, I finally picked up a copy of Kingsport Horror which means I now own all the expansions for Arkham Horror! (even if I did accidentally drive down a bus lane which i'm sure I'll get fined for >.< ). I've just spent this evening carefully taking out and seperating all of the expansions back into their individual boxes (except for the items/skills) before adding in Kingsport with CotDP for good measure in preparation for the next game. I'm fully expecting Kingsport to be quiet from what I've read (hopefully Miskatonic will do something to alleviate that), but I'm looking forward to seeing the new investigators/AOs and the epic battle cards! I'm not sure what to do next with my Arkham set (other than play lots more games!). I'm eyeing up some third party parts (including stands for the gates) and the investigator/monster miniatures. The only thing is I got to see the investigator miniatures for myself yesterday in the store I picked up Kingsport (something I wasn't expecting as I'm in the UK) and they're very expensive for what they are. I quite like the sculpts (I own a few of the unpainted versions from MoM) but the paint jobs are quite dire- I could paint them better myself (many years spent on warhammer in my youth) but alas, life's too busy right now! Either way, I'm looking forward to my first game with Kingsport!
  3. Really? Normally you need to wait quite a while after the initial announcement...
  4. It's a great game and also my gateway game into the whole boardgaming thing. My only criticism is that whilst the base game is good, it does have a habit of ending just as things start to get really interesting. The (now very hard to get hold of) expansion is well worth adding if you can get it.
  5. Unfortunately the licence between FFG and GW means that FFG can't make anything involving miniatures which would provide any kind of competition to GW's own figures. At least that certainly was the case and I haven't seen or heard anything to the contrary...
  6. Innsmouth Horror with Lurker at the Threshold is my favourite combination of Arkham Horror as it throws a lot of (mostly doom based) things at you. However, the King in Yellow grants the opportunity to play a very specific type of game which is quite different from anything else!
  7. I think there's a market for it potentially. I know ut's already covered by the Call of Cthulu RPG but FFG does do a very good take on the mythos that could be interesting to see in their own RPG.
  8. Gotta admit, I'm quite excited for it. I admitit looks like it answers a question/fits a niche that perhaps no one asked for but it looks like a good 'sequel' game to Arkham. It looks like it'll scratch the arkham itch more so than Elder Sign and could perhaps be a good option when you don't fancy setting up the behemoth that is Arkham Horror (that's not a dig at Arkham- just a fact. Arkham horror is by far and away my favourite game in my collection).
  9. Ouch, I'll have to counter that last post (sorry Jake, nothing personal). In my experience, Fury of Dracula can go really badly with new players (especially those new to boardgames in general) because with the wrong group, it can be an intensely boring experience for the hunters. It's a game which (my group has found) is generally only fun for Dracula. Your view may vary of course. I'm tempted to say Arkham Horror (maybe with one minor expansion such as Dark Pharaoh without the herald as he's quite tough!) although Battlestar Galactica can be a good choice (providing the new players clearly understand what to do if they end up a cylon and you're not unluckly enough to get a game without cylon attack cards). I've had quite a bit of luck getting people into boardgames via Doom... Hope that helps a bit! Regards, El
  10. Blue Moon City is a good example of a euro game with solid enough mechanics, but ultimately a dry experience if you're looking for integrated theme (it feels very tacked on in BMC). I tend to prefer 'Ameritrash' games myself, but I disdain the term because of the implied snobbery that probably came about during the whole eurogame renaissance (something I've only read about, not actually experienced myself as I've only been really into boardgames since 2006). To be honest though, the terms are quite archaic these days but still serve as a rudimentary stick on which to describe the style of the game. At the end of the day, I agree with Julia's sentiment that a good game is a good game even if the lack of integrated theme in the eurogames I've played makes me acutely aware that i'm pushing wooden blocks On a final note, I tend to use the word 'Americana' for 'ameritrash' games...
  11. This looks like a great idea. A way to feed more Arkham to the people who want it without adding to the already bloated Arkham Horror (don't get me wrong, I love how many expansions there are for Arkham and I'd snap up another no problem, but there are those that disagree!)
  12. This game looks like it could be great, even if a little familiar mechanics wise to arkham. I'm also digging the android-esque vibes I'm getting from it in terms of developing narrative.
  13. FFG tend to put up the rules up to download for free as a pdf a few weeks before release. I imagine it will be a little while yet as this has only just got announced- end of October/early November perhaps? (I'm sure somebody around here keeps a closer track of their release schedule than I do and may be able to give a better estimate).
  14. Excellent post; it highlights why this is my favourite game of all time- nothing is certain! I've never had as quick a defeat as that, but the game has teased us by letting us think that we were breezing through it right until it decided it had enough and it was time for us to lose, just as we thought we were going to win!
  15. Hi everyone, Apologies to add to the growing number of these types of threads, but I wanted to clarify something with the existing owners of the game that I haven't been able to ascertain from my research on this game. I'm considering HH as my next purchase (probably for Christmas) to add to our growing collection of FFG games. The missus and I love our long complicated boardgames but we don't really have much in the way of a good 2-player only game for when we fancy a game just between the two of us. We're quite big into 40k anyway and the 'fiddly' side of HH won't be much of a turn off. We actually consider Arkham Horror (the only game we currently play 2 player) quite a short game at 3-4 hours long and don't see that as particularly fiddly in terms of the amount of pieces involved (but then again, we are TI3 players). My main concern however is that across the vast majority of reviews, one thing most have in common is that they say the game "isn't fun". Now this is quite a big concern considering the price tag! What I wanted to know is what people mean exactly by the fact that the game isn't fun. What is it exactly that makes the game so serious, and 'not fun'. Surely if it was that bad people wouldn't return to it? Maybe it's down to personal taste but there seems to be quite a lot of reviews (both good and bad) that state this. To give you an example of what I would consider 'not fun' in a boardgame is playing the Hunters in Fury of Dracula. That's probably the only FFG game in my collection I would not play again as it's a really bland, dull game in my personal opinion. The 'thrill of the hunt' just doesn't translate well into a board game. I'm interested to hear the thoughts of people from both sides of the love/hate relation of this game! Cheers, El
  16. Well that went pretty well! All in all, our Long War was a big success and I can definitely see us doing the long war variant in the future. To be honest, I thought our views would be 'yeah it was fun, but we won't do that again' but everyone agreed that whilst we wouldn't do it all the time- we'd certainly consider it as a viable option in future plays. Twilight Imperium is an epic event that you usually have to book a day for in advance to playing it, just to make sure you have enough people who can play so if you have to go through all that effort anyway, the extra few hours on top to play the Long War aren't really that noticeable. It may be that we just psychologically paced ourselves well but even though the game took about 14 hours (including breaks for meals and a fair bit of time spent negotiating), it didn't feel like it took any longer. In fact, by the time we had finished (around midnight), we were crazy enough to get in a game of Settlers of Catan before we went to bed (I wouldn't do that again though- that was a little too much haha). Another hidden advantage of the long war is that the game is actually long enough that if you make a few mistakes or get a few bad domain counters early on, there's plenty of time to recover and do well. I'd certainly recommend that if you can, try the Long War once just so you can make up your own mind on it. We didn't think we'd like it all that much (normal twilight games are long enough) but were pleasantly surprised. We also played with all the optional rules (with both expansions) except for space mines, SETs and the rules which override each other. It was good fun but I can definitely say that after playing with them twice now (we normally ignore it), my gaming group and I don't believe that the Leaders option is worth the extra complication. They have too little impact on the game for the amount of rules governing them and they're very easy to forget about. Distant Suns and Final Frontier were as fun as always but disappointingly the mercenaries saw almost no action in the entire game. In theory, they should be quite good and the quirky special rules each one has looks fun but in-game we rarely consider hiring them. Maybe next time in a smaller, 4 player game they'll see some use but I've played with the merc option a number of times now and just haven't seen them do all that much. Using the default, 3 ring map was definitely the right choice. It was a very interesting game and a lot of important moves were made throughout the day. There were a few diplomatic attacks which I personally don't like (I'll blockade your space port and you can blockade mine so we can each score a VP) but some actual proper attacks as well which is always good. Well that's that. It was a great day and I look forward to getting it onto the table again, maybe some time in the new year. Cheers, El
  17. Thanks for the responses so far guys. Your views are pretty much what I thought myself- looks like we'll be sticking to the three rings then. I'll let you know how it goes!
  18. Hi everyone, I have a quick question that I was wondering if you guys could help me find the answer to! Long story short- I'm hosting a large 6 player game of Twilight Imperium next Friday. Specifically, all of us have quite a few games under our belts and have taken the Friday off to work to indugle our passion for TI3. We also want to make this as epicly big as possible and try out some stuff that we would normally not to in our Twilight games, namely we're going to throw in every single option from the base game and both expansions (except for S.E.Ts, Age of Empires and because we don't like it, Space Mines) and play The Long War (14 Victory Points). For those that are interested we’re using the strategy cards from Shattered Empire but with Trade III. We know this will be an incredibly long, somewhat bloated experience but that is entirely the point of this exercise. It’s also why we’re playing it on a Friday and have kept our Saturday free just in case… What I want to know is, given that it’s a 6 player game what size map should we use? I was planning on using the 6 player preset map (setup the night before)- but we’re wondering whether or not to go for the 4th ring around it. I’ve heard bad things, such as it can add too many resources to the map but I was wondering what you guys thought, given the context above. Cheers, El
  19. Interesting news about the ammended weapon stats, we'll have to have a look at that. As for Tyranids being more of a threat to the players, in our tester game we found that Tyranid Warriors whilst fairly easy to take down at range (especially with hellfire rounds), were absolutely beasting in hand to hand combat and usually won fairly easily. Maybe we were doing it wrong but from now on we'll certainly be shooting the big ones! It's a shame that books do die, but I don't mind using a worn book that's obviously been used a lot as it's a sign it's been enjoyed. Pages on the verge of falling out 2 months after purchase though is a bit poor. I'll let FFG know and see what happens. Hopefully it'll get resolved as one of the things I really like about FFG that most of the time (at least in the boardgames department), their products are of an outstanding quality. I can see what you're saying about getting an experienced roleplayer in to the group. That's actually a likely possibility, a friend of mine at work who has played many rpgs in the past has expressed interest in joining us if our game of Final Sanction goes well and we decide to stick with it. So here's hoping our Kill Team will go from 3, to 4 strong!
  20. Thanks for the reply That's interesting to hear about your rulebook, if it gets much worse it will have to be an email to FFG! We've got a lot of terrain at the moment so have been using our gaming table but I imagine we'll need to get some maps for times when we don't have the right stuff. We've been fairly flexible on scale. Initially we used what you suggest, 2m to an inch but when the main fire fight broke out it was a fairly close skirmish so changed to scale to 1m per inch. 2m per inch will be our default scale however! We'll have a look a the FAQ. In what way would you say the weapon damages are a bit inconsistent in the main book? (We don't have much to compare to at the moment, especially after one game). Cheers!
  21. Hi all, My gaming group and I have just got into deathwatch. It's our first proper RPG as we mainly play board games and 40k. We chose Deathwatch due to its focus on combat and the fact we can use models we already own (although we sculpted our own true scale marines for our characters) and the fact that we're a little too self conscious about 'roleplaying' at the moment (I'm sure that will go with time!). We had our first game last night. It wasn't a proper game as such, it was just a quick scenario my girlfriend, our GM, knocked up so we could all learn the rules and get a feel for our characters. Long story short it was a lot of fun and can't wait to start the proper campaigns (We're going to start with Final Sanction). I do have a quick question however, has anyone else found that their Deathwatch rulebook is a bit fragile? We haven't had it particularly long and it's already coming apart from the binding which is a bit of a shame. Other than that though, we're really looking forward to taking this further!
  22. I think FFG should hire you Steve-O, that was quite the successful sales pitch! In all seriousness, that's got me really interested. Even though my gaming group and I like long Twilight Imperium games (in fact, in October we're planning a 6 player session that we want to last as long as possible- 14 point victory, all the optional rules except space mines and simulated early turns), I don't have a 6 player game that could be played in Rex's time scale except for BSG (which is great, but a very different kind of game). I'll probably look into picking this up at some point! Cheers, El
  23. Hi all, Just a quick question regarding Rex as I'm possibly considering getting it in the future. What niche does this fill? By that I mean, in what situations would you bust Rex out for? I've heard the game works best with 6 players; but if I have 6 players available for a game why would I want to choose Rex over Twilight Imperium? Is it a quicker game by any chance? To be honest it's looks really interesting anyway so I'll probably be picking it up at some point anyway but I thought it would be best to see what you guys thought first. Cheers, El
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