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  1. Hi all, I've read the rule book inside out but can't seem to find the answer for this question (I'm probably blind). When are you able to send a unit questing? Is this an action (Can be done during any action phase) or can it only be done during your Capital phase? Simple Scenario as follows: In your Quest Zone, you have two units (A and B). A is currently questing and B is just sitting there. On your opponent's turn he manages to take out Unit A. All quest progress is lost. On that Battlefield turn, can I send Unit B questing and collect one quest resource token during my next turn or must I wait until my Capital Phase to send Unit B questing? Thanks
  2. I just got the Warhammer Invasion Core Set and was playing quite a few rounds with my friend. I was Orc and he was Dwarf We played about a dozen rounds and we came up pretty even. When I win, it is usually a result of the orc rush. However, midgame I'm always resource/card starved. Should orcs use a round or two to develop the KZ/QZ before rushing like mad?
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