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  1. They cannot be used together since both of them should be used as an action. In other word you have to use your action on Exploding rune or on Runic Sorcery.
  2. In our campaigns we use this files. http://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/93745/descent-2nd-campaign-tracking-sheet-v3
  3. I also do believe that you count hearts and surges on both dices.
  4. When you perform move action you gain movement equal to your speed. While performing a move action (moving) you can interrupt it with any action. In other words, you perform a move action, with speed of 5 you gain 5 MP, spend 4 MP to move adjacent to water, interrupt move action with another move action, gain 5 MP (your remaining MP now is 6), spend rest of MP to move through water.
  5. Hero on his turn can perform 2 actions and use any number of skills/items that need to be exhausted but not denoted with arrow symbol.
  6. Yes. One player will take role of Overlord and second player will choose two heroes to play with. For me it is more like tactical rpg.
  7. Estonia, and we get almost everything from Sweden or Finland, so for me perhaps it will be easier to order them at amazon.
  8. I'm excited about LT figures, but it will come to my country no sooner than a couple of monthes after release, so I'm quitely waiting.
  9. Not only high Health. Imagine Krutzbeck with Weapon Mastery, Death Rage, Brute, Leather Armor, Black Iron Helm, Iron-Bound Ring, already suffered 17 health, uses his heroic feat and rolling 3 damage after attacking with Grinding Axe rolling maximum hearts and surges. It will be 20 health tokens on his hero sheet that gives +10 damage (surge from mastery), +6 damage from axe's surge abilities (3 surge rolled), +3 from heroic feat, +2 from hero ability, and 8 damage rolled on dices. Devastating 29 damage... but everything in Descent is situational and on practice there is always different situation.
  10. Death Rage referencing to number of health tokens on hero sheet. More Health hero has, more tokens he can place on his hero sheet.
  11. They are returned to the deck at the beginning of Campaign phase after quest even when unused. Heroes as a team recieve gold equal to the amount printed on seach cards they got. For example, if 25 printed on search card, heroes will get 25 gold, not 25 per hero.
  12. Asked yesterday and recieved reply from Justin, forgot to post it on BGG.
  13. In the Labyrinth of Ruin act II quest Heart of The Wilds encounter 1, can zombie, adjacent to the vine use climb action twice?
  14. Your house rule may render Reach usless, make stealthy monster are more attractive to your OL as well as make them almost immortal. Stealth came from D1E where it instruct you to roll additionaly to your normal attack roll one transparent die with two sides showing "X" and 4 blank sides making attack more likely to miss. In D2E stealth midified to make it mostly melee targets. D1E - normal attack 16,6%(1/6) chance to miss - attack against stealth monster 44,4%(16/36) chance to miss D2E FFG ruling for melee - normal attack 16,6%(1/6) chance to miss - melee attack(with or without reach) against stealth monster 33,3%(2/6) chance to miss D2E your ruling for melee - normal attack 16,6%(1/6) chance to miss - melee attack(with or without reach) against adjacent stealth monster 50%(3/6) chance to miss - melee attack with reach against stealth monster 1 space away 66,6%(4/6) chance to miss It is up to you which rules to use, I just explaining the nature and logic of stealth in Descent.
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