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  1. Roger all and thank you for promptitudinalness! (No. Definitely not an English word). v/r feld
  2. Is there anything in the game rules to the point that some starfighters in the source material for the game are hyperspace capable but others are not? (I'm thinking of a rule that would only allow Rebel fighters and Rogues to do this, basically, but no TIEs). v/r feld
  3. Too newbish to answer the question from a game balance perspective...but a possible answer is lore. ISDs are purpose built warships and the Mon Cals are still running secretly converted liners at this point..(well, if any of the EU survives)... r/ feld
  4. Not sure what you mean. Is that "no they're not planning to do so" "no I dont want them to do so" and/or some other response? R/feld
  5. Sure, I could write my own using the nifty map they're about to sell me in 2016...but it might be nice if the pro's did it ... v/r feld
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