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  1. Hello all. I recently got the Player's Guide, GM's Guide and Creature Vault and while I'm super happy that they've included all the info from the original core set, I'd also like to know whether any scans or whatnot of the cards form later supplements (Omens of War, Lure of Power etc) are available anywhere?
  2. I just remembered that the character has 2 Fate Points. And still, the situation isn't pretty at all. The FPs don't automatically handle me escape options, per se…
  3. Glad to read your stance on it, Jericho! The tone of my campaign is just the tone a WFRP campaign should be, in my opinion - dark and gritty, but humorous and without grief, because - let's face it, RPGs are meant to be fun for all of us involved and such absurd situations are a testament to that! I really like your suggestion and I'll think about it! Thanks in advance to all who contribute to the discussion!
  4. Much appreciated for the answer, valvorik! While I am uncompromising (mostly) as a GM, I would feel bad, because it's just his 3rd session (well, true, he already has 2 mutations, the second of which is not cosmetic and usually cannot be removed), but he is wildly entertaining in this role and I am sure that the other players will act like if they never knew that their bull is actually a mutant, nevermind that its front hooves are actually clenched fists (happily, the Altdorfers don't look there, but they have no choice when a bull rises on its back hooves). Lord Frederick, the patron, was unaware of the mutant, but earlier he fell down sleeping thanks to the party's wizard's Sleep spell and his mansion was set ablaze thanks to a miscasted fireball in the next minute. He thought it was an accident. Hey, it isn't a crime if they don't see you! He is quite trustworthy of the PCs, and wondered quite a bit where *flex* Stein *flex* went, but understanding the situation would help… There IS going to be a battle w/ the witch hunters, I concur, but there are Lahmian vampires nearby who made a friendly agreement with the PCs earlier. Bailing out. Sudden inspiration, huzzah! But, for the other viewers, the next session is after a week or so, so feel free to drop in suggestions, I love to read and hear other people's opinions!
  5. Last month I continued The Thousand Thrones campaign I've been running. Now, without saying much, the players are in Altdorf, and one of them *flex* Stein *flex*, a tough bone picker, has mutated into a beastman (Gor, to be exact). Well, since that seals a death penalty on him, he decided to walk on four legs and act as if he was a pet bull of the players. So far, so good (the armour he is wearing is for security, mind you!). But, at the end of the adventure, the PCs were talking with their helper, Lord Frederick, in the centre of Altdorf, about the Chaos cult and what to do next. Lord Frederick suggests going one way, but *flex* Stein *flex* does something usually not seen by PCs. At all. He stood up on his back hooves and asked (yelling): "Why shouldn't we go another way?!". That shocked the ENTIRE group, me the most, because I wouldn't expect such a thing to happen. Ever. So my question to you, fellow GMs, how would you set up your next play session with this difficulty at hand? I already have a raw idea, but I wan't to read you out first. I guess it will be a lot of fun, I even had a merchant give *flex* Stein *flex* a runic stone that would help him regain his old form if he finds a Chaos monolith (don't think it will be a happy end, hehe), but what use is of such a rock since there are 6 witch hunters around them and an entire plethora of people? I love this game, and I love my role - because of the players! It's the freedom I give them that makes the sessions so enjoyable… But that doesn't mean that they are making it easier for me, especially with such a case. But that's the charm of the GM role. I'm quite enthusiastic, so I'd love to read your suggestions! Cheers!
  6. No thanks, I want to remove the blindfold on the 26th of January when I will actually get the game myself.
  7. I've just played through Dead Space and Dead Space: Extraction and loved the atmosphere there. Given the dark atmosphere of the WH 40K univers and the relatively fragile characters of Dark Hereys, it would be perfect to set a horror themed game. What do you think? Some ideas and suggestions?
  8. Mass Effect's soundtrack. Immersive as a visit of the mother of one's wife.
  9. This got me thinking. I planned it to be an attack at the start, but this got me thinking. I actually wrote in my campaign book that the PCs see some shady figures entering before they fall unconscious. It could be the start of an attack of an enemy, Chaos, Orks, Dark Eldar, who knows? I will sit and write me some.
  10. Thank you for the replies so far, I've been thinking of starting my campaign with the PCs on board a passenger space ship, travelling to Scintilla, an unknown space force attacks the ship one day and the ship itself crashes in one part of Scintilla, the PCs get recovered and healed in a laboratory, and then their adventure begins. I think I am gonna base the story arround the ship attack. How does it sound? How would you develop this story?
  11. As in, the players not being acolytes and struggle to survive in the WH 40k universe? I know Dark Heresy makes PCs rather weak at the beginning, but it would still work, everything depends on the GM style.
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