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  1. Indeed, at some point I'll need to start looking at options like that to increase the pimp factor of the collection
  2. As of yesterday, I finally picked up a copy of Kingsport Horror which means I now own all the expansions for Arkham Horror! (even if I did accidentally drive down a bus lane which i'm sure I'll get fined for >.< ). I've just spent this evening carefully taking out and seperating all of the expansions back into their individual boxes (except for the items/skills) before adding in Kingsport with CotDP for good measure in preparation for the next game. I'm fully expecting Kingsport to be quiet from what I've read (hopefully Miskatonic will do something to alleviate that), but I'm looking forward to seeing the new investigators/AOs and the epic battle cards! I'm not sure what to do next with my Arkham set (other than play lots more games!). I'm eyeing up some third party parts (including stands for the gates) and the investigator/monster miniatures. The only thing is I got to see the investigator miniatures for myself yesterday in the store I picked up Kingsport (something I wasn't expecting as I'm in the UK) and they're very expensive for what they are. I quite like the sculpts (I own a few of the unpainted versions from MoM) but the paint jobs are quite dire- I could paint them better myself (many years spent on warhammer in my youth) but alas, life's too busy right now! Either way, I'm looking forward to my first game with Kingsport!
  3. Really? Normally you need to wait quite a while after the initial announcement...
  4. It's a great game and also my gateway game into the whole boardgaming thing. My only criticism is that whilst the base game is good, it does have a habit of ending just as things start to get really interesting. The (now very hard to get hold of) expansion is well worth adding if you can get it.
  5. Unfortunately the licence between FFG and GW means that FFG can't make anything involving miniatures which would provide any kind of competition to GW's own figures. At least that certainly was the case and I haven't seen or heard anything to the contrary...
  6. Innsmouth Horror with Lurker at the Threshold is my favourite combination of Arkham Horror as it throws a lot of (mostly doom based) things at you. However, the King in Yellow grants the opportunity to play a very specific type of game which is quite different from anything else!
  7. I think there's a market for it potentially. I know ut's already covered by the Call of Cthulu RPG but FFG does do a very good take on the mythos that could be interesting to see in their own RPG.
  8. Gotta admit, I'm quite excited for it. I admitit looks like it answers a question/fits a niche that perhaps no one asked for but it looks like a good 'sequel' game to Arkham. It looks like it'll scratch the arkham itch more so than Elder Sign and could perhaps be a good option when you don't fancy setting up the behemoth that is Arkham Horror (that's not a dig at Arkham- just a fact. Arkham horror is by far and away my favourite game in my collection).
  9. Ouch, I'll have to counter that last post (sorry Jake, nothing personal). In my experience, Fury of Dracula can go really badly with new players (especially those new to boardgames in general) because with the wrong group, it can be an intensely boring experience for the hunters. It's a game which (my group has found) is generally only fun for Dracula. Your view may vary of course. I'm tempted to say Arkham Horror (maybe with one minor expansion such as Dark Pharaoh without the herald as he's quite tough!) although Battlestar Galactica can be a good choice (providing the new players clearly understand what to do if they end up a cylon and you're not unluckly enough to get a game without cylon attack cards). I've had quite a bit of luck getting people into boardgames via Doom... Hope that helps a bit! Regards, El
  10. Blue Moon City is a good example of a euro game with solid enough mechanics, but ultimately a dry experience if you're looking for integrated theme (it feels very tacked on in BMC). I tend to prefer 'Ameritrash' games myself, but I disdain the term because of the implied snobbery that probably came about during the whole eurogame renaissance (something I've only read about, not actually experienced myself as I've only been really into boardgames since 2006). To be honest though, the terms are quite archaic these days but still serve as a rudimentary stick on which to describe the style of the game. At the end of the day, I agree with Julia's sentiment that a good game is a good game even if the lack of integrated theme in the eurogames I've played makes me acutely aware that i'm pushing wooden blocks On a final note, I tend to use the word 'Americana' for 'ameritrash' games...
  11. This looks like a great idea. A way to feed more Arkham to the people who want it without adding to the already bloated Arkham Horror (don't get me wrong, I love how many expansions there are for Arkham and I'd snap up another no problem, but there are those that disagree!)
  12. This game looks like it could be great, even if a little familiar mechanics wise to arkham. I'm also digging the android-esque vibes I'm getting from it in terms of developing narrative.
  13. FFG tend to put up the rules up to download for free as a pdf a few weeks before release. I imagine it will be a little while yet as this has only just got announced- end of October/early November perhaps? (I'm sure somebody around here keeps a closer track of their release schedule than I do and may be able to give a better estimate).
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