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  1. I found a typo on shapeshift 2ond from bottom line "an" instead of "a"
  2. Hi guys, my Oath of the Outcast quest reads at the middle top that a hero may spend an action to test an attribute that is not clear (it looks like a rotated flower to me) and that is basically not one of the 4 ones. Does anyone know which attribute is that?
  3. I dont know. The thing i swear to god that i know is that what you call "search markers" are actually called "Challenge tokens" from Descent. I dont know if Valyndra's Hoarder ability affects challenge tokens as well as search tokens. Hope i helped
  4. As you may have noticed, like me, the quest vault of Descent 2ond edition lacks quantities on some tiles and more. More specifically, there are some tiles when viewing the map of an encounter that are blur while some tile quantities are incorrect in comparison to their availability on the boxes they come from. I hope FFG dissolves these problems as fast as possible. What do you believe, am i wrong or are there other as well problems.
  5. WOW!!! Amazing work. I love the simplicity and yet beauty of the quests!
  6. So guys, you know that it has been like 2 years if i recall correctly since the last expansion for descent 2E. What should we expect from FFG and more important, what do we WANT ? For me, I want: 1) a campaign that uses all components from a variety of expansions. 2) shorter campaigns. (rumor quests just make the game last so much longer and you get confused with the different stories and travelling like from the city of Nerekhall to Trollfens' swamps etc, my friend and I tried campaigns without the use of rumor cards but in the end we figured out that they are needed for a balanced game) 3) At last FFG, plz correct your quest vault. Some map tiles appear fewer than they really are in the box. At the moment i wrote this topic, these 3 were the only ones i could find out i WANT. It would be nice for other descent players to also comment on what they want to see. Thank you
  7. How about FFG makes an ACT III mini campaign which can be combined in all campaigns? Tell me your opinions.
  8. Today i was eager to buy the conversion kit for descent 2ond edition since i have the first edition of descent. Problem is that the heroes and monsters use the old stats. So, FFG, would you produce a second edition conversion kit for descent second edition with the new stats of both heroes and monsters? What is your opinion guys? I know this would be a loss of money for FFG since Hero and Monster Collections would be halfly useless. (there would not be need to buy them since we can get the stats for heroes and monsters so that the only benefit from buying H & M Collection would be for the 2 quest they offer and the new plastic figures)
  9. I was playing with my friend we 2 and he picked tinashy the wanderer and her class was wildlander. By the late act II quests he had running shot (move 2 spaces after or before you attack) and you know that with 2 heroes game, the hero's get an extra free attack so, my friend could move tinashy 2 * 3 attacks = 6 spaces only by attacking and if you find this mediocre, one of his other skills was fleet of foot and since tinashy has 4 stamina, with the help of fleet of foot, she could move 8 spaces. Last her passive allows to recover 1 fatigue when killing an enemy and since she could attack 3 times (1 free attack due to 2-hero game and her 2 actions) she could potentially kill 3 enemies getting 3 stamina back and converting it all to 6 spaces movement thanks to fleet of foot. She could do all of these only by attacking and continually moving. To sum up, had she not spent a single fatigue, she could perform 3 attacks and move 6 + 8 + 6 = 20 spaces!! Not to mention her using her heroic feat granting her a 3 space blink. What do you think? Am i making a mistake?
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